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Don’t just go
green – go Organic
PRODUCT: Organic friendly table
the RFID Cage application is the new
countertop reader that works in three
Electronic multi-game,
PRODUCT TYPE: Gaming table
dimensions, allowing the cage operator to
MANUFACTURER: Gaming Partners
accurately read chips, whether they are in
stacks, in chip racks or in a pile. Adding
CONCEPT: GPI will be introducing its
to its RFID TableSolutions platform, GPI
CONCEPT: Organic Mul-
eReady gaming tables, designed and built
has created a new table application that
tiplayer can be custom
especially to accommodate the electronic
interfaces with JCM bill validators and the
made to any casino or
equipment that is increasingly required on
chip tray to allow casino personnel to get
arcade environment with
gaming tables. The eReady table design
a real-time status of the cash and chip
an extensive choice of
allows for ventilation and cooling of elec-
currency at the table. GPI is also intro-
games and a limitless
tronic equipment, elimination of signal
ducing its integrated RFID roulette appli-
number of play stations.
interference of RFID transmitters and
cation, which monitors and tracks bets,
State of the art solution
specially-built areas for shufflers and bill
game activity and chip change operations
by Interblock is based on
validators that are ergonomically placed
automatically, alongside its RFIDPoker,
the modularity of Organic
for dealer convenience and comfort.
developed to improve accuracy and
gaming machines, which
increase the speed of various actions on
are comprised of two
growing use of RFID technology for chip
the poker table. GPI’s new Progressive
completely independent
ical Euroblock Star Roulette is an auto-
verification and tracking, today’s gaming
Poker system features three incrementing
units: the center game unit and the play
mated gaming device, consisting of real
tables require more electronic equipment
jackpots that can be won at any RFID-
station, offering a variety of choices in
casino roulette wheel with automatic ball
to be installed in them. Drawing upon its
Poker Texas Hold ‘Em table. GPI is show-
games, design, shape and functionality.
blow-out and wheel hood lifting. Its elec-
extensive furniture manufacturing experi-
casing roulette reader displays that are
The multi-game environment builds rev-
tronic and mechanical features add to
ence as well as its pioneering efforts in
available for both single and double-zero
enues for the owner, whether it is a full-
the appeal of the classic game. This
developing RFID technology, GPI has
wheels, new baccarat displays, that are
scale casino or a small arcade – limited
brand new multi-player product line is
developed an innovative design that will
fully customizable and display all the rele-
by size rather than by the number of sta-
aimed towards more price sensitive
allow the electronic equipment to perform
vant statistics of the game and its FX
tions which they may be permitted –
at its fullest potential, while maintaining
layouts with digital graphics.
broadens the game portfolio answering
the beauty and function of GPI’s gaming
Manufacturer: Gaming Partners
players’ game preferences instantly.
Manufacturer: Electroncek
ALSO ON THE STAND: Electro-mechan-
Stand number: 3200 ALSO ON THE STAND: The highlight of
Stand number: 3330
Topping off in style The note sorter
PRODUCT: Polygon and Pill Toppers right and right to left , flashing and
with Nvision
PRODUCT TYPE: Slot signage more.
CONCEPT: The new RGB Polygon and from Suzo Happ include the X-Lock, a
PRODUCT: Nvision knote counting
Pill Toppers have been designed for IGT reliable, solid lock that incorporates a
PRODUCT TYPE: Note machines from
slots. The USB version is plugged into 10 pin high-security solution. The
sorter Talaris. Profit from
the IGT host for complete game keys are made from nickel-silver and
MANUFACTURER: the market leading
control of unique colours and flashing are strong and durable. All standard
Talaris performance thanks
patterns sent from the USB host. lengths are available from stock, as
CONCEPT: The to the unique
They are completely backlit by well as in switch lock option.
Nvision is a compact, product features -
four SHARP Super bright Naturally, the X-lock is
practical multi-cur- Ultra Feed and MDD.
white LEDs for the available with its
rency desktop Ultra Feed underlines
Polygon Topper own unique
sorter. Nvision uses the maximum
and three for the key code. The
the Talaris Glide- counter feed effi-
Pill Topper. They Maxi III Changer
Feed 1,000 NPM ciency – regardless of
include a tower includes the ded-
continuous note size or quality.
light with colour icated product
feeding technology MDD means Mechani-
foils. The on- features with a
to deliver a single, cost- cal Double Detection, thus
board PCB larger coin capac-
effective cash processing platform. ensuring each individual note is accu-
allows stand alone ity. Customer can choose
Nvision has two full-stacking pockets rately counted. Choose from the entry-
operation or synchronisation between a banknote reader and
that deliver higher processing capacity level model EV8626 that can count up to
of up to eight topper boxes. Indi- coin acceptor. Furthermore, the
and productivity. Nvision can count, 1500 notes per minute (NPM). Or profit
vidual patterns can be created, modularity of the coin pay-out
batch, value count, value balance, rogue from the host of benefits in the premium
for example, a snake pattern that runs design allows customers to choose
outsort, rainbow sort, as well as sort by EV8650, including a range of counterfeit
from one topper to the next. There are between the Suzo Happ Cube or Evolu-
denomination, issue, fitness, orientation devices for multi currencies: UV, IR, EMG
seven pre-programmed flashing pat- tion hoppers. The Electro-luminiscent
and face. A unique array of detection and (Enhanced Magnetics), MTD (metal
terns. The ultra bright RGB LED’s guar- Panel can bring your machine graphics
authentication technologies helps to thread), PPD (Paper properties Detec-
antee unequalled light output for a to life. This ultra-thin foil can be pro-
ensure all suspect or unfit notes are tion) and SMDS (Superior Magnetic
spectacular multi-coloured lightshow. grammed to bring the graphics to life on
rejected and automatically diverted to a Detection System) as well as a top speed
Furthermore, the opaque bezel contains the machine belly glass and topper
full-stacking pocket, maximising of 2000+ NPM. The EV 86 series has been
48 bright Nichia multi-color LEDs for the display.
throughput and reducing manual inter- designed to handle both paper and
Polygon topper and 44 for the Pill
vention. polymer banknotes.
Topper. There are different attract
Manufacturer: Suzo Happ ALSO ON THE STAND: Also on show is
modes including full on, rotating left to
Stand number: 4240 the high-speed, extremely secure ban-
Manufacturer: Talaris
Stand number: 4240
76 February 2010 • IGEpreview
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