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Platforms that
Smiley replacement
pack a punch
aims to be NV of
PRODUCT: QXi platform systems designed specifically for gaming that
PRODUCT TYPE: integrate all the features needed for slot
the industry
Games platform machines. The hardware is specifi-
MANUFACTURER: cally tuned to meet the
Quixant complex needs of
CONCEPT: The the gaming indus-
QXi-106, is based try, and in addi-
around the powerful tion is supported
AMD 690E chipset. This is the first PC-based by a wide range of
tive Technology
platform with everything, including game software, including
storage, integrated onto the motherboard device drivers, gaming
Developed in
made specifically for the Comma 6a Italian protocols, code examples and even SAS. In
response to
market. The QXi-106 is 270 Euro’s including short the QX series represents complete logic
4GB Flash disc and AAMS protocol. box solutions for gaming machines, from slots
demand, the
The second of the new platforms is the QXi- to video roulette – all you have to do is add the
NV9 and NV10
100. Ideal for cost sensitive markets, the QXi- game software. The new QXi-100 even pro-
are now USB
100 is based around AMD’s embedded vides a solution for low cost markets including
capable. Two
RS780E chipset, providing fantastic dual AWP and comma6a.
key features
screen graphics performance at a very com- ALSO ON THE STAND: From 2 to 11 inches
requested by customers have
petitive price. Single and dual core 64-bit Quixant has a range of AMOLED displays and
been incorporated into the new NV9
card interfaces can be
CPU options mean the QXi-100 will run even interface cards to drive them. Ideal for anything
and NV10 USB validators: USB con-
easily altered, denomi-
the most demanding games and applica- from buttons to player tracking displays.
nectivity and simpler programming.
nations enabled and pulses set.
tions. The QXi-100 comes complete in a AMOLEDS are the future of the flat panel display.
The NV9 USB and NV10 USB are ideal
USB connection is achieved through
sealed aluminium case and measures just Zytronic has a unique touch technology that is
for any application and leave the
the ITL 16-way connector via an ITL to
275mm x 175mm x 85mm tall. Finally the QX- well suited to gaming applications. PCT is "Pro-
factory ready for immediate installa-
USB cable. The NV9 USB and NV10
30 completes the IGE line up. The QX-30 is jected Capacitive Touch". IT means the touch
tion. Programming is preformed via a
USB still boast quick transactions with
Quixant’s high end platform and a first in field can be transmitted through a normal piece
new configuration button and the val-
a high acceptance rate of 99.8 per
gaming with the ability to drive four inde- of glass. Ideal for completely flat design prod-
idators can be plugged directly into a
cent using SPF technology and the
pendent screens. Single, dual and even Quad ucts like roulette or poker tables. Its also 100 per
USB port via the ITL 16-way connec-
same exceptional value and design.
core CPU options means the QX-30 really cent waterproof so is ideal for slots.
does pack a powerful punch.
Manufacturer: Innovative
Manufacturer: Quixant
programming via a configuration card.
products are high performance, PC compatible
Stand number: 4230 By filling in the required boxes on a
Stand number: 4350
A new business model
Tracking roulette
for the iGaming
in real time
PRODUCT: Multi-Brand
PRODUCT: Gaming Floor
Roulette accounting and
CONCEPT: The key advan-
tracking system
tage of Multi-Brand Solu-
tion is that it allows medium
John Huxley
and large operators to run
CONCEPT: Gaming Floor
several gaming sites,
Live tracks all aspects of
brands or agents on one
the casino floor roulette
platform using common
system, increasing table
back office and manage-
multi-language and multi-currency
turnover, reducing oper-
ment tools. This means that iGaming
support, enabling easy localisation of
ating costs and maximis-
operators can build their distribution
gaming sites according to market needs.
ing various key
network using their brand power by fran-
performance areas. In
chising their business model to other
branding and customisation of new
fact, the system opti-
operators or sublicensing the software
iGaming sites and casinos are instant,
mises chip turnover, table
to their affiliates – thereby maximizing
with minimal IT involvement. In addition,
utilisation and maximum/minimum bets
and benchmark optimum results, provid-
return from their business. A diversified
flexible multi-skinning features allow
as well as dealer performance to ensure
ing essential live feedback to Dealers,
market environment requires more and
easy customisation of the gaming site’s
optimal practices and wheel/table oper-
further floor staff and management.
more flexibility from gaming operators.
content and interface, allowing opera-
ation. With real-time wheel analysis of
ALSO ON THE STAND: Two brand new
CTXM’s solution is designed to help
tors reduced administrative costs as
winning numbers, hot spots and poten-
roulette wheels (Double Action and
operators to be more flexible, respond-
well as increasing their efficiency.
tial sector bias, Gaming Floor Live offers
Gemini) will be launched, as well as the
ing to emerging opportunities and market
operators complete control over roulette
company’s ground breaking Gaming
needs in minimal time, as well as provid-
oped over 100 gaming applications, 20
table performance. Furthermore, it can
Floor Live. Also new for IGE is the addi-
ing beneficial technology for increasing
titles for PC, XBOX Live and iPhone and
monitor everything remotely via LAN and
tion of craps game functionality to the
their market power.
has co-published over 100 casual game
WAN connectivity.
award-winning TouchTable MultiPLAY
In addition, Multi-Brand Solution enables
titles in Central and Eastern Europe.
third party application integration and
optimisation system automatically cap-
Manufacturer: TCS John Huxley
includes extensive back office tools. It Manufacturer: CTXM
tures key data streams, allowing opera-
Stand number: 3000
also includes enhanced management of
Stand number: 5100 tors to measure real-time performance
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