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Jiggin’ for joy FutureLogic looking
with Hillbilly fun
to Eclipse the market
PRODUCT: Hillbillions PRODUCT: Eclipse technology that
PRODUCT TYPE: Triple stand alone pro- PRODUCT TYPE: Ticket printer allows for storage
gressve MANUFACTURER: FutureLogic of unclaimed
MANUFACTURER: Aristocrat Technolo- CONCEPT: The Eclipse heavy-duty receipts in an
gies thermal printer delivers one of the auxiliary tray.
CONCEPT: In 20-line plus 10-credit industry’s best throughput of Combining superior
antebet Hillbillions, the colourful character 250mm per second even in the performance with
Billy the Hillbilly takes players on a fasci- harshest environments (- flexible configuration,
nating journey through the culture of Amer-
into France during the second half of 2009,
20°C to +60°C and 10% to the new Eclipse roll printer
ican mountain folk with four unique
the local area linked progressive jackpot
85% RH, non- offers a reliable and easy-to-
features, three progressive jackpots and a
Millioni$er will make its first industry-wide
condensing), making it use solution , whatever the
thrilling game. The “gold pannin’” jackpot
presentation. Aristocrat’s popular Hyper-
one of the most operating environment or
feature can be struck at random at the end
link multi-game product, Money Train
reliable roll printers in application.
of any bought game for a chance to win
makes a new excursion for 2010 with the
its class. Offering Also on the stand:
one of the three jackpots or a bonus prize.
addition of a fresh undercarriage of four
flexible FutureLogic will also be
Hitting three gold scatters while playing
new base games, whilst the European
configuration, showing its PromoNet
with the Hillbillions bonus antebet triggers
portfolio of standalone Viridian games
the Eclipse couponing solution: a template-
at random one of the three Hillbillion bonus
gets a significant boost with 12 new Gen7-
printer is equipped based system that helps casinos
features; “Log Roll”, “Going Fishin’” and
dedicated titles spanning a range of
with USB 2.0 and RS-232 interfaces. It design and manage a wide range of
the free games, all designed to have players
genres, including Standalone Progressive,
also offers multiple printer and paper promotional campaigns from the
jiggin’ for joy with Billy – yee hoo!
Reelpower, PowerPay, Xtra Reelpower
roll mounting positions that can convenience of a workstation PC. The
and Multi Line. Key games to look out for in
accommodate paper widths of 80 or TableXchange printer/scanner, a
video slots offer players the chance to win
this category comprise 2 Can, Bolly
82.5mm and paper rolls of 100, 150, revolutionary device that effectively
one of three progressive jackpots, which
Boogie, Deep Freeze, Elephant Trail,
200 and 250mm in diameter. This brings TITO gaming to table games
are displayed in the top LCD screen, in
Falcon Queen, Genies Riches, Hippo Luck,
equates to over 770m of paper, will be on view alongside the
addition to payouts earned from the base
In The Gold, Mammoth Thunder, Samurai
enabling the Eclipse printer to provide CouponXpress desktop TITO coupon
game and compelling themed bonus fea-
Drifter, Tiger Lily and Wild Gorilla.
5,000 6-inch receipts on a single roll. printer, the Gen 2 Universal and the
tures. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: To Gen 2 VST Universal ticket printers.
ALSO ON THE STAND: Aristocrat is debut- Manufacturer: Aristocrat optimise security, the high-speed
ing another triple standalone progressive
printer features a rugged presenter
Manufacturer: FutureLogic
in Hi Octane. Following its introduction
Stand number: 3415
and advanced eject and retract
Stand number: 4250
Amatic goes at it
Bally in a spin
full tilt with
ShowDown Poker
with CashSpin
Poker PRODUCT TYPE: 6 foot tall slot will introduce its sleek new
PRODUCT TYPE: MANUFACTURER: Bally Tech- Pro Series Slant Top cabinet
electronic poker nologies to the international gaming
MANUFACTURER: CONCEPT: One of the most market at the IGE show.
Amatic exciting games in Bally’s 2010 The Pro Series Slant
CONCEPT: Operators collection is undoubtedly Cash provides video slot and
can choose from two Spin on theV32 slot platform video poker players with
perfect solutions - Show- featuring a spinning a new level of comfort
Down Poker or Show- wheel on the top two- and engagement. V32
Down7 Autonomic Poker. thirds of the video display titles that will be on
The 10-player Show- above mechanical reels. This display include Reel
Down Poker has been groundbreaking game allows Money Scatter and the
designed to fulfil its the player to use their hand to new Magic Money
maximum potential, with spin the wheel during the series, which features
ten individual player posi- bonus round via a unique three new game titles:
tions incorporated in this touch-enabled screen above Wizard’s Wreath, Golden
automatic electronic the reels, providing a new Scepter, and Ring of
poker table. The large
payment terminal integrated within
level of player control and Riches.
screen monitor is centrally positioned to
ShowDown7 Autonomic Poker.
interaction. This USpin Bally will also present an
give a clear overview to players. The
feature will also be avail- extensive assortment of
ShowDown7 Autonomic Poker is the
titles include Africa, Dragon’s Pearl, Hot
able on Cash Meteor and a new stepper titles at IGE
perfect choice for smaller locations, such
Family’(including the famous Hot
number of new titles cur- on the ALPHA Elite S9E
as arcades and bars. This automatic
Scatter) Hot Seven, Wild Stars and Hot
rently in development. It upright or the CineReels
poker table has six individual positions.
Stars, Ice Voyage, Golden Idol, Jolly
allows players to spin a widescreen platforms.
The seventh position is reserved for all
Roger, Lucky Zodiac.
virtual wheel on the display
payment requirements, allowing players backwards, forward, slow or fast
to introduce their capital and receive
Manufacturer: Amatic
as if it was an actual physical spinning
Manufacturer: Bally Technologies
their winnings from the automatic
Stand number: 3060
Stand number: 3540 and 3550
72 February 2010 • IGEpreview
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