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● Of fame, of valour and of victory... (Above) HMS Hermes receives a rapturous reception on her return to Portsmouth and (below) Royal marina Continued from page iii
Much to her relief, Antrim was
Marines prepare to raise the Falkland Islands fl ag again outside Government House Acknowledgments
ordered home on June 25.
Antrim’s sister, HMS
of my time in Coventry are far they could not win.
COMPILED by Richard
Glamorgan, was already steaming
stronger than the bad.” And yet they yearned to return
north. Bruised and battered but
For others it took far longer to to the Falklands.
With thanks to Catherine
unbowed, the destroyer turned for
re-adjust to normality. “I have not lost hope that one A
ND so Britain had won. Pete and Renee Hanson joined
The Falklands were the families of other men killed in
liberated. The Navy was HMS Ardent in a pilgrimage to
spared some of the savage Falkland Sound.
Rounsfell and Jan Keohane at
Portsmouth on the twenty-first
“In the ten years after the day I might fight again in the cuts Defence Secretary John Nott As he had been trained to
the Fleet Air Arm Museum, Capt
– but not before a ceremonial
war my life was a mess,” HMS Malvinas,” declared junior officer had proposed before the conflict. do, the couple’s son Std Shaun
Christopher Page at the Naval
departure from the task force.
Glamorgan’s club swinger PO Augusto La Madrid, “and settle Argentina still looked to the Hanson had been administering
Historical Branch, Julian Thomas
With the crew of flagship
Alan Carlisle says candidly. the debt for those of my men who islands with covetous eyes. first aid to a wounded shipmate
at the Royal Naval Museum, PO
Hermes lining the carrier’s decks,
“My whole character changed. I died there.” And in the spring of 1983, all when the frigate was struck by
Gary Davies of FRPU Whale Island,
banners slung over the side –
was sad, quiet, angry, moody.” eyes turned once more to the Argentine bombs in a second wave
Deb Croker at the Portsmouth
Like many, the physical trainer In the Falklands themselves, South Atlantic, one year on from of attacks. The blast killed him
News, and Capt Bob Brown at
We came, we saw, we conquered
suffered post-traumatic stress; he reminders of the war were tangible, the conflict. and the man he was tending to in
Fleet HQ, CPO Michael Page,
– Glamorgan fired a 13-gun salute
sought help. It took nearly two unmistakable, everywhere. There was a flurry of services, an instant.
the websites of the associations of
with the Hermes men cheering
decades for him to come to terms Pebble Island seemed to be a private and public, at sea, at home, The visit to the Falklands was
HM Ships Glamorgan, Coventry,
furiously. With that the destroyer
with what happened in the South graveyard for Argentine aircraft in the islands as memorials were a cathartic experience for the
Yarmouth, and to Andy Brady for
disappeared over the horizon.
Atlantic. “Life goes on,” he says, – and their crews. Ewen Southby- dedicated and fallen comrades Hansons. They paid their last
the graphics.
“but the faces of the dead never Tailyour found the remains of a remembered. respects to their son. They found
In addition, the following
As June 1982 ebbed away, ship
leave you.” Learjet used for reconnaissance. HMS Broadsword found herself peace of mind.
publications have been consulted:
after ship in turn began heading
north for the sanctuary of
It had been knocked out of on patrol off Pebble Island one Like the 254 other servicemen
In Buenos Aires, Galtieri’s junta Falklands skies by one of HMS year to the day she and HMS who made the ultimate sacrifice
Max Arthur, Above All, Courage
home – Portsmouth, Plymouth,
fell... to be replaced by another Exeter’s Sea Darts; from 40,000ft Coventry had fought valiantly in islands few had heard of and
Nick Barker, Beyond Endurance
Southampton, Chatham,
junta. Senior officers were it hurtled to earth where it had against Argentine jets. fewer still expected to fight over,
Hugh Bicheno, Razor’s Edge
Falmouth, Rosyth, Faslane and
censured or imprisoned for the half-buried itself, entombing With the sun setting as it had 12 Shaun Hanson’s name can be
Denis Blakeway, The Falklands
many more.
