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NOW we know you
the northwest tip of the frozen (including civilian expert kayaker the northern end of James Ross objectives had been met. “We all got stuck in the ice
shouldn’t go to
continent in kayaks, and sadly Mike Devlin – pictured, below, Island and enjoyed the moment. The expedition raised cash at least once and required the
Antarctica and complain
that record still stands (although admiring the view from James “Poised between high cliffs for autistic and special needs help of other team members
boats have successfully sailed Ross Island) to hurry for shelter and accessed via beached ice youngsters as well as Macmillan to get ourselves clear,” said Lt
about the ice – it’s a bit around the island on the odd as they prepared to kayak across we shared our site with a few fur Cancer Support and Antarctic Abbott.
like grumbling that the
occasion). to Snow Hill Island. seals, seagulls and skuas,” said historians who are restoring “We were all disappointed
desert was “a bit hot”…
But are the Red Plummers They battled strong winds and Mr Devlin. Ernest Shackleton’s hut. not to be able to attempt
But ice thwarted ambitious
downhearted? Not at all. worsening seas to reach land, “It was a cold but stunning As for the paddle around the sailing around James Ross
efforts by sailors from HMS
As a fall-back, the team where they promptly pitched amphitheatre of nature. Only in ice, it proved to be a valuable Island, but we were able to
Endurance to paddle around
decided Kayak 66 South should camp and spent 36 hours Middle Earth could one imagine team-building exercise and an attempt a challenging and
James Ross Island.
concentrate its efforts paddling huddled in the relative warmth such a breathtaking sight.” experience no unique expedition.
No-one has managed to
around Vega Island (off the north- of tents while the storm blew Although the expedition failed kayaker will “If the circumnavigation
circumnavigate the island off
western coast of James Ross itself out. in its fi rst goal – and the weather ever forget. of the island was going to be
Island) and Snow Hill Island (off If it sounds like one long also scuppered some scientifi c easy, then it would have been
its eastern shore) instead. battering from the elements, it experiments – kayak done already.”
Nature wasn’t too keen on the wasn’t. adventure chairman Lt
kayakers completing the revised There were moments of Richard Abbott said other
plan. They faced temperatures unparalleled beauty. As the important
down to -30˚C, hurricane force expedition came to an
winds, heavy snow and thick end, the team set up
ice. camp on
That bitter weather forced
the eight-strong team
across the Vauxhall range
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