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Vietnam polishes its Crown
The Crown International Casino in Danang
City, Vietnam, opened its doors on December
23 2009 after two years of construction to
become the first gambling venue in the
central coastal destination. Covering some
800 square meters on Danang beach, the
casino is part of the five-star, US$1.6bn Silver
Shores International Resort. Developed by the
Hoang Dat Silver Shores Exceptional
International Entertainment, is located seven
kilometers away from downtown Danang City.
Following foreigner only legislation, Crown will
target players from China, Hong Kong and
Taiwan. It is hopeful that a new air route
between China’s Guangzhou City and Danang
will help it achieve its goals.
The new Singapore sector could be privy to some pretty tough reports to its
Government which could hamper the flow of high rollers to its two, soon to be opened
casinos. Documenting arrival reports with the particulars of all junket players at least one
hour before any are allowed to play could be a bitter pill for some to follow.
Singapore could be
everything but discreet
noincognito “CRA has studied the way
SINGAPORE various jurisdictions in the
Star City at
US and Australia as well as
Asia’s dependency on the Macau regulate junket opera-
high-roller sector has not tions. We have also taken cog-
odds over strikes
been underestimated by Sin- nisance of Singapore’s
gapore’s new Casino Regula- circumstances - that we are a starstruck
tory Authority with a set of leading financial centre with AUSTRALIA
new laws that analysts fear a high level of safety and secu-
could put some VIP players rity as a competitive advan- Star City officials claim that a strike by staff on New
under too much scrutiny and tage - and developed a junket Year’s day failed to disrupt the operation at all and that
convince them to play else- licensing regime that would despite the threat of further industrial action it will be a
where. be suitable for Singapore’s case of business as normal at the Sydney casino.
The Casino Regulatory local context. The junket However the Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous
Authority (CRA) has pub- licensing regime is devel- Union said the strike was a ‘huge success’ with workers
lished detailed regulations oped to facilitate a conducive uniting against the two per cent increase in wages
on the licensing and regula- environment for junkets to offered by the casino’s owner Tabcorp
tion of casino junkets in Sin- operate in Singapore, Croupiers, security staff and bar staff were among
gapore which require casino without compromising on those to leave their positions on New Year’s Day as the
operators to make arrival law and order considera- Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Union dispute with
reports covering all the par- tions.” management carried on.
ticulars of all junket players Genting’s own estimations Star City spokesman Peter Grimshaw said customers
at least one hour before any of what percentage of future would not notice any difference during future strikes just
are allowed to cross the GGR at Singapore’s Resort as they didn’t on New Year’s Day which coincided with
threshold of a casino. World in Sentosa will derived record attendance numbers at the venue. According to
The onus of maintaining from VIP play places the figure rising competition, client The Venetian Macau where Grimshaw only five per cent of workers walked away
the integrity of junkets is very at more than in Malaysia but stickiness and potentially
high-roller baccarat and
from their posts on January 1.
much on the casinos although less than in Macau. cumbersome disclosure
junket play are the biggest
“The first strike was totally ineffectual and in fact it was
the cost of the checks will be In Malaysia, where requirements.”
drivers of GGR
a record day for us here,” he said. “Only five per cent
put on the junket operators Genting is the only operator, Krist Boo, the spokes- walked off and customers didn’t know anything different.
themselves. Fines for any dis- VIP gamblers equated to 30 woman for Resorts World at Melvyn Boey, an analyst It was business as usual and it will be again this time."
crepancies will be as high as per cent of the total GGR in Sentosa, added: “Junket oper- with Bank of America In direct contrast, the Liquor, Hospitality and
S$400,000. The CRA wants 2008. Genting has envisaged ators play an important role Merrill Lynch, refused to Miscellaneous Union NSW president Jim Lloyd said:
information detailing the that around 42 per cent of in bringing premium gaming change his opinion on the “We had huge support from staff from all shifts. Staff
duties of all junket promot- Resort World Sentosa’s GGR customers into Singapore. future success of Singapore showed management that they will stick together to
ers, clients, commissions, will be amassed by high They are integral to Singa- as a gaming destination fol- win a fair pay offer without a loss in conditions. Star
rebates and financial state- rollers. In Macau the figure is pore’s vision of making the lowing the CRA’s junket reg- City staff have shown they will stick together to win a
ments. much higher with VIP gam- integrated resort an interna- ulations. fair wage offer that does not attack their conditions.
Before finalising its rules, blers accounting for 66 per tional success, and we During their first full- Star City management needs to listen to its staff who
the CRA examined how cent of GGR. support that vision. We are years of operations, in 2011, have already twice knocked back unfair proposals put
junket operations were reg- UOB KayHian said: “The working closely with both Boey predicts total GGR to them.”
ulated in the United States, market may be overly opti- CRA and junket operators to from the casinos at Marina Grimshaw said the venue had ‘put a very fair offer on
Australia and Macau. mistic on Singapore casinos’ ensure that our operators Bay Sands and Resorts World the table including a nine per cent increase in wages
A spokesman for CRA said: high-roller revenues due to are regulated and licensed.” at Sentosa to reach S$4bn. over three years and increased allowances.’
Hotels begin to open at Resorts World
firstresort hotels at the Resort, Equarius Hotel deliver a true IR that will make Singa- licence. The casino and theme park are
SINGAPORE and Spa Villas, will add another 500 pore and Singaporeans proud. We have expected to open in "early 2010," it said.
rooms when they launch after 2010. been single-minded about this – no A marine life park, expected to be
Singapore’s Resorts World Sentosa has Festive Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel Singa- distractions or excuses - and today, we the biggest in the world, a maritime
confirmed it will open phase one of pore, Crockfords Tower and Hotel are happy to say we marked the first museum, a spa and two more hotels
the city-state’s first casino complex on Michael will open their doors on milestone towards delivering on that will be launched after 2010.
January 20, beginning operations at January 20, offering 1,350 rooms and promise.’‘ The development, located on Singa-
four luxury hotels. 10 restaurants. Resorts World Sentosa began opera- pore’s Sentosa island, will cost Genting
Resorts World Sentosa’s four hotels Chairman of the Genting Group tions at two of its four hotels on January Group $US4.4bn.
- Festive Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel Singa- and Resorts World Sentosa Tan Sri Lim 5 and is now working with authorities Marina Bay Sands, another casino
pore, Crockfords Tower and Hotel Kok Thay said: “When the Genting to obtain approvals for its Universal resort being built by Sheldon Adelson’s
Michael – offer a combined inventory Group won the bid to build Resorts Studios Singapore theme park. It will Las Vegas Sands, is scheduled to open
of 1,350 rooms and 10 restaurant World Sentosa in December 2006, we announce the opening date for the in April following delays in the con-
outlets at their opening. Another two promised Singapore that we will casino when it receives notice of its struction.
18 February 2010 • asia&oceanianews
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