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The Royal Navy writes on the issues affecting you
Ration pack extras
Fire exercise
in HMS Victory
A SHORT fire exercise was held
on board HMS Victory to test
New life
both firefighting and evacuation
will help in the heat
A party of 50 trainee sailors
from HMS Collingwood and
HMS Sultan were drafted in to
act as members of the public, and
in order to ensure the exercise was
as true to life as possible, none
of them were told thee nature of
THE British Armed
The ration pack has evolved over review of the ration and, in Association to identify suitable
what they going to be doing.
Forces are provided with
time in response to the changing particular, meet a requirement to componentry that would meet the
The hour-long exercise
the risks
source ORP componentry that is supplements requirement.
included participation by
an operational ration pack
palates of young Service personnel
and advances in technology; better suited to hot climates and A short list of 23 items, split
a Hampshire Fire Service
that is issued to Servicemen however, it is still centred largely the austere conditions experienced into four broad groups of drinks,
appliance, allowing them to re-
AN INNOVATIVE life insurance and women for individual
on fighting the Cold War scenario
in theatres such as Afghanistan. snacks, ready-to-eat meals and
familiarise themselves with the
scheme exclusively for the Armed
in Europe.
The review is under way, but desserts, was determined and
Forces has been announced by
it will take some time to develop three suppliers were asked to
As the ship was open to the
the MOD.
The pack, known as the 24
Although the current ration
meets nutritional and calorific
a ration that is both popular and source supplements to various
public (although the exercise was
The Service Life Insurance
Hour Operational Ration Pack
requirement, recent operations
nutritionally sound. specifications.
timed so as to cause minimal
(SLI) scheme, in association with
(ORP), is used widely for both
have prompted the Defence Food
Therefore, to meet the Samples were subsequently
disruption) the handful of visitors
Sterling Life, complements existing training and operations the Services Integrated Project Team
immediate needs of Operations received and placed on a
were invited to either wait until
death-in-service arrangements world over. (IPT) to undertake a fundamental
Telic and Herrick, the Defence series of food selection panels
the ship re-opened, or to take
already available to the Armed
Food Services IPT has procured that included Royal Marines
part as evacuees.
a range of food items, known as earmarked for deployment as well
Commanding Officer Lt Cdr
In the time before Operation Navy News goes digital
supplements, to be issued alongside as Pathfinder Troops who were
John Scivier said: “HMS Victory
Telic in 2003, many life insurance
the existing range of ORP in the on Op Herrick last summer and
is unique, and the sheer nature
companies closed their schemes
HAVE you seen our e-edition of paper will go live online at the
short to medium term. were acutely aware of some of
of her build, and our desire to
Navy News yet? beginning of each month.
to new applicants, increased
A study day was held with the issues regarding suitability of
faithfully replicate and interpret
Visit This allows everyone to read
premiums, or excluded benefits for
representatives from the componentry in hot climates.
her illustrious history, results in
and click on e-edition to see our the news from the Fleet as soon
chemical, biological, radiological
Defence Food Services IPT, a The most popular products
many challenges with regard to
latest project for improving our as the paper hits the shops
or nuclear weapons.
selected group of existing food from the panels included powdered
the safety of our visitors, a factor
service for our readers. – Navy News at your fingertips
Service personnel can still find
suppliers, QinetiQ and Campden milkshakes, energy bars, fruit bars,
that is paramount in our day-to-
Future editions of the worldwide.
Chorleywood Food Research muesli bars and chicken noodles.
day activities.”
it difficult to obtain affordable
and guaranteed life insurance that
covers war and terrorism risks.