bungled invasion and lacklustre its three crew with peat and months before, a wreath was cast found chiselled into cenotaphs
Wa r
They were still bound for
defence of the islands. wreckage. into the South Atlantic by the men and memorials, in his case on
Michael Clapp and Ewen
Blighty when Margaret Thatcher
Malvinas veterans returned to Nearby were the remains of of Broadsword “in remembrance the Falklands, on the Hoe in
Southby-Tailyour, Amphibious
addressed the Conservative faithful
the mainland disheartened. Their a Dagger and its pilot – or what of events one year ago,” the ship Plymouth, in St Paul’s Cathedral,
Assault Falklands
at Cheltenham racecourse.
fellow Argentinians often wanted was left of him – scattered about: signalled David Hart-Dyke. “You in the church of his hometown.
Jeffrey Ethell and Alfred Price,
She talked of the ‘Falklands
nothing to do with them – after his teeth, a bit of his skull, his cheered ship for us that evening. “As such his name will be
Air War South Atlantic
factor’, of a nation re-born, a
all they had abandoned sacred backbone, even his underpants. Three cheers for Coventry.” honoured and treated with respect
Robert Fox, Eyewitness Falklands
nation no longer in decline,
Argentine soil. They railed against But all his flesh, the Royal Marine The words, wrote Coventry’s for all time,” says his father.
Sir Lawrence Freedman, The
no longer in retreat, no longer
their government for lying to observed, had been eaten by the captain, “moved me then. They “I could not wish for anything
Official History of the Falklands
willing to allow itself to be pushed
them, for forcing them into a war birds. still move me now.” more for him.”
The Guardian
“Britain found herself again in
Robert Harris, Gotcha
the South Atlantic and will not
David Hart-Dyke, Four Weeks in
look back from the victory she
has won.”
Mark Higgitt, Through Fire and
Water: HMS Ardent – The
HERE was time yet to
Forgotten Frigate of the Falklands
celebrate that victory. As
Rick Jolly, The Red and Green Life
July 1982 drew on, the
ships of the task force sailed
James Ladd, By Sea, By Land
into home waters to be met by
Henry Leach, Endure No
a plethora of boats, tugs, ferries,
tenders, and quays, jetties and
Hugh McManners, Falklands
harbour walls lined with people
flying the Union Flag, holding
Martin Middlebrook, The
banners, cheering, waving.
Argentine Fight for the Falklands
Aboard the cruise ship
Martin Middlebrook, Operation
Canberra, her once gleaming sides
now peppered with rust and pock
David Morgan, Hostile Skies
marks, her paint flaking away after
John Nott, Here Today, Gone
the battering she received from the
southern ocean, Nick Vaux and his
Derek Oakley, The Falklands
men in 42 Commando enjoyed
Military Machine
“an incredible spectacle”.
Portsmouth News
He continued: “Sirens sounded.
Antony Preston, Sea Combat off
Flags fluttered. Bosoms were
the Falklands
bared. The volume of noise swelled David Reynolds, Task Force
until it was deafening.” Ewen Southby-Tailyour, Reasons
The Royals were determined in Writing
to savour the moment. Among Margaret Thatcher, The Downing
the many banners dangling from Street Years
Canberra’s weather-beaten sides, Julian Thompson, No Picnic
a warning to the good folk of Time Magazine
Southampton: Lock up your Hugh Tinker, A Message from the
daughters, the bootnecks are back... Falklands
Nick Vaux, March to the South
And amid the cheers, tears. The Atlantic
war made some, broke others, and Nigel ‘Sharkey’ Ward, Sea Harrier
left all with some form of scar. over the Falklands
It took perhaps 18 months John Winton, Signals from the
for David Hart-Dyke to come to Falklands
terms with the loss of his ship, Sandy Woodward, One Hundred
HMS Coventry. “Now,” he says, Days
“I find that the good memories David Yates, Bomb Alley
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