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Two out
of three
rumbles on
ain’t bad
marina Continued from back page
As if expected, the next 25
The RN’s rugby league tour
minutes were a tale of continuous
party returned home from
Army possession and solid Navy
Australia this week with everyone
defence, albeit at times scrambling
delighted following a highly
but at least with fresh legs.
successful tour to celebrate the
The Army continually battered
sport’s tenth anniversary in the
away, clearly butchering a number
Senior Service, writes RNRL
of opportunities and failing to
spokesman WO Keith Humpleby.
register any further score.
The 30-strong squad, led by
Indeed with the added pace on
chairman Cdr Gareth Hughes,
the park, and the Army beginning
embarked on a trip which was for
to succumb to fatigue, it was
a majority of the squad a fi rst tour
the Navy who looked sharpest
when an outside break by Barden
Whilst the players had all made
looked to have got behind the
their own personal fi nancial
Army defence and, but for the
contributions to the tour, the bulk
final pass, seemed to set up the
of the invaluable fi nancial support
Navy for a final resurgence against
was provided by the RN & RM
a tiring Army squad.
Sports Lottery.
Sadly it came to nothing – it
Three matches were played
took until injury time for the game
during the two week period with
to finally go beyond one score
the fi nal match bringing the
either way, when decisive kicking
most satisfaction as the RN side
to the corner and a well-rehearsed
totally outclassed their Aussie ‘catch and drive’ the Army prop
counterparts, taking the match Trethewey was driven over from a
44-4. lineout; converted 39-25 – which
The tour got off to a very proved to be the final score.
encouraging start against top It was a great game for the
St George/Illawarra Leagues neutral, described by Sky Sports
side Renown United. The commentator Simon Ward as “…
narrow 34-28 defeat was a huge the best game in years between the
improvement on the last time the two sides.”
two sides met in 2002 when the Navy selector Cdr Mark Deller
home side won by 20 points. added: “The game panned out
In a departure from previous much as we expected, sadly we
RN and Combined Services couldn’t match their tight five
tours, the second match was
strength, but what we lacked in
staged in Canberra which meant
the set piece we had always looked ● Sports team of the year the RN and RM bobsleighers with their two-man bob; sportsman of the year Mne Lee Johnston is stood on Rear
the tour HQ was moved up to the
Admiral Chris Clayton’s left to make up in the loose.
Australian capital. Picture: LA(Phot) Kaz Williams, FRPU Whale Island
“Our game plan was driven
The effort was well worth it,
around a robust proactive defence,
resulting in a convincing 34-22
actively seeking out the ball and
victory for the tourists over local
then counter-attacking wherever
side Harman.
we could.
RN Head Coach Wayne Okell
“High risk – but it was probably
used all his available players in
The icemen winneth
our only option available when
the match to perfect his team
you look at the potential talent on
selection for the fi nal match
show in the Army squad.
against the Aussie Navy in
“Clearly we increased the
BOBSLEIGHERS were the kings
with,” said Lt Cdr Dunkley. Indeed it has. It long-standing support for the pugilists; they
pressure on ourselves by failing to
This overwhelming victory
and queens of RN sport as they
took the Inter-Services titles in 2005 and 2006 made him an honorary vice president of their
make our touch kicks, and were
provided the perfect climax to the
unable to deliver our structured
tour, with the game being as good
walked away with two trophies in
and three of its members received GB Olympic association.
call-ups. And defence giant BAE Systems, sponsors
game plan, but by and large we
as won by half time with the RN
the sportsmen of the year awards. For the past dozen years, Mne Lee Johnston of much of the sport in the RN, handed over
remained competitive and a threat
ahead by 24-0.
After a supremely successful 12 months, has been an ever present in the RN-RM squad a cheque for £20,000 to further the careers of
– even on our own line.
The scoreboard began ticking
over after just three minutes with
the bobsleigh team were crowned the Senior (where more recently he’s been joined by his some of the Senior Service’s elite sportsmen
“We scored some great tries
a try for Leeds-based full back
Service’s ‘team of the year’ at a ceremony brother Capt Karl Johnston RM). On the and women.
against a very good side.
