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Server based
comes out
in style at
decisions become
City Center 15 second rethinks
milestone Standards Association’s
CityCenter boasts many things but from a slot perspective it will be the first in
BY PHIL MARTIN G2S and creating the right
environment within the
the world to open on such a grand scale with IGT’s complete server-based
casino. Whilst casinos are
solution, IGT DynamiX. Suddenly multi-year machine gaming decisions have
all about games, server- been slashed down to 15 second rethinks.
based is all about a system
which allows machines to
communicate with back-
MGM Mirage’s City Centre
project boasts 970 IGT AVP
room servers, making it
machines with 3-D Multi-
possible to download new
Layer Display (MLD) and
game content to any Multi-Game technology
machine at any time, or
even to change the denomi-
nation of choice. Just as
with a local-area computer
network, server-based slots
require Ethernet ports
through which to communi-
With the green shoots of cate on broadband and that
recovery apparently sprout- means an overload of
ing, could 2010 finally be rewiring. Moving gaming
the year that server-based floors from the analogue era
gaming is rolled out on a demands a high level of accessallarias tied to it - allowing them tors have made in working special ‘window’ slides the
global scale? investment, and this is of INTERNATIONAL GAME TECHNOLOGY unmatched flexibility for toward truly interoperable game screen over, providing a
Operators the world over course where the downturn game mix decisions. For the products. Along with MGM menu of information and serv-
had been ready to invest in in the economy has ham- With its futuristic Manhattan first time, an operator can Miarage, IGT is committed to ices that the player and opera-
the newfangled slot tech- pered the roll out. While for style skyscrapers, MGM manage in near real-time, an open protocol, fully net- tor can customise, all designed
nology before the freeze of most casinos the conver- Mirage has looked to reinvent making changes to their worked floor at Aria." to improve the player experi-
the credit crunch and the sion of existing machines the long-term gambling casino floor as their player Orrin Edidin, president of ence. The sbX Floor Manager
downturn in the global and protocols (for game-to- capital of the world, Las Vegas. mix changes.” WMS Industries, said: “We are means ultimate access to the
economy forced spend to a system) will be gradual, Given its deployment of With sbX, operators can excited to join with CityCen- IGT game library, while the
minimum. The technology CityCenter has provided the server-based technology in operationally and more effec- ter and IGT in this initial sbX Media Manager enables
held something of a opportunity for server- Aria Resort and Casino at City- tively deliver great games and deployment of sbX.” targeted messages and serv-
‘coming out’ party at the based to be tested like Center, it is also looking to unique applications to the “At CityCenter, we are ices to the Service Window.
opening of MGM Mirage’s never before. reinvent how slot machines player- right at the slot pleased to offer our players the Eric Tom, executive vice
CityCenter project in Just as reel gave way to are operated and managed. machine, Hart added. Through personalisation, customisation president of North American
December which saw video, it is likely that single International Game Tech- sbX, Aria is also able to manage and choices that sbX and the sales and marketing added:
almost 1,000 machines game slot machines will nology is delighted that the a select number of WMS Service Window provide,” said “This ‘hybrid’ casino floor also
launched with server-based one day look like antique much-hyped venue will games, because of the interop- Bill McBeath, president and demonstrates IGT’s flexibility
virtues, each with over 100 relics from a days gone by. demonstrate the full opera- erability of the sbX open plat- chief operating officer of Aria and commitment to meet our
game themes. Whilst that is still some time tional power of its sbX with a form and WMS compliance Resort and Casino. “MGM customers’ requests, needs
This open system allows into the future, the sands of complete solution known as with Gaming Standard Associ- Mirage has always been a and expectations. Today’s solu-
games of any manufacturer time have moved signifi- IGT DynamiX. ation (GSA) protocols. forward-thinking organisation tions must take into account
to link to the network. The cantly in favour of server- “It’s truly a game changer,” “Interoperability testing with respect to technology on the challenging economy and
trickle of server-based based with an installation said Patti Hart, IGT’s president will continue with other our slot floors.” how to best partner with
installations on actual that should be seen as a and CEO. “What was once a game vendors anticipated to The Aria casino floor fea- operators to help them give
casino gaming floors before major milestone. With this multi-year decision for a come on line with sbX in the tures a one-of-a-kind combina- their players what they want
this has seen small projects in mind and conscious of casino operator is now a 15- future. We will ensure other tion of IGT’s server-based in a value-oriented solution.
of 50 or 60 machines at just previous features in this second decision. Before, an vendors can migrate their network which incorporates sbX can be deployed in a
a few venues. CityCenter magazine, International operator had to make a long- games as soon as they are able the award-winning, player- scaled manner like Aria, or in
demonstrates the full power Casino Review provides an term commitment to a game to,” said Rich Schneider, IGT’s focused Service Window, sbX sbX Tier One applications for
of IGT’s sbX system with update to what has been purchase. With sbX, the opera- executive vice president of Floor Manager and Media smaller properties. Alterna-
970 machines linked up. happening in this soon to tor can now have a machine gaming products. Manager, the IGT Advantage tively, our customers can
The concept has been explode sector. with an entire library of games “All of Aria’s game vendors casino management system, deploy IGT DynamiX as a
around for years and was have applied a great deal of 100 WMS machines and 970 standalone and still provide
first exhibited on mass at
Server-based gaming definition: a style of slot gaming
effort in preparing their game IGT AVP machines with 3-D their players a dynamic choice
G2e in 2005. The last four
where machines are linked via Ethernet ports to a central
products for compliance with Multi-Layer Display (MLD) of games, and wait to deploy
years has seen a whirlwind
computer or server system, from which restricted person-
the Industry Standard G2S pro- technology. This complete sbX at a later time.”
of activity behind the
nel can send not only slot game content changes but also
tocols. This has required a solution (AVP, 3-D, Multi-Game) The CityCenter installation
server-based scenes but
adjustments to game denomination, bonus payouts, and
level of cooperation and inter- is known as IGT DynamiX. follows on from IGT’s first
not too much on actual
promotional literature. This information can be down-
operability testing amongst The sbX Service Window sbX Tier One installation at
gaming floors.
loaded in seconds through the central server to a bank(s)
the vendor community far provides a unique player inter- Ameristar Casino in St Charles,
The main drive really has
of slot machines located on a casino floor that are essen-
beyond what this industry has action experience, right at the Missouri and its second at
been in developing systems
tially nothing more than terminals.
ever experienced. We appreci- slot machine. When the player Barona Resort and Casino in
to comply with the Gaming ate the efforts our competi- inserts his players club card, a San Diego, California.
44 February 2010 • SBGreport
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