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WMS expects good results for end of 2009
Ahead of the release of its first half results, WMS Industries has
said that its gaming operations business is doing well with an
anticipated year-on-year rise in revenue per day per
participation machine and in the average installed base in the
second quarter. It also said it sold more of its Bluebird 2
gaming machines at higher prices and managed to reduce
costs and improve the margins. The company expects revenues
to grow over the whole of the current financial year.
Exceeding the analysts expectations, Shuffle Master has
navigated a successful route through a tricky year thanks to its
value-adding products providing a regular income: its own good
housekeeping has also made sure of a good positive number on
the bottom line.
Shuffle Master
bounces back
strongly on
lease model
notrandom profit of $15.5m (E10.7m). goodwill impairment charge to foreign currency fluctua- down from 41.6 per cent to
SHUFFLE MASTER The company rounded off of $22.1m (E15.3m) related tions: adjusted for those, rev- 41.1 per cent.
the year with a positive to its Electronic Table enues were flat, within one Chief Executive Tim
Having taken a huge charge fourth quarter, recording rev- Systems business. per cent of the previous year. Parrott said: “Despite the
on its accounts at the end of enues up two per cent to For the whole financial Annual revenues from adverse economic climate,
the 2007/8 financial year, $54.6m (E37.9m) and a profit year, however, the company Shuffle Master’s Utility we achieved year-over-year
Shuffle Master bounced back of $6.2m (E4.3m) overturn- saw its revenues soften by stream, which includes the revenue growth in the
into the black in the year to ing a $15m (E10.4m) loss six per cent to $179.4m shufflers and chippers, were [fourth] quarter.”
31 October 2009 with a net from a year earlier due to the (E124.5), due almost entirely down by 11.3 per cent. Rev- Lin Fox, the CFO added:
enues from its Proprietary “Besides our top line success nomic factors, we feel there is
Table Games were flat and in the fourth quarter, we also a good opportunity to grow
those from Electronic Table paid down over $30m (E21m) revenue in 2010.
Systems down 18.6 per cent. of dent and achieved nearly “The theme we began in
Gaming machine revenues, double our [sales, general and 2009, and will carry into
however, rose 8.6 per cent in administrative costs] rational- 2010, centres around the
the year. isation target for the year. This core strategic objective of
The company saw recur- positions us with a very strong developing a true ‘strategic
ring revenues from its lease, balance sheet to start the new partner’ relationship with
royalty and service revenues fiscal year. With a leaner cost our customers. We launched
rise by seven per cent to structure and a robust this initiative publicly at G2E
$83.9m (E58.2m) in the year, product portfolio, we are well 2009 with our 12-Point
accounting for 47 per cent positioned for 2010. Pledge, a series of commit-
of total revenues, up from 41 Parrott continued: “We are ments we are making inter-
per cent in 2007/8. sill cautious in our future nally and externally to help
It kept a lid on its operat- outlook, but 2009’s operating us achieve this mission-criti-
ing costs: they were down results demonstrated our cal objective, and believe it is
almost seven per cent to ability to successfully manage the right direction to meet
$73.8m (E51.2m) and as a through the recession and, the needs of our customers
percentage of revenues subject to unknown eco- and other stakeholders.”
Partouche revenues
continue annual slide
slipperyslope 6.7 per cent and eight per 90 per cent of Partouche’s
GROUPE PARTOUCHE cent respectively, however business: they generated an
there are tentative signs that annual GGR of E716.6m,
For the third year in a row, business might be turning down nine per cent on the
France’s largest casino oper- round for the company with previous year. The net
ator, Partouche, saw its 6.7 per cent rise in revenues gaming revenues con-
annual revenues slip back, in the fourth quarter. tributed E334.6m to the total
with total turnover for the That growth, however, was turnover (5.7 per cent less
year from all its activities due to a change in account- than in 2007/8). The casinos
totalling E453m, down six per ing procedures, said the saw their revenues from all
cent on the 2007/8 total. company: in the fourth sources fall 5.8 per cent to
Successive quarters quarter, gross gaming rev- E406.1m. Revenues from
throughout the year to 31 enues from the casinos were hotels dropped 18.2 per cent
October saw varying for- actually down 4.9 per cent on to 32.6m in the year, however
tunes compared to a year the previous year, although those from other sources,
earlier, with the traditionally the rate of decline was lower such as Partouche’s contro-
highest earning first quarter than in the previous quarter. versial online gaming and
falling back by 14.3 per cent. The company’s 55 betting sites, saw their
The second and third quar- casinos, of which 47 are in takings rise by 31.2 per cent
ters saw revenues down by mainland France, make up to E14.3m.
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