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WMS ready to roll out
Portal applications
WMS’ WAGE-NET networked gaming solution is
based on open architecture using industry
standard communication protocols developed by
the Gaming Standards Association (GSA) and is
designed to be fully interoperable with other
systems developed in compliance with GSA
standards. That’s the easy bit. Brian Gamache
and Orrin Edidin explain what is going on
behind the scenes and what is ready to roll out.
rollwithit ‘Casino Evolved’ environ-
WMS GAMING ment, product by product
and slot-bank by slot bank.
The WAGE-NET system from Brian Gamache, chairman
WMS Gaming is a suite of plat- and chief executive officer of
form technologies and WMS, said: “Our WAGE-NET
system applications that aim networked gaming solutions
to increase the revenue gen- reflect our continued and
erating capabilities and oper- well-recognised commitment
ational efficiency of casino to support industry interop-
gaming floors. erability and simplify life for
The WAGE-NET Portal casino operators as they tran-
platform enhances the sition their slot floors to net-
player entertainment expe- worked enterprises. We have
rience and includes both a a networked gaming product
Jackpot Explosion
Central Game Controller development roadmap that
(CGC) server distribution facilitates the delivery of
application and the Free- unique game enablement stage plan for commercialis- illustrates WMS’ continued sive (UHP), is based on a the progressive hits. Both
domPort network display applications and extends our ing Portal applications across focus on creating innovative, mystery triggered, multi-level themes feature innovative
interface. WMS will also be great content in new direc- the casino enterprise, we solution-based advanced progressive architecture. The audio and visual entertain-
reviewing with casino cus- tions. Our ‘Culture of Innova- have a well-defined rollout gaming platforms. Further gaming application leverages ment as the jackpot grows,
tomers its suite of compre- tion’ combined with our plan for new server-based down the road, yet already in the Central Game Controller which is designed to attract
hensive business services product-by-product, bank-by- solutions that benefits both advanced stages of develop- to create for the first time an attention and invite even
which are integral to the casino operators and players. ment, is our WAGE-NET 3.0 integrated experience more players to the games.
planning, implementation “The phenomenal success solution that adds our between the base game and “Our innovative Portal
and support of networked of our server-enabled founda- Account Based Wagering and progressive jackpots. By cre- applications bring new,
gaming products. tional technology platforms: Patron Services platforms to ating this integrated second dynamic entertainment
For the first phase of its Sensory Immersion Gaming, the RCD and Portal platforms game dynamic, WMS believes experiences to slot players
Portal application roll-out, Community Gaming, Trans- to further push forward the the life of the base game will and allow casino operators
WMS will debut its first four missive Reels technology and evolution of the casino enter- be extended. to further optimise the
distinct series of Portal appli- Adaptive Gaming, as well as prise, bringing new levels of The Jackpot Explosion gaming equipment invest-
cations –- Ultra Hit Progres- our network-ready Bluebird 2 player enhancements and game features a four-level ments that they already have
sive, Metascreen, Mega gaming cabinet, clearly operating efficiencies.” jackpot with a host of config- made,” said Orrin Edidin,
Multiplier and Winners Share. demonstrate that WMS is an With the four existing foun- urable options. All players president of WMS. “Each
WMS expects to begin com- industry leader in innovation dational technology plat- experience the anticipation family of Portal applications
mercialising the first of these and in commercialising the forms in place, WMS’ Portal as the lava rises up the screen for banked WMS products
applications on banks of WMS Brian Gamache next-generation products applications on WAGE-NET as coin-in builds and the jack- offers entirely distinct, new
gaming machines in calendar that provide casino operators 2.0 are the next phase of the pots increase. When the pro- levels of player entertain-
2010. These Portal applica- bank and longer-term floor- with differentiated server- company’s Future Ready ini- gressive jackpot hits, one ment. Each family also fur-
tions reflect WMS’ long-stand- wide deployment strategy has based solutions to enhance tiative. It consists of unique player is shown the big win thers WMS’ goal to provide
ing commitment to create created solutions designed to the earnings potential of slot software applications that and the volcano dramatically software applications that
unique software applications increase revenues and oper- machines. In addition, the deliver new, dynamic player erupts. With the Piggy allow casino operators to
that allow casino operators ating efficiencies, while introduction this year of Blue- entertainment experiences. Bankin’ UHP theme, as coins leverage the benefits of net-
to harness the power enabled simultaneously providing bird xD, our new category- The first family of portal pile in, the piggy bank grows worked gaming and advance
by networked gaming to slot players with heightened creating gaming cabinet that applications to be introduced bigger and bigger until it their slot floors towards a
advance their slot floors levels of gaming entertain- takes full advantage of net- in WMS’ networked gaming finally shakes and cracks server-enabled Casino
towards a server-enabled ment. As a result of our multi- worked gaming capabilities, 2.0 phase, Ultra Hit Progres- open under the strain when Evolved environment.”
WMS establishes new networked division
netgain ing a new Networked Gaming Opera- steps in the process of implementing Orrin Edidin, president of WMS system-based advanced technolo-
WMSGAMING tions division – dedicated to the plan- networked gaming on the casino floor explained: “WMS is focused on gies and business processes create
ning, deploying and providing service including pre-install site survey, order making the transition to the Casino value-enriching partnerships between
To complement and support the support for WAGE-NET - the entry, installation and compliance. In Evolved future as easy as possible for the casino operator and WMS. From
innovative technologies that com- Company is establishing a Networked addition, WMS is establishing affiliate casino operators. We remain firmly the physical game and enhanced
prise its WAGE-NET system, WMS is Gaming Engineers (NGE) group and a programmes with leading technology committed to a truly interoperable player experiences to casino enter-
broadening its commitment to Business Systems Analysts (BSA) companies which will allow casino solution based on industry standard prise enhancing technologies, WMS
partner with casino operators and group. Beginning with WMS’ propri- operators to leverage their existing protocols, as we believe interoper- is successfully executing on a com-
facilitate the process to network- etary Site Survey tool, which assesses technology infrastructure and easily ability will be an important driver to the prehensive plan that allows casino
enable their casino floors. the customer’s process/business identify the hardware and software successful industry-wide adoption operators to implement networked
Along with expanding the and technology readiness, the NGE packages that best fit their networked and collaboration of networked gaming solutions and to benefit from
company’s infrastructure and deploy- and BSA groups will conduct all of the gaming needs. gaming functionality. Our open- our Player Driven Innovation focus.”
54 February 2010 • SBGreport
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