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March start for Coyhaique Casino
Work on one of the last two casinos to be
awarded licences in Chile is to begin in Coyhaique
in March, the CEO of operator Dreams, Claudio
Fischer (pictured), has announced. In addition to
the casino will be a five-star hotel with 45 rooms,
a spa, restaurants, bars and a meeting room for
600 people. The project in southern Chile
represents an investment of US$20m (E13.8m).
Casino Carnaval in Encarnación,
capital of the southern Paraguayan
province of Itapúa, just before its
opening in 2006. Another casino in the
province will be licensed this year
bids to be
opened in
As the head of Paraguay’s national gaming
commission (Conajzar) approaches the first
anniversary of her time in office, Patricia
Marchewka will have seen through a bid
process for new casinos that were
mandated more then a decade ago, and
overseen a big increase in revenues put to
the public good.
newstart that allows for casinos to cracking down on unli- licence fees and revenue per- jzar go to the national treas-
PARAGUAY operate in the capital Asun- censed venues and strictly centages collected came to ury; the rest is distributed
ción, seven for cities in the monitoring the legal casinos. more than US$11m (E7.6m), among the provinces and
Three companies will bid Central region and one each The new licences will up about $1.3m (E896,000) cities, with a significant
for the concessions to for the Cordillera, Itapúa and require operators to pay a on the previous year. amount going to a national
operate 11 casinos in Alto Paraná regions. minimum monthly fee for Marchewka said Conajzar is charitable trust.
Paraguay, the national “These licences are in each casino of around still owed about $1.2m The revenues for 2010 will
gaming commission Cona- addition to those already US$85,000 (E59,000) plus (E827,000) in fees by Casino be considerably higher than
jzar has announced. awarded to casinos and two per cent of monthly net Entertainment Limited, cov- last year, as the fees are being
Head of the commission extended until 2015, 2016 revenues. ering 11 months of pay- raised significantly, to the
Patricia Marchewka, who and 2017,” said Marchewka.
Patricia Marchewka,
head of Conajzar
Conajzar also announced ments due. The company’s extent that Conajzar expects
launched the licensing “These licences have never that that its revenues from licence to operate a casino to raise around $2.3m
process last August, said that been awarded for reasons head of Conajzar, Cristhian existing casinos rose at least in Central province was (E1.6m) per month. In addi-
the envelopes containing that we don’t know.” Vera, lose his job to be ten per cent in 2009 (January revoked in April 2009 for tion it will also gain revenues
the unnamed companies’ The Asunción licence will replaced by Marchewka in to November) by compari- being in arrears. from the initial charges for
bids to operate the venues allow the opening of the February 2009. A long-stand- son the previous, despite as “We are still fighting to the new licences, even if is
for the next five years will be city’s second casino: corrup- ing anti-corruption cam- yet being unable to collect get the money,” said unlikely that any will be up
opened on 19 February. tion allegations surrounding paigner and civil servant, she significant debt from one Marchewka. and running in time to con-
The process is taking place a previous attempt to award promised to beef up the operator. Ten per cent of the rev- tribute monthly fees this
under a law passed in 1997 the licence saw the former work of the commission, The total amount of enues generated by Cona- year.
Casino Gualok to
Calls for reexamination
reopen in March
of casinos in Mexico
opendoors funds generated by lookagain houses open in
ARGENTINA increased revenues to the MEXICO municipalities in or near
lottery as it managed to fight Guadalajara…and also
Having been delayed by in illegal gaming and manage A Mexican national happens in other places.”
the aftershocks of the eco- the administration of other deputy on the Tourism Arana says that in
nomic crisis, the Casino casinos in the province. It Commission has called for principle he is against
Gualok in the northern Argen- had been hoped that the another examination into casinos but that the state
tinean city of Sáenz Peña is project would be completed the case for the of anarchy is worse.”
scheduled to reopen its by July or August last year legalisation of casinos in The Mexican
doors on 1 March, following but financial crisis and reces- the country. Association of Hotels and
a major refurbishment. sion caused delays. Jorge Arana Arana Motels has also said it is
The casino is part of a The casino will open first
Hotel and Casino Gualok
before the refurbishment
push the project forward. On described the current urging legislators and
wider project announced by on an auspicious day: the
programme began last year
a visit in January he said: situation as “true anarchy, ministers to rethink their
the Governor of Chaco anniversary of the founding “When we next visit, accord- which lends itself to the position and come with
province Jorge Capitanich in of Sáenz Peña. The rest of ing to the contractors, it will corruption of public laws that would provide
December 2008 to convert the hotel, with refurbished Daniel Pascual, head of be 60 per cent complete. My officials”. He added that “a model of casinos that
Gualok into a four-star hotel, bedrooms and bathrooms, the Chaco Lottery, which will feeling is that they are making the lack of formal gives a real boost to
representing a multi-million new restaurants and oversee the casino, has been good progress: they have legislation on casinos tourism, as existing
peso investment. The work is improved access will open in meeting the contractors moved a long way since our means that “practically casinos do not meet
being financed through a May. every two weeks in order to last inspection.” every fortnight gaming this goal.”
24 February 2010 • south&centralamericannews
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