Kev Botwood.
aboard HMS Victory. international stage, he has competed in three Second Sea Lord Vice Admiral Adrian Johns,
“While I am clearly disappointed
Scrum half Scott Partis kicked
And to top off an excellent day for the Olympiads, ten world and nine European who presented the awards aboard Nelson’s
by the result, I am delighted by the
the fi rst of his fi ve conversions
icemen and women, their leading fi gure and championships. fl agship, said the great admiral himself would
spirit and endeavour shown by this
and scored the next try himself.
bobsleigh driver Mne Lee Johnston was named “Lee has inspired the RN team to Inter- have been proud of the winners as they squad, who against all the odds
Further tries for prop Jamie
sportsman of the year. Services victory and taken fi fth place in the possessed “all the right qualities he looked and clearly at some disadvantage
Goss and winger Marc Warren
All-round sporting dynamo Lt Cdr Charlie world championships – a most impressive set for.” up front, kept themselves in the
reinforced the RN’s dominance
Atkinson – “one of the most multi-talented of results,” Lt Cdr Dunkley told the awards He continued: “From sport and adventure game and were able to look the
up to the break.
sportswomen around” according to Lt Cdr Bob ceremony. training there is a direct thread to the front line. Army challenge straight in the
The scoring in the second half
Dunkley, who helped to organize the awards The Royal’s next challenge is to persuade It contributes to the output and quality of the eye.
belonged to the pack with second
– was named sportswoman of the year for her his wife not to put his latest trophies in the loft RN.” “As you would expect we’re
rows Jim Barnes and Gareth
prowess in (deep breath) hockey, cricket, where many previous awards can be found…
Other nominees were:
already looking forward to next
Sharp crossing and Jamie Goss
tennis and canoeing. Lt Cdr Atkinson has also been a mainstay of year – this is one game we’ll always
Offi cial of the year: C/Sgt Steve ‘Sharkey’ Ward, RNRM
scoring his second of the match.
One of the pillars of Naval sport for the past sport for the past decade, excelling at cricket
Parachuting Association, who raised the standard of the team
be up for and I certainly hope
The fi nal try went to prop and
quarter century, Lt Cdr David ‘Jan’ Forward was – she’s a probationary member of the MCC from regular whipping boys to a major threat on the Inter- we can entertain the crowd in a
man of the match Lewis Taylor
rewarded for his selfl ess devotion to swimming – especially, but she also powered the RN to
Services and national stage with a haul of medals from the
similar manner.”
and with his front row partner
both in and out of the pool by picking up the
Rhine Army, Inter-Services and British national championships
victory over the other Services in canoeing
in 2006; Lt Matt Wesson is hockey’s “complete article” both
Goss converting the last score it
sports offi cial of the year trophy. from Devizes to Westminster and is chairman as a player and administrator/offi cial, helping ensure the
was a great 40 minutes for the
The RN and RM’s many sporting of women’s hockey.
RN held on to the Inter-Services title for the fi rst time in 97
Tennis teams
associations put forward a clutch of sports stars,
Lt Cdr Forward is a linchpin of naval and
Sportswoman of the year: Lt Cdr Kate Welch had a
Cdr Hughes was delighted
teams and offi cials and it was left to a team of civilian swimming, helping to guide the RN particularly successful 2006 on her horses Celtic Flame and
with all aspects of the tour both
senior offi cers to pore over the nominees before team to one of its most successful years yet in
Gus, inter alia picking up the Queen’s Plate at Windsor; Lt
nudged into
on and off the fi eld with top class
making their decisions. 2006 as well as nurturing talent in Devon as the
Cdr Katharine Rackham is described as the “engine room” of
the RN netball team. Not content with that she captained the
performances by the team on the
Lt Cdr Dunkley said those decisions had county swimming association’s president. “He tennis squad to Inter-Services victory in 2005 and 2006.
fi eld matched by equally good
been particularly tough given RN sporting keeps himself in the background but he has
Sportsman of the year: Capt Simon Lucas RM took silver in
second place
performances off the fi eld as
performances across the board in 2006. played a vital role in Royal Navy swimming,”
the 25m centre fi re pistol pairs at the Commonwealth Games
in Melbourne. Capt Lucas has been shooting for more than 25
ambassadors for the RN and RM
The bobsleigh team stood head and said Lt Cdr Dunkley. “He is a true stalwart of years and has represented his country for the past fi ve years;
as well as the Rugby League.
shoulders above all others, however. “After a the sport.”