The MOD and Sterling Life
Landmark for school
have developed this new scheme
to meet the needs of Servicemen THE firefighting school at HMS Designed to resemble the
and women. Excellent has just successfully interior of a ship, the units teach
According to the MOD, SLI trained its 60,000th student. students everything from action
compares well to other typical Owned and managed by on discovery of a fire to safely
products in the marketplace, and
Flagship Training Ltd, the Whale attacking a raging blaze.
its key features include:
Island school trains students to Training in eight three-storey
War and terrorism cover, marina
be able to tackle a fire on board a facilities, students are taught by
including chemical, biological,
ship with confidence. RN and Flagship instructors, and
radiological or nuclear warfare
Combined with its counterparts then prove themselves by fighting
when on UK military duties,
at HMS Raleigh and in Glasgow, carefully-controlled propane flames
Guaranteed acceptance, even marina
more than 80,000 Royal Navy and while working through artificial
when on operations or under
commercial personnel have passed smoke and other challenges.
orders to deploy,
through in six years. PO(AET) Clark, the 60,000th
Sterling Life will not apply extra marina
Courses vary from a half- student, said: “This week has been
premiums to ‘high-risk’ military
day to a full week, and combine realistic, physically challenging
trades, including bomb disposal
classroom learning exercises with and hard going, but definitely
and Special Forces,
drills in the ‘hot’ training units. worthwhile.”
marina Members will be accepted
without any medical underwriting,
and premiums are extremely
Cover is guaranteed for up to
Finding your way round
25 years, and premium rates are
also guaranteed not to increase for
the life of the policy,
new Assignment Order
Cover is included while marina
participating in hazardous sports
1. Details of who this assignment order is coming from, ie marina
recognised by the Armed Forces,
who raised it, and who this assignment order is going to, ie the
including parachuting, diving and
recipient, together with exact timings the detail was raised on
There are discounts for non-marina
2. Details of the ‘Assignee’:marina
Geographic location at which the ‘Assignee’ is currently marina
Terminal illness cover is marina
serving. This is not necessarily the same as their current
organisation or unit.
Armed Forces minister Adam
The position that the ‘Assignee’ is assigned to (this is a marina
Ingram said: “The Service Life
unique position number within JPA) and the title. Also included
Insurance Scheme is designed to
is a Job/Domain/Detail field which gives an indication of the role
complement and reinforce our
the Service Person can expect to be employed in.
existing schemes.
What order of preference this Assignment Order is.marina
“It gives our personnel the
If there is advancement involved in the Assignment marina
option to take out life insurance
cover that is tailor-made to reflect
Who he will be relieving.marina
the unique nature of what they
marina Ready to move dates – filled in when the assignee is
deploying overseas on LFS/OPS. This will indicate the date that
“Cover is available to each and
the Service Person must be ready to move by to meet the ‘report
every Serviceman or woman across
for duty date’.
every unit, ship and regiment at
Effective Date is the date to join or the ‘report for duty marina
every stage of their career.
“Whatever their job, wherever
marina Assumption Date would be the day of taking up the full
they are.”
duties of a position, once a handover is complete
John Blundell, the Managing
Future Availability Date, formerly known as the ERD, marina
Director of Sterling Life, said: “We
is the date the ‘Assignee’ can expect to be relieved. It should
are delighted to have been selected
be noted that this remains an ‘estimate’ and may be subject to
by the MOD as the sole provider
of Service Life Insurance. marina 3. The Remarks box will contain helpful information. The
“We feel that our commitment precise content will vary depending on the nature of the
to providing a carefully-tailored assignment but may include:
product matches the MOD’s marina Important ‘arrivals’ information.
dedication to providing its Service marina Details of the man’s PJT training together with dates
personnel with a quality solution and locations where any courses will take place.
to their financial needs.” marina Details of contact numbers for arranging
Service personnel who accommodation.
would like to know more about marina The remarks box will also contain important information
the scheme or to apply for life that the Career Manager will want to pass on to the man himself
insurance should contact Sterling and may include an instruction for the man to contact the
Life on 020 8334 1557. receiving unit to request joining instructions.
Details are also available at 4. This section contains details of any future Assignments. marina It also gives the contact details and telephone number of the
Career Manager
marina 5. Details of any competences that JPA identifies that the
‘Assignee’ requires to carry out the duties for the post he is
assigned to. This will normally ‘mesh’ with the PJT package in
the Remarks section.
6. The Action History will contain a full history of all actions marina
carried out within JPA that relate to the Assignment Order.
The Royal Navy writes on the issues affecting you
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