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A touch of
Slipping a
to offer an unmatched
sensory experience
enhanced by real-time
new slot on
3D graphics, a built-in
BOSE 3Space audio
for size
system and a mesmeris-
PRODUCT: IntelliTouch Plus
ing top box to aid players
PRODUCT TYPE: Slot monitor
in their journeys through
PRODUCT: Wizard of Oz Ruby
CONCEPT: The new IntelliTouch Plus
touch technology utilises the durable Elo
The Community Gaming
emersion slot
surface acoustic wave technology for an
category will showcase
accurate two-finger touch solution. The
Reel ‘em In! Compete to
pure-glass construction of the new Elo
Win. WMS’ G+ five-
CONCEPT: Wizard of Oz Ruby
IntelliTouch Plus touch technology deliv-
Reel mechanical
Slippers is an entirely new
ers an excellent image and high light
games will include all
product that extends this iconic
transmission just like the single-touch
the brand-recognis-
brand by combining the visual and
IntelliTouch touch technology customers
able and proven,
audio excitement of WMS’ Sensory
have trusted for years. With stable, drift-
player-favorite G+
Immersion platform on the Blue-
free operation, new IntelliTouch Plus
mechanics. New features
engineers the ability to incorporate a bird2 gaming cabinet, delivering a
touchscreens will accurately recognize
on the G+ mechanical games include
multi-touch technology that is both reli- wide screen, high definition trip down the
two-finger simultaneous touches and
Bonus Jackpots, Super Big Win, and colour
able and compatible with Windows 7 to yellow brick road. With second-genera-
gestures all over the screen, with three
accentuated reel lighting effects. Innova-
heighten the user experience. tion BOSE powered Bluebird2 audio,
axes of touch information thereby over-
tion Series games at IGE include Money
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: The Elo players feel every step of their adventure
coming many of the drawbacks of other
Burst, Super Multi-Pay and Spinning
TouchSystems IntelliTouch Plus touch while they experience bonuses, free spins,
multi-touch technologies, such as
Streak series, which features player inter-
technology meets all the Additional Qual- respins and big wins. A second new Wizard
camera-based optical that are subject to
faces and game mechanics that add new
ification (AQ) testing requirements estab- of Oz-themed game, Follow the Yellow
interferences from ambient light vari-
dimensions of game play for video reel
lished by Microsoft Corp. for Windows 7 Brick Road, is the latest Transmissive
ances and false touches. IntelliTouch
players. WMS is also proud to bring its
multi-touch interactivity. The IntelliTouch Reels version game. In addition to all of
Plus multi-touch technology will be com-
innovative approach and player-favorite
Plus touch technology is based upon the entertainment enabled by the Trans-
mercially available in early 2010 as screen
products directly to the Central Determi-
proven surface acoustic wave technol- missive Reels platform, this new game
components in sizes ranging from 17-
nation sector. In addition to the latest slot
ogy with over 20 years of reliable per- features four-level, mystery-trigger pro-
inch through 32-inch for consumer touch
product offerings, WMS will showcase the
formance and millions of installations gressive awards and a wide-area progres-
monitors and all-in-one touch comput-
sleek BLUEBIRD2 cabinet and debut the
around the world. sive jackpot.
ers. In addition, a 22-inch open-frame
new, state-of-the-art Bluebird XD cabinet.
touchmonitor will be available later in the Manufacturer: ELO Touch Systems
WMS’ Sensory Immersion product line the
Manufacturer: WMS Gaming
year. This will enable OEMs and design
Stand number: 4240
new Wizard of Oz Ruby Slipper game aims
Stand number: 3400
JCM’s Sentry
downtime and ‘ticket low sensor’ which
saves on paper and the environment.
If casino operators plan to refresh their slot
takes to its post
the latest
floor the Epic Ten80 will provide operators
Epic from
with flexibility for all game types and con-
PRODUCT: Sentry 2.0 bezel language support. The original release
PRODUCT TYPE: Note acceptor will support English, French, Spanish This printer is con-
MANUFACTURER: JCM and simple Chinese, which can be dis-
PRODUCT: Epic Ten80
figured so that
CONCEPT: The Sentry 2.0 bezel brings played one at a time or in concert, such
PRODUCT TYPE: Ticket printer for TITO
casinos can have
interactivity to a new level utilising high as English/Spanish or English/French.
just one printer for
resolution, high contrast, ALSO ON THE STAND: JCM Global will
all game types and
two color LCD. The be showing two other new products: the
CONCEPT: The new Epic
all slot manufacturers.
player-friendly interac- new TBV transactional bill validator
Ten80, distributed
In addition, the printer
tive massaging is and the iVIZION bill validator.
exclusively in Europe
has internally integrated its
noticeable immedi- The new Transactional
and Africa by Euro-
patented dual-port technology
ately and, because it Bill Validator
coin, ensures the printing
and includes the interfaces to allow
is controlled by the (TBV) from
requirements of casino oper-
casinos the opportunity to drive promo-
bill validator, JCM Global is
ators are fulfilled today and well beyond, as
tions and coupons. And finally, the new
absolutely no an incredibly
the printer is so flexible there is no need to
Epic Ten80 will provide casinos with a
changes to the game fast bulk note
upgrade in the future. This printer is config-
printer that conducts the transaction in
software are necessary. bill validator.
ured so that casinos can have just one
approximately 30 per cent faster transac-
The Sentry 2.0 bezel is customis- Its bulk note
printer for all game types and all slot manu-
tion time with also 33 per cent more paper
able and easily programmable so an feeder can
facturers. Additionally the printer has inte-
operator can display a wide range of accept up to 50
grated dual-port technology that allows
ALSO ON THE STAND: TransAct will
messages – such as the property logo or notes at once, and its
casinos the opportunity to drive promo-
feature its complete portfolio of
a good luck message – all in bright, fully state-of the-art sensing technology
tions and coupons.
casino/gaming printers and technology
functional two-color LCD graphics. processes notes at less than two
The Epic Ten80 provides casino operators
solutions including the Epic 950 Thermal
When the bezel is in attract mode, it seconds for variable notes, and 1.7
with a single module, dual port printer so
Slot Machine Printer,ServerPort, Epic 880
operates at full light intensity; when a seconds for fixed width notes. Its 2,000-
when they are expanding or upgrading
Thermal Gaming Receipt Printer,Epic 430
player begins to play, the bezel automat- note plastic cash box has a side door for
their slot floor, printer needs are met for
Thermal Gaming Receipt Printer, Ithaca
ically dims to create a more comfortable easy access to note retrieval, and JCM’s
today and the future. The Epic Ten80 pro-
8000 Sticky Label and Receipt Printer and
gaming experience. exclusive ICB feature reduces account-
vides interface flexibility with all the proven
the Ithaca®8040 Thermal Linerless
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: The new ing variances.
features that TransAct is known for, includ-
Label/Receipt Printer.
Sentry 2.0 is designed to accept ban-
ing Ticketburst, which ensures the entire
knotes and tickets up to 85mm wide, and
Manufacturer: JCM Manufacturer: TransAct
ticket prints before being presented, ‘quick
incorporates multi-currency and multi-
Stand number: 4260 Technologies
disconnect’ technology that minimizes Stand number: 4135
78 February 2010 • IGEpreview
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