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Cammegh puts Golden
CTC lights the way to
spin on roulette
illuminating decor
PRODUCT: Golden Pairs reel matches the traditional PRODUCT: SuperLight
PRODUCT TYPE: Roulette winning number (Golden system
Side Bet Pear) the player wins 20:1. PRODUCT TYPE:
MANUFACTURER: The number of Golden Pairs Table illumination
Cammegh in a reel and the payout odds MANUFACTURER:
CONCEPT: Cammegh is is configurable – something CTC Holdings
bringing a side bet to that many customers have CONCEPT: CTC Hold-
roulette that could revolu- showed great interest in. ings will present an
tionise payouts on a normal ADDITIONAL FEATURES: innovative illumination
roulette table. Golden Pairs Golden Pairs is the first game system for casino
is the first roulette side bet to take advantage of tables. The SuperLight
to take advantage of Cammegh’s patented multi- system can be installed
The company’s Casino Media System
Cammegh’s novel double ple number feature – unique on various models of tables. It is
will also be on show, demonstrating
result innovation, which in the fact the second number absolutely secure and energy efficient.
how it can send JPG images and slide
generates not one but two is generated by the same Using a remote control it is possible to
show presentations from one central
winning numbers from the same wheel. wheel. Moreover, the beauty about the change the illumination colour. Opera-
computer to up to 250 displays. Each
Whilst one number is generated in the tradi- double number mechanism is that cus- tors can either choose a permanent illu-
display is fitted with a controller; there-
tional roulette way of ball landing in a pocket, tomers can create their own games. Golden mination colour or make a sequence of
fore it is possible to use one standard
the other is calculated from random vari- Pairs is only one example and operators changing colours. For a modest extra
PC with Windows XP that is already
ables including the ball and rotor speeds. may have a different interpretation that they cost it makes casino tables look eye-
installed in a casino pit desk. Casino
Both results are shown on the billboard want to operate in their own casinos. catching. Operators can also match the
Media System changes table mini-
display, the traditional result shown in the Also on the stand: Cammegh's range of illumination colours with the colour of
mums and maximums, game rules,
usual way at the top of the layout, while the roulette wheels includes the Classic, Con- their table layouts or their casino inte-
payouts and promotional slide shows
second number is presented in a slot reel noisseur, Mercury Wheel, Crystal Wheel and rior decoration.
at a touch of a button on your pit desk
format below. The side bet is located in two the innovative and patented automatic ALSO ON THE STAND: CTC has also
computer. CTC will also be showing its
places on the layout; one on the corner of wheel, Slingshot 2 all built to the closest designed a new model of a poker table
range of tables, its range of casino
the layout adjacent to the columns and the engineering tolerances. Also look out for the for TV broadcasts of poker tourna-
chairs with ergonomic seat designs and
outside bets and the other on the corner company’s LCD Billboard Displays, its ments. The new poker table not only
its PowerFloat cash chips tray for card
adjacent to the outside bets and the zero. EyeBall camera and its wheel analysis soft- meets all specification for TV broad-
tables as well as many other acces-
There are two possible wins for the player ware application PitBoss. casting but it also has an attractive
sories for live gaming.
each game. If a Golden Pair appears on the casino-style design. Light boxes incor-
slot reel (of which there are five) the player
Manufacturer: Cammegh
porated in the base of the table can be Manufacturer: CTC Holdings
wins 3:1. However, if the number of the slot
Stand number: 3110
used for promotions and sponsorships. Stand number: 3315
AstroSystems says
Unidesa in the
take note of ST1
lap of the gods
stacker delivers the performance PRODUCT: Legend of the Gods
MANUFACTURER: AstroSys- and functionality previ- PRODUCT TYPE: Video slot
tems ously restricted to top end MANUFACTURER: Unidesa
CONCEPT: The Top Entry ST1 note validators, at a price Gaming & Systems
note stacker (ST1-T) will be to suit most budgets. CONCEPT: Unidesa will be
making its European debut. It Whilst the GBA ST1 meets launching Legends of the Gods,
is a cost-effective, compact all the standards expected a video and reel multi-progres-
banknote stacker unit. of a bill acceptor, the focus sive game delivered in the new
With a robust plastic has been on reliability and In Action Reels cabinet. It com-
construction, the GBA serviceability. prises five models, all them with
ST1 can be used in either ALSO ON THE STAND: different maths and with a
an up or down note stacking AstroSystems supplies two common roulette game that can
orientation and has the option kinds of coin validation prod- award credits and/or one of the
of lockable cashboxes, to ucts - QL and SP version. four progressives.
maximise cash security. To The QL coin acceptors is a ALSO ON THE STAND: Among
accommodate slim-line high speed, multi-coin, field the other showcased products
machine designs, the GBA ST1 can programmable device. It is worthy of a mention is Pick a
be configured to be situated in depths designed to operate in any coin- Poker, a multi-game which com-
as limiting as 10cm. The GBA ST1 offers operated application, ranging from bines a comprehensive range of
a variety of interface options including gaming through vending, amusement to poker games in one single
the MDB vending protocol and CCTalk. carwash. machine, bringing new levels of
Flashing note guides have been intro- The Microcoin SP is a stylish, space- excitement to players. With
duced to provide more obvious and saving coin acceptor, delivering a tai- respect to systems, Unidesa will be pre-
powerful machine management system
user friendly interaction whilst an inno- lored solution for short profile, front senting two of its well established prod-
that offers all the tools required by
vative new discrimination method, entry applications, where space and ucts: Forward Bingo and Forward
casinos for the most intelligent prof-
Sense Technology, has been developed cost savings demand minimisation. Systems. The Forward Bingo system
itability of their park machines.
to provide high level acceptance of true offers an advanced range of bingo prod- Manufacturer: Unidesa Gaming &
notes whilst maintaining security
Manufacturer: AstroSystems
ucts designed to maximise the profits of Systems
against counterfeit and fraud attempts.
Stand number: 4132
any bingo hall. Forward Systems is a Stand number: 3300
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