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Octavian conducts a
will also be on show
on the new platform
modular Symphony
with its ancient
pyramids, the Eye
of Ra, Anubi and
PRODUCT: Symphony CE (Casino Edition) ALSO ON THE STAND: Creating great puts it to
symbols, and a
PRODUCT TYPE: Management system interest ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup,
MANUFACTURER: Octavian International Spot The Ball is a football game delivered in
the sword
bonus round
where players
CONCEPT: Renowned for its proven ACP partnership with Gextech, creators of Fan- discover the three
system which at one point featured the tastic League, the world’s leading virtual different Pyramid
world’s largest system installation in Russia, football game. Spot The Ball brings a glob-
PRODUCT: Xcalibur
Secret rooms.
Octavian is back with a complete scalable ally recognised game concept into hi-tech,
PRODUCT TYPE: 50-line video
Also debuting is
and modular solution that allows operators real-time rendered soccer stadia, complete
Magic Roulette, a
to pay just for those features as they need with different teams and atmospheric
single zero
them and avoid large up-front costs. Sym- crowds, audio and lighting. It is available for
CONCEPT: Xcalibur is the brand new
roulette slot
phony CE (Casino Edition) is Octavian’s end- land-based fixed-odds betting terminals
50 line game powered by Magic
machine with a user-friendly table that
to-end slots and tables casino management worldwide. Octavian will also show a number
Dream’s X10-Xtend platform. The game
features all the ‘called bet’ options of
system, which offers integrated TITO, cash- of its top-performing Italian AWP titles, fea-
has mythical dragons, powerful wizards
traditional roulette table. Through the
less, player tracking and jackpot modules. turing Billy Bones and Chicago Night. Com-
and the legendary sword that
EGO touch-screen, the player can
Symphony CE brings it all together in a com- pleting the exciting Octavian line-up of
everybody knows, as its key features.
quickly enter to the game speed
plete solution that automates and simplifies products are new multi-game sets for the
This medieval-fantasy game pitches the
configuration. Magic Dreams will also
the management of tables, slots, cash desk, German AWP and Belgium SWP markets.
player as a brave knight with a princess
show a bank of its most famous poker
registration, reception, security, loyalty, mar- machines. Double Draw, Jacks or
keting and more. Since its release in 2009,
Manufacturer: Octavian
in distress to save.
Better, Jokers Double and Jokers Wild
Symphony CE has attracted wide interna-
tional appeal and has been selected as the
Stand number: 3230
Xtend platform has been developed to
will be displayed on the comfortable
power Magic Dreams games and
Slant Top 500 and linked to the
‘system of choice’ in government-man-
jackpots into the future. Xtend is, in
progressive jackpot Poker Boost. Magic
dated applications in many emerging Latin
fact, innovation that players can see,
Dreams has chosen to convert three of
American areas, including a number of
touch, hear and feel. The X10 platform
its best revenue generating games to
provinces in Argentina and more recently in
means the latest in high resolution
date to the new Xtend platform, namely
graphics, vibrant colour depth, high
Return of the Phoenix, Oriental Secrets
fidelity sounds and a fast and fluid
and The Jungle II. There will also be a
modular, affordable and easily upgradeable
game experience. Moreover, X10-Xtend
new Pirate themed mystery-progressive
system that casino operations of all sizes
enables smoother game conversions
jackpot called Captain Cash.
can harness to drive efficiency, revenue and
and fast technical service.
profitability – at a single site or across a
Manufacturer: Magic Dreams
network of venues.
Stand number: 3350
Mysteries, a high volatility 25-line slot,
PS, the last word
Empowering players
in roulette
with jackpot decisions
PRODUCT: Crystal feature. Players then
PRODUCT: Vega-PS Roulette to Abbiati and TCS John Huxley live wheels,
Fortunes choose whether to accept
PRODUCT TYPE: Electronic roulette as well as any other live roulette wheel with
PRODUCT TYPE: or reject the offers. If the
MANUFACTURER: Euro Games integrated electronic onRim reader.
Multi-level progressive Crystal Ball Preview
Technology ALSO ON THE STAND: EGT will show-
MANUFACTURER: feature is awarded, players
CONCEPT: Following its significant case the stylish new Vega Vision+ Upright
International Game not only get to see the
progress in the development of multiplayer cabinet. The machine, featuring elegant
Technologies current offer, but also get to
solutions, for the first time this year the design and two 22'' widescreen monitors
CONCEPT: Players like see what the next offer will
company will premier its Vega-PS Roulette is fully GLI certified. The new game titles
to feel they have some be if they reject the current
and Vega-PS multiplayer terminal. The developed for the Vega Vision+ Series will
control over the game offer.
interactive touch screen terminals are flex- be - Lucky Buzz, Wild Savanna, 20 Super
outcome, which is why ADDITIONAL
ible and functional solution that utilise any Hot deluxe and 2 Dragons. Hot new Vega
IGT’s Crystal Fortunes FEATURES: The look
casino floor-space and provide greater Vision titles will be also launched. Magel-
Multi-Level Progressives game delivers. The ahead feature empowers players to make the
satisfaction to the player thanks to the lan and Oil Company II have excellent
bonus play gives players a choice to accept or best decision for accepting a bonus offer and
swift switch between game options. game plots, exclusive graphic designs and
reject award offers. And with eight progressive adds another level of excitement to the already
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: The Vega-PS mathematical concepts are made to fasci-
award levels and three static awards, players popular Top Dollar- style accept/reject bonus.
multiplayer terminal is compatible not only nate slot fans. New multi game solutions
have a wide variety of win possibilities. The ALSO ON THE STAND: The new Center
with EGT’s electronic roulettes (Vega-R8, will include Vega Vision Multi-2 and Vega
Crystal Fortunes MLP debuts with two five- Stage Series will make its International debut
Vega-R6) and EGT's electronic wheel - Vision Multi-3 from the Vega Vision Multi
reel, 50-line base games; Tiger’s Eye Video with Wheel of Fortune Triple Spin Video Slots.
Vega-PS Roulette, but also with the usage Series. Both multi games feature a compi-
Slots and White Stag Video slots. Both games IGT will showcase a number of Network
of EGT's statistical station it can connect lation of well selected best performers
feature beautiful, crisp graphics and Stacked Systems products including sbX and IGT
over the time along with newly released
Wilds game play. The easy Bet Button panel Casinolink. IGT DynamiX combines 3-D
titles, in a total number of 10. Also unveiled
simplifies wagers for players and includes games, MLD, AVP and Multi-Games. The Sex
at IGE will be the company's newest acces-
buttons for 50, 100, 200 and 250 credits. The and the City Multi-Level Progressives is the
sory line comprising a variety of toppers to
Crystal Fortunes bonus feature is modelled on first Premium Products game to feature IGT’s
further enhance the elegant design of the
the popular Top Dollar style accept/reject top-performing MultiPLAY game interface.
Vega Vision and Vega Vision+ product
bonus. This feature is triggered when three Wheel of Fortune Secret Spins puts an excit-
crystal ball symbols appear on reels one, two ing new twist on the ever-popular 3-Reel
and three, which then transition the base Wheel of Fortune series.
Manufacturer: Euro Games
game to a pick screen. The player picks one of
Stand number: 3310
three cards, which reveals three, four or five
Manufacturer: International Game
offers and may award the Crystal Ball Preview
Stand number: 3430
70 February 2010 • IGEpreview
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