C/Sgt Ross Barbour is another sporting stalwart, skiing for
long time in the wilderness, it has taken centre A special award was made by the RN
the RN and RM since 1989. That dedication paid off when he
centre was the venue for the
was crowned the Inter-Services champion in 2006 – the fi rst Inter-Services indoor tennis
A triumph for
stage, developing into a force to be reckoned boxers to Rear Admiral Niall Kilgour for his Senior Servicemen to lift the trophy in a generation.
The RAF turned up with a
potent men’s team. In the ladies’
... and the icemen prepareth
event the strongest squad was
provided by the Army, while the
RN and Air Force looked to test
junior players at Inter-Service
SUBMARINERS from HMS RESURGENT ice hockey side Palace in North London to take Sadly, the RN could not (Ledbury) who scored two goals level.
Triumph proved the sharpest RN Destroyers completed their on the London Devils, one of the capitalise on their many power- against the Coyotes in addition to The highlight of the weekend
shooters at the skill at arms UK tour with a 2-2-1 record country’s better sides featuring plays, a factor which would weigh dishing out a number of heavy hits was a three-set cliffhanger
championships for marksmen (W-L-D) against some of the players from established hockey heavily in the balance in both in both games. involving the RN first pair of
from Plymouth and Scotland. best recreational teams in the nations such as Canada, the USA, games. Std Shane Lorimer (Ark Mne Adrian Talbot and LAEA
HMS Raleigh hosted the land, writes Lt Cdr Alain Bernard, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. The fi rst game against the Royal) also distinguished himself Rob Lafferty.
contest as teams from HM RNIHA chairman. It was a daunting challenge for Coyotes on the Saturday ended in for his dedication and steady The duo saved eight match
Ships Campbeltown, Trafalgar, The fi ve games against high- the Destroyers. Despite the fast a 4-4 draw but the physical toll of improvement throughout the points before going down 12-10
Triumph, Vivid and Raleigh calibre opposition served as and experienced opposition, the four games in fi ve days took its toll week. in the third set tie-break.
itself took part in two days of preparation for the tri-Service RN squad played an outstanding in the Sunday game where a tired The most important event of the The match proved to be the
shooting at moving and fixed championships. game, limiting a very skilful Devils Destroyers could muster little to Services ice hockey calendar takes decisive rubber as the RAF
targets. The tour started with a 7-6 team to only six goals while pelting confront a fresh Predators side in place this month in the three-day squeezed past the RN, who in
Triumph took all six team win against the Cardiff Titans in a the rival goalie whose outstanding a 6-3 defeat. IS competition in Sheffi eld. turn beat the soldiers thanks to
titles (they picked up one team close game that saw the Destroyers play was the main reason for the Despite the fatigue, S/Lt John Combined with the annual the competent second pairing of
trophy 12 months ago too), recover from a 5-4 third period fi nal scoreline. The Devils net Rutter, recently graduated from tournament will be the fi rst IS Lt Cdr Andrew Mills (SETT)
while three individual senior defi cit to claim the win. minder would be voted the man of fl ying training at RAF Cranwell Command Championships, which and CPO Andy Ellaway.
trophies were collected by RNR A few days later, the sailors and the match for his efforts. put it one of the best performances will pit the best players from each As expected in the ladies’
CPO Tim Billows. marines unleashed an offensive The road trip then took the of the trip during the fi nal game, team selected to represent their competition, the Army proved
Cdr Ian Danbury (FOST) onslaught in Slough against the team to Tyne and Wear to play two dominating the opposition through respective service. too strong, but an excellent
was named winner of the COs’ unsuspecting Metropolitan Police physical sides from the Newcastle physical play in a losing cause. The championships are novice season for Surg Lt Bryony
pistol shoot – perhaps not Peelers led by Mne Dan White of area at the Whitley Bay Ice Rink. Both games also saw notably hosted by Ice Sheffi eld June 6-8. Southorn, LReg Cat Chambers,
entirely surprising as he’s the 40 CDO RM in a 15-8 victory. The Destroyers’ remained sound performances from the RN Admission is free. OM Jo Ward and OM Merrel
chairman of the RN and RM The following evening, the disciplined and let the rowdy rivals goaltender Alex Winfi eld (848 More details from www.piczo. Davies saw the Senior Service
Rifle Association. Destroyers travelled to Alexandra take the bulk of the penalties. NAS) and LOM(C) Daz Smalley com/rnicehockey take second place.
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