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● HMS Edinburgh in silhouette at South Georgia
Destroyerr sails into winter sails into winter
HMS EDINBURGH has made her second trip to South
Georgia during her current deployment – but it was
the first such visit for her ship’s company.
The Type 42 destroyer swapped sailors with HMS Exeter
earlier this year, so the long haul east from the Falklands proved
to be of interest to the new personnel.
Edinburgh has been patrolling outlying communities in the Falklands,
following sea readiness and safety checks, allowing sailors to land ashore
and meet some of the residents as
well as seeing the wildlife.
One group, travelling with ship’s
padre Father Ernie Grimshaw,
went ashore at Port San Carlos.
Here they were greeted by
residents of the small settlement
before hiking up to a memorial for
three Royal Marines who died in
a Gazelle helicopter crash during
the conflict 25 years ago.
The memorial plaque was
cleaned and polished by the party
before a small remembrance
service conducted by the Padre.
This was also HMS Exeter
● HMS Edinburgh checks out an iceberg off South Georgia (above)
crew’s first visit to Stanley, where
the hospitality of the British ashore at Husvik Harbour, the
guests were invited on board,
Antarctic Survey (BAS) team and attraction this time being a walk to
including a group of Sea Scouts.
government representatives. Shackleton’s waterfall at Stromness.
The visit was of particular
in-Command of 42 Cdo when the The following day brought the There were even reports that
importance to a small number
island was re-captured that May. first chance for the ship’s company people bathed in the waterfall.
of the ship’s company who were
In company with Edinburgh to get ashore, while Guy Sheridan But the onset of the Austral
invited to attend a commemorative
for much of the visit was RFA and Keith Mills attended the winter did not prevent a bucketball
service in honour of the Falklands
tanker Gold Rover, which also had unveiling, by Howard Pearce, of a competition on the flight deck,
Island Defence Force, who stood
a distinguished guest – Howard memorial plaque to commemorate followed by a barbecue organised
up to defend the islands from the
Pearce, Governor of the Falkland the 25th anniversary of the by the POs’ Mess.
Argentinian invasion exactly 25
Islands and Commissioner of liberation of South Georgia. The final stopover was at Rosita
years before.
South Georgia and the South Also in attendance were Capt Harbour, where snow was the
Shortly after, residents of
Sandwich Islands, making his first Anthony McNally, CO of RFA order of the day.
Mount Pleasant Complex, the visit during his tenure.
Gold Rover, and Cdr Paul Brown, The weather cleared sufficiently
Falklands’ military HQ, and locals As the ship approached South CO of HMS Edinburgh. to allow fine views, and an
from Stanley were taken to sea, Georgia she encountered the
watching gunnery practice and
Over the next two days
opportunity to see an ice cave
first of many icebergs, although
given tours of the ship.
sailors visited Penguin Bay
around one of the many waterfalls.
the excitement of seeing a true
and Malviken Bay to stretch
As a way of thanking the BAS
Then it was off to wintry
blue ’berg was soon dulled by the
their legs and to see the
team the ship picked them up at
South Georgia, 863 miles
prospect of dodging them during
king penguins, eared seals
King Edward’s Point and took
distant, with two guests on
the nights that followed.
and elephant seals.
them to the Drygalski Fjord which,
board who had particular
The Governor and other guests under normal circumstances
reason for visiting the
were flown to Bird Island, famous
Most ended up in the museum
would have been spectacular.
remote, beautiful outpost.
for its colonies of penguins,
to see what life was like when the
However heavy snow restricted
albatross and seals.
whaling station was in service, and
the views, although the Jenkins
Retired Royal Marines Capt On transit down to the old many made the pilgrimage to the and Risting Glaciers at the far
Keith Mills was the Officer whaling station at Grytviken, the grave of Ernest Shackleton. end of the fjord left a lasting
Commanding the RM detachment ship passed close to Crean and
Edinburgh was then due to visit
(‘Mills’ Marauders’), who fiercely König Glaciers, with eye-catching
the South Sandwich Islands, but
defended the island and protected views of rugged mountains set
the threat of extreme weather and ● Edinburgh’s Union Jack
the British Antarctic Survey against emerald water.
icebergs meant an extra few days fl utters in the Falklands breeze
personnel when Argentinian Once anchored off King
at South Georgia before returning (right)
forces invaded in 1982, and Lt Edward’s Point at Grytviken, the
to the Falklands. ● HMS Edinburgh at anchor in
Col Guy Sheridan was Second- guests moved ashore and enjoyed
Again, plenty of sailors got San Carlos Water (below)
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