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Whatmakesus different?

Golf is a great sport for anyone, but for many years it has been considered as “not really a sport”, or “an old man’s game”. Thanks to those frequently asked questions by parents, I am going to explain how children can benefit from taking up golf.

I have been a golf PGA Professional, coaching for over 10 years. By far coaching has been the most rewarding part of my career to date.

What age is ideal to start playing golf? For a non - golf family, lessons with a qualified Professional should start between the ages of 5 and 7 years old.

other than the golf course itself. This makes it easy to evaluate improvement and performance levels quickly.

Honesty. This wonderful trait is gained because you are your own referee and so you count your own score - we often say that if you cheat playing golf, you are only cheating yourself.

Is golf a sport? Yes, golf most definitely is a sport! Learning to play golf will develop many skills such as: Hand and Eye Co- ordination, Speed, Flexibility, Balance, Rhythm, Aiming/Accuracy and that all important ingredient Concentration – all vital skills which can be used in every day

If your child/ children already show interest in playing golf, then ideally try to pair them with a school friend and book a course of lessons and let the Professional do what they do best - bring out the best in someone! The parent will be able to assist in the process too which can only aid in helping to make the parent a friend of the child also and not just a parent! - Being together will be fun, add a nice competitive feel to the lessons, and it reduces the cost also.

We will provide the equipment needed, until you eventually decide if you want to purchase your own clubs. I use both Longueville Golf Range and The Royal Jersey Golf Club for the lessons which compliment each other.

Is Golf a sport for boys only? Definitely not! More and more girls are taking up the game and it’s wonderful to see – it really is great! Finding the right sport for a young girl is sometimes complex but I really believe golf ticks all the boxes.

The Professional will teach fundamental but basic principles of golf through games and situations - of course, it is never too late to start playing golf, as the Professional will simply adjust his skills and methods to suit the age and ability of the student.

However, in a golfing family, children will naturally copy their parents from a very early age, so making golf fun should always be key, using plastic clubs (found at most toy shops) in the garden, at the park or even on the beach.

What values will children learn from golf? Respect. Golf teaches to you to respect yourself, your playing partner, along with the other players on the course, as well as the course itself. All of these disciplines will develop through what is called “Etiquette” – a word familiar to us all.

Self Confidence. This is a vital ingredient in anything we do, as you are not playing against anyone else

life via the ‘transfer of learning’ process. Furthermore, to perform in any sporting activity, you will need these above mentioned skills, but golf will combine them all together into a single motion called the Swing.

However, when taking up golf at a young age it is still very important to carry on taking part in all the other sports also. Team sports or sporting activities involving running or jumping are necessary skills for a fuller development of the child.

How do you start playing golf? Sometimes a child will show signs of this naturally as an untapped interest, but if you like the sound of the skills which it can bring simply talk to a golfer, ideally a Professional, as it can be so difficult to break bad habits once formed.

Do I need to be a golfer for my children to play? Not necessarily but it has been the case for many years. I like the idea though that if your children play golf but you do not, you might decide to take up the game yourself as well. You will then be able to share a lot of good family moments, a bond if you will, on the course, vicariously through the practice sessions, on the weekends, or when on holidays.

Does it matter if my children are left handed? For many years, children were “forced” to play right handed due to the shortage of left hand junior golf clubs, This is no longer an issue as we have all the equipment which will be needed, so it makes participation a lot easier.

I hope you will find in these answers sufficient information about Junior Golf and the promotion of it, along with a taste of its benefits to not only children but also the parent or adult looking to try something different. Ironically, all too often I hear people say “I wish I had learned to play golf when I was younger!” – it seems golf is a way of life for those who find it, and at any age too.

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