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Gold standard Full house
slant top
from Alfastreet
PRODUCT: Slant Top One range of ticket printers, PRODUCT: Alfastreet Poker
PRODUCT TYPE: EGM including the FutureLogic PRODUCT TYPE: 10-seat
cabinet/game Gen2 and the Ithaca Epic 950. electronic poker table
MANUFACTURER: Gold Club It supports the communica- MANUFACTURER: Alfas-
CONCEPT: In a crowded tion protocol SAS 4.05 and is treet
market there needs to be dif- SAS 6.0x ready. It can also be CONCEPT: Texas Hold’em
ferentiation on the slot floor. fitted with different cash- is one of the saviours of the
Operators want comfortable, less and player track- gaming industry in the last
easy-to-use and attractive ing systems. couple of years, but it can be
games and cabinets that their The sound an expensive game for oper-
guests will want to play at for a quality can be ators to run and sometimes
long time. With two widescreen increased through an intimidating for new players
displays, including a 22-inch optional upgrade to four in the casino. Electronic
touchscreen for the player and a two-system loudspeak- poker tables are both a great transition has the licence to produce an elec-
26-inch upper screen, Gold ers equipped with a between online poker games, which tronic version of Tago, a game similar to
Club’s Slant Top One is compact 4x35W RMS ampli- players are familiar with and real tables, punto banco game that uses poker-like
and elegant. The system allows fier. which offer the social interaction betting rounds. The company has
denominations to be changed ALSO ON THE STAND: crucial to the game. Electronic poker developed and installed the game on
and single-reel stop by pressing the Gold Club’s wide range of tables can be large and pricey: Alfas- its poker table platform. Expect to see a
screen. There are also different bonus multiplayer table games starts at treet has developed a version that is full range of Alfastreet’s high quality
games available to add to the diversity its classic roulette machines in different neither – and it offers its customers multiplayer roulette machines and also
and attractiveness of the game. The combinations from four to eight seats flexible terms to allow them to put the the innovative multi-ball bingo/keno
cabinet is available either as a single- and many more via remote terminals. machines into operation. machine that allows both games to be
game video slot or as a Gamestar multi- The company also offers a variety of ADDITIONAL FEATURES: The game played fast and accurately. With plenty
game with up to nine games to choose table games, including its ten-set interface is clear, the seating position of investment in R&D, the company will
from. Hold’em poker electronic table, as well comfortable and the design clean. also be showing its latest prototypes,
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Slant Top as its elegant versions of blackjack, bac- Alfastreet Poker connects easily to including its ergonomically designed
One, features a moulded frame and can carat, punto banco and bingo games. other tables to allow tournament play blackjack table that offers plenty of
host a full range of bill validators, includ- and easy integration into any casino legroom and clean, sleek lines.
ing JCM UBA-10, Ardac Elite and MEI
Manufacturer: Gold Club
management system.
Cashflow. Similarly it will support a full
Stand number: 3030
ALSO ON THE STAND: Alfastreet also
Manufacturer: Alfastreet
Stand number: 3210
Box of delights from
Tests don’t have
Gaming Support
to be testing
PRODUCT: BonusBox freedom to vary competition PRODUCT: Innovation GLI Link brings global inter-
PRODUCT TYPE: Slot and bonus jackpot prizes to Station operability testing as close
machine bonus accessory keep customers entertained PRODUCT TYPE: Testing as the nearest lab. Suppliers
MANUFACTURER: for longer. Integrating with lab interface tools can test devices against
Gaming Support player tracking and other COMPANY: GLI/GLI systems for interoperability
CONCEPT: Developed with casino management systems, Europe over the internet with no
live operator feedback, the it also allows management to CONCEPT: GLI and GLI physical shipping of the
latest solution from Gaming control what prizes are offered Europe is bringing 20 years devices. Making sure that
Support is BonusBox. to which customers. Inte- of experience and creativ- games and systems talk to
Attached to any slot grated with the BaseSys ity to its Innovation Station each other correctly and give
machine, and linked into slot Accounting System from at IGE 2010 where its pro- accurate reporting of casino
systems, BonusBox allows Gaming Support, the effective- prietary inventions GLIAc- activity is absolutely vital to
operators to bring prizes to ness of player reward pro- cess, GLI Verify, Point.Click.Transfer., ensure accurate transfer of information,
players, add more excite- grammes and other player and the new GLI Link will be on display. including accounting and security events.
ment to slot floors and offer marketing programmes can FEATURES: GLIAccess is the driving More and more jurisdictions require this
targeted prizes to customer be tracked, analysed and force on the back-end of GLI’s website, type of testing but shipping devices and
groups. BonusBox is easy improved to optimise cus-, where regulators systems all over the world can be cum-
to install on any slot tomer marketing spend. and suppliers can quickly and easily track bersome, expensive and delay time to
machine and also easy to ALSO ON THE STAND: Jack- and verify submissions and certifica- market.
move to other slots at a later potJunction, the gaming-enabled tions. Point.Click.Transfer. is an online IN ADDITION: GLI will be talking one-to-
date. Players can reach out and almost digital signage platform. Casino signs to application that allows suppliers to one with regulators and also providing
touch the prizes inside every BonusBox, emphasise what each venue can offer quickly and easily transfer previously information about the upcoming 6th Euro-
be they real or dummy units – or even its customers. BaseSys GMS: a modular tested and certified products into new pean Regulators Roundtable, which
miniaturised replicas of the real thing; cost-effective gaming management jurisdictions around the world at the click takes place 15-16 April in the Nether-
after all, it’s quicker and easier to place system. BaseSys Navigator: the of a mouse. GLI Verify is a handheld tool lands. The Roundtable is an important
toy Porsche Boxster in the BonusBox feature-rich, scalable and cost-effective for use by regulators in the field to verify event where GLI updates regulators on
than drive in and have to set-up a real jackpot controller. SlotTimer: used to that the games and systems operating on the latest technologies and their poten-
Porsche Boxster prize area! safely power down gaming machines a casino floor have been tested and certi- tial impact on jurisdictions throughout
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: BonusBox and save thousands on energy costs. fied by the lab. GLI has just released its Europe.
can be connected to one slot machine, latest version, 5.0, which is faster and
a bank of slot or even across entire slot
Manufacturer: Gaming Support
easier to use and enables regulators to
Manufacturer GLI/GLI Europe
floors. It gives management the
Stand number: 3010
take the lab with them to the casino floor.
Stand number: 3635
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