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Vulture brain smoking for luck
African gamblers looking for luck are turning
to old legend by smoking dried vulture
brains, it has been reported. Tribal tradition
has it that the scavengers have powers to
look into the future, allowing them to find
food even in unlikely circumstances. However
the practice is endangering the vulture
population according to environmental
groups: at the current rate, the birds could be
extinct within 20 to 30 years.
Bitter war
Sun City is facing a
concerted campaign of
pressure from unions
of words
over wages and terms
Sun and
A strike by Sun International workers,
which has seen outbreaks of violence and
intimidation, is fuelling a war of words between
ideologically opposed sides: talks to bring
about an end to the dispute are set to be
fractious as the unions aim to widen the action.
pressurepoints an investigation into the North the board. Sun has offered ing that the company is dis- with the CEO before Christ- chief executive officer includ-
SOUTH AFRICA West Tourism Board, while eight per cent, which is above criminating against black mas was a failure: “He came ing his management, which
threatening to disrupt Sun the current 5.8 per cent con- workers through unfair dis- empty handed. He still offers does not care about our
Unions organising a strike City’s operations during the sumer inflation rate. It also missals, false accusations and the eight per cent we rejected.” country and the rest of the
over pay and conditions and World Cup in June. wants the night shift paying low wages to workers The union has threatened poor working class.”
alleged discrimination at Sun The temperature of the allowance raised from R2.30 engaged through employ- to disrupt operations at all the It added: “Sun City is our
City in North West province debate is rising prior to a (E0.22) to R7.00 (E0.66) per ment brokers. The company company’s resorts if it failed to project for 2010…Gone are
and the at the Wild Coast Sun resumption of talks between hour and tips allocated uncon- refutes the allegations – meet their demands. the days when Sun City used
in Eastern Cape have called the two sides. ditionally to workers as well as although some individual Mothapo added: “We do not to respect only white people,
for the resignation of Sun The South African Commer- an end to the averaging of cases are being investigated want to embarrass the country gone are those days when Sun
International’s CEO David cial, Catering and Allied working hours.” and a Sun manager has been during the 2010 World Cup. We City used to enjoy profit
Coutts-Trotter as the long- Workers’ Union (Saccawu) and The company has said that put on gardening leave know that FIFA has chosen Sun alone, gone are those days of
running dispute escalates. the Congress of South African given its financial results and pending the outcome. City as the hotel their choice.” exploiting the African black
They are also calling for the Trade Unions (Cosatu) are the recession, it cannot afford Saccawu’s president Amos In later statement Cosatu workers. Racism will be
entire North West Gambling demanding a 13 per cent wage to meet those demands. Mothapo told a rally of strikers said: “We demand the dis- rooted out of Sun City during
Board to be dissolved and for increase for workers across The unions are also claim- in early January that a meeting missal of the Sun International the 2010 FIFA World Cup.”
Lebanese minister Gambling Review
proposes casino Commission
expansion starts work
branchingcedar branches across the country. lookagain gies to deal with the negative
LEBANON We are not really marketing SOUTH AFRICA aspects. It will also look at
our gambling facilities issues of proliferation and
Fadi Abboud, the Lebanese outside this country the way A year-long review of the entire illegal gambling and also at
tourism minister has said the we should. Lebanon is the landscape of South African how new technology and new
country’s only casino can do nearest destination for gam- gaming legislation got under- activities are affecting the
more as part of a drive to bling countries like Syria, The entrance to Casino du privately owned venue first way at the start of January. way the industry is currently
bring in visitors and spread Jordan and Turkey, so we
Liban’s slot floor of more
opened in 1957 but had Chaired by Astrid Ludin, a regulated.
them around. should be doing a bit more of
than 420 machines
closed several times during Department of Trade and Indus- At the end of the year, the
Speaking to Lebanese Vegas magic by advertising the 1970s and 80s as the civil try official who has been a board Commission will report to the
Daily Star newspaper Abboud the facilities more.” Beirut or around the casino war raged. It reopened in member of the South African minister and recommend
said: “80 per cent of tourism He continued: “I would like and provide them with trans- 1990 and by 1996 had been National Lottery, the Commis- policy positions. In the future
is concentrated in Beirut. to see the Casino du Liban port…We will be working completely refurbished. It sion’s aim is to take a holistic it is likely the legislation will
We’re going to be working offering free accommodation with travel agents as soon as now offers 50 tables includ- view of the gaming industry and be updated to allow loop-
very hard to have a sustain- for gamblers who are willing possible to offer package ing American roulette, black- to determine whether the objec- holes to be closed. Gaming
able tourism 365 days per to buy gambling chips for tours for somewhere in the jack, Casino Stud Poker, tives of the 1994 National Gam- operators will be making rep-
year, which should cover the $5,000, for example. The region of $1,200 all inclusive.” Punto Banco and Mini Punto bling Act have been met. resentations to the Commis-
whole country and not just casino should be able to offer Casino du Liban is situated Banc, plus six tables in the It will look at the social sion, to encourage it also to
the capital, including them free accommodation in about 50km north of Beirut salons privés. There are also impact of gambling in the consider the economic and
opening Casino du Liban one of the hotels outside near the town of Jounieh. The more than 420 slot machines. country and offer new strate- social benefit of the industry.
16 February 2010 • africa&middleeastnews
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