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Future proof
technology that will
liberate operators
ACE Interactive, a division of Aristocrat, has already proven that its server based
gaming system not only works but also is viable across thousands of machines.
CEO Michael Koch tells Hugh Sorrill about how this is technology that will
carry the gaming industry well into the future.
futureperfect to phenomenon called the
INTERVIEW ‘Long Tail’ in which
consumers seek and play
International music that is attuned to
Casino Review: their own preferences. SBG
How do you define could create the ‘Long Tail’
server-based gaming? effect in gaming, so that
Michael Koch: The instead of the industry
most common form of determining when a game
TruServ rollout
video gaming machines is available to the player, all
around now house a will be available when the
Random Number player wants: that means
Generator (RNG) and if that an operator can
continues in
the operator wants to continue to generate profits
change the game, from games that would in
somebody has to be the EGM model have Norway
present at the box. In next passed their peak times and
generation of gaming would have been taken off
machines there are two the floor.
From the industry point of view, Norway
approaches, firstly
downloadable systems in ICR: How will it change
is perhaps not the ideal model for the
which the gameplay the traditional selling of international gaming sector in most
remains largely the same games in the industry?
respects. However, in the matter of server
except that the software MK: The gaming industry
part is downloadable from is very dynamic and creative.
based gaming, it is further ahead than any
a central server over a In SBG the basic technology country in the world.
communication line into is standardised for all
the machine. The RNG content providers but good wellserved
remains in the machine. If developers will turn that INSTALLATION
a customer wants to play into a positive and will
something else, a new develop new and varied Wide-area server-based gaming is a functioning reality
game has to be content. The need to show in Norway, where the government decided in July 2007
downloaded before it can and exhibit this new content that it wanted its gaming agency Norsk Tipping to have
be made available. Then download is necessary. We ICR: What at exhibitions will be even much more control over EGMs and provide greater
there is what we call true developed our TruServ infrastructure do greater than it is today. protections for problem gamblers.
server-based gaming, system for Norsk Tipping operators need to run a After a gaming machine moratorium, which saw all
where all software logic is along these principles; it server-based system? ICR: How quickly will old EGMs swept away, Norsk Tipping turned to ACE
taken out of the video has more than 10,000 MK: SBG is very much a today’s technological Interactive, a division of Aristocrat to install a national
gaming machines and terminals running long-term investment. marvel become obsolete network of interactive video terminals (iVTs).
placed on a central server. simultaneously offering These systems are based on in the face of faster In June last year, it announced an extra order of 1,000
All game outcomes are different games and styles the same technology as sexier technology Indago terminals bringing the total ordered to date to
determined centrally. in parallel. There is no used in the IT industry and breakthroughs? 4,000. More than 1,300 have already been installed in
doubt this is where the need PC-based terminals, a MK: The strength of this Norway as part of an anticipated network of over 6,500
ICR: What are the video gaming industry is high speed Ethernet or technology is that it is Indagos nationwide.
advantages of true going. But some wide area network based on standard IT The project is picking up speed and the company is
server-based gaming? jurisdictions do not yet supporting TCP/IP technology and it therefore putting new VLT and Lotto games, including Aristocrat’s
MK: The main thing is allow RNGs to be located protocols with the same migrates with the faster, Ball Power and Arishinko, through the approval process.
linkage: it links games, outside the machine, so we level of redundancy found sexier technology ACE Interactive CEO Michael Koch said: “The introduction
terminals and players at also offer a downloadable in other high-speed breakthroughs that occur in of new games into the Norwegian market is a natural next
one single point, compared solution as well. networks today. This allows this industry. In reality its step in the project and important for Norsk Tipping to
to a the other way of a great deal of flexibility in adoption is future proofing provide players with an extended choice of games.”
linking them through a ICR: How will game how the technology is to against the obsolescence The Indago terminals will be place in locations
peer-to-peer network, creators be paid for be delivered and just as imposed in the past by throughout Norway and operated and managed using
which is always extremely their work in a important how it can be highly proprietary networks the TruServ SBG central system, which is located and
complicated. It also allows downloadable supported and maintained and protocols. And both operated by Norsk Tipping in the town of Hamar in the
third party terminals to be environment? by the casino. downloadable and server centre of the country.
used at the gaming site, MK: Ideally it would be based gaming systems can The order came as ACE announced it had gained
dramatically decreasing ‘pay for play’ system, so ICR: How much do you be implemented bank by approval for the TruServ platform under the GLI21
investment in hardware that content providers are think server-based bank. Operators do not regulations.
and opens up competition paid by operators if the gaming will change the need to view this change as Aristocrat’s Doug Bertinshaw, the vice president of
in terms of game game is played. Good industry? a ‘big bang’ solution. It can marketing for server based gaming technologies, said:
development, creating providers will have MK: SBG has the potential be done in phases, “GLI21 approval represents a major milestone for ACE
better value for operators. worthwhile cash streams to alter the gaming industry spreading the risks. The key and Aristocrat, as TruServ is the first ever GLI-
Players simply choose the that encourage them to as much as iTUNES has to this is the compatibility approved true server-based gaming platform. This is a
game they want to play develop more quality changed the delivery of of either solution with the validation of our technologically advanced approach
from the menu and it’s games while poor ones are music. The decrease in the casino management system and allows us to commercially pursue opportunities
there instantaneously. No encouraged to improve! cost of distribution has led that is already in the casino. for TruServ in casinos across the world.”
48 February 2010 • SBGreport
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