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paves the
Latin way
“Progressive legislation in
South American
governments and early
adoption of server-based
gaming technology means
South America has set new
standards in the next
generation of gaming. Early
server-based gaming
adoption by BetStone’s
Latin American clients, has
delivered gaming the way
customers demand,
dynamic with fresh and
exciting content.
While there are multiple
markets within South
America, each with their
unique requirements, the
success rate with server-
The stepping stones towards
based gaming has been
consistent in all of them.
But other competitive
markets are looking to
server-based evolution
adopt this technology and
BetStone is receiving
queries on the technology
globally now. South
In contrast to some other vendors, Bally Technologies’ move towards server-based has been more
American casinos who fully
piecemeal. It sees the Network Floor Of The Future as an evolution, not a revolution, and one that has
adopt this technology will
eclipse competition both at
taken thoughtful and focused implementation. home and abroad.
The biggest myth is that
futureproof gaming machines, player- manufacturers’ gaming plat- employee interface using keting, customer service, this is a difficult technology
BALLY TECHNOLOGIES tracking displays and periph- forms and devices while cen- the game display. game-in-game, and floor- to implement. Nothing
erals; and enables a range of tralised management of Bally has been testing wide tournaments.” could be further from the
Bally’s Networked Floor can command, control, and moni- decisions will be allowed iVIEW DM with Pechanga Ramesh Srinivasan, Bally’s truth. BetStone has
dynamically and bi-direction- toring options at gaming using one user interface for since May on gaming executive vice president of installed server-based
ally interrogate, configure operators’ fingertips. Further- the administration of promo- machines manufactured by systems, added: “The lessons gaming machines in
and move software or data to more, Bally CoolSign, another tions, game offerings, game Bally, Aristocrat Technologies we have learned in the last numerous locations from as
and from a digital gaming server-based solution, is a settings and yield analysis.” and Konami Gaming. six months are priceless. We little as 20 BetStone
device. And the performance media management system In the US, the last few iVIEW DM enables knew from our experience machines running
of these digital gaming that lets gaming operators months have seen compa- gaming operators to present with over 200 Ethernet alongside legacy machines
devices will benefit from any take control of digital signage nies such as Sands Beth- unique content and mes- floors and integrating our to as much as taking over
technology that uses digital and deliver powerful and works, Barona and MGM sages directly on to game technology into existing the whole floor.
infrastructure to deliver and consistent messages and Grand at Foxwoods demon- screens with picture-in- games from every manufac- As technology gets better,
manage content, communi- bonusing events. strate high-speed Ethernet picture capability. The turer that this would not be use of the technology gets
cations and security. A Bally Bally is developing new capabilities, enabling the iVIEW DM screen is config- easy. But the reaction of the simpler. A fully automatic
spokesman stated: “The old technology with capabilities casino and Bally to offer the urable so content can be dis- players, and the fact that car with skid control and
adage ‘never bite off more such as software inventory, latest technologies for a fully played anywhere on the Pechanga is moving forward anti-lock brakes is easier to
than you can chew’ applies peripheral monitoring, networked casino floor. game screen. iVIEW DM is with the large-scale deploy- drive than a manual car
to this Networked Floor Of dynamic configuration MGM Grand at Foxwoods, also backwards compatible. ment, says it all.” from the 60s. It is the same
The Future. Casinos need not control and media display. A Connecticut’s third largest “Protecting our cus- In Asia, the new L’Arc with server-based gaming
be transformed overnight. spokesman stated: “We see casino resort, will have 1,500 tomers’ previously invested Macau casino resort has pur- which is as simple as
The Networked Floor Of the future direction of this slot machines. capital is at the forefront of chased 420 iVIEW player- installing an email system
Today can deliver specific, Networked Floor being “We chose Bally because our product development, interface displays. “When in your office.”
identifiable solutions today planned innovation that we know their technology and this is reflected in iVIEW selecting a systems vendor
that can justify the infrastruc- combines all the systems will handle the huge trans- DM, which can be made to for the opening of our new
ture investment. Then we will under a unified business actional volumes we experi- work on any game with avail- resort, it was important that
continuously add features.” intelligence and analysis tool ence,” said Barry Cregan, able video and touch-screen we choose one with a vast
Bally’s iVIEW DM delivers set. One such innovation is acting president of Fox- interfaces,” said Bruce Rowe, array of solutions to accom-
in-game bonuses, floor-wide player-specific gaming that woods. “Even more impor- Bally’s senior vice president modate us now and as we
tournaments, banking func- recognises a player’s prefer- tant, Bally’s Networked of strategy and business grow,” said Paul Tso, CEO of
tions and responsible-gaming ences and delivers a custom Floor of the Future product development. L’Arc Macau.
messages - all without inter- gaming experience. Commu- offerings, many of which are Craig Clark, general “iVIEW DM allows gaming
rupting game play. Bally Busi- nity Gaming using the floor- available today, will provide manager of Pechanga said: operators to maintain their
ness Intelligence offers vital wide network will bring new us with an array of next-gen- “The successful test has existing game inventory
visibility to analyse gaming- levels of player competition eration technologies to take shown us that the cus- while adding enhanced
floor performance; player and community that max- our state-of-the-art new tomer-service possibilities excitement and convenience
and game interaction; player imises enjoyment and the casino to a whole new level.” are far reaching and will for players and new ways to
behaviour and trends; and casino experience. It will Pechanga Resort & enable us to even further cross-promote casino and
player loyalty and value. The combine hardware and soft- Casino in California has elevate our guests’ experi- hotel amenities - right at the
Bally Command Center pro- ware that presents the player opted for 5,000 iVIEW ence and create an inter- gaming machine and without
vides a connection to a wide with a familiar and inviting Display Manager (DM) con- face at the gaming machine interrupting play,” Bally’s CEO
Avron Goss, director at
variety of devices including gaming experience across all trollers - a customer and to use for advertising, mar- Richard Haddrill concluded. BetStone
46 February 2010 • SBGreport
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