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echoes Echo
Echo is now entering a main- Minh City, Manila, Hong Kong,
made her way eastward it is
tenance period in Malta after her Vladivostok, Yokosuka, Port Klang
no surprise that she came
long stint in the Far East where and Lumut.
● WO1 Monty Montgomery RM
across survey ship HMS
she took part in the Five Powers Monmouth meanwhile is in the
Echo who has spent the last
Defence Alignment Exercise midst of her Oriental deployment
off Singapore and Malaysia, with 28 port visits planned for 20
seven months in the region
Monty is
and visited Singapore, Ho Chi countries.
– and it meant a father and
son could make up for lost masterchef
It’s been a good few weeks for the
WO Kep Canning of HMS
Navy’s caterers...
Monmouth deployed before his
Royal Marine WO1 Eric
son PO Ben Canning of HMS
‘Monty’ Montgomery has won the
Echo returned on leave so it had
crown of Armed Forces Caterer
been a while since the two had
of the Year at a grand ceremony
caught up.
in London.
Father Kep is celebrating 30
Monty’s award reflects his
years in the Navy this year while
determined hard work and abso-
son Ben has been forging a solid
lute drive to guarantee the quality
Naval career since 2001 – and
and quantity of the food for the
both men share the same branch,
men and women serving in the
weapons engineering.
frontline in Afghanistan.
WO Canning said: “It was good
(And along the way he ran
Lt Gav Heirs of 849 Naval
to see Ben again after so long.
into a certain other master chef
Air Squadron talks to
“It’s just a shame it was for such
Grand Guild
– Gordon Ramsay, see our April
Lady Sarah Chatto inside
a short period but at least towards
a Sea King Mk7 on HMS
CPO(C) Jane Watkins, an instruc-
the end of the year, both ships will
The Royal, a member of the
tor on the Senior Rates Command
be in the same part of the world
Defence Food Services IPT at
The daughter of Princess
Course in the Command Training
– and we’ll be able to catch up
Ensleigh, Bath, continued his
Margaret has taken over her
Group, became the thousandth
good work on his return from
mother’s link with the carrier
person to receive the City and
The two commanding officers
Afghanistan – using the lessons he
and has the formal title of
Guilds Senior Award at HMS
also took advantage of the oppor-
learnt on the front line to change
the ship’s friend.
tunity to discuss their respec-
the support offered.
She rededicated the car-
Jane is now the proud possessor
tive visits to the Far East, with
It wasn’t just Monty from the
rier on its return to the fleet
of a Graduateship in Leadership
Monmouth heading out towards
IPT who has been winning awards,
in 2005 and this was her
and Management.
the territories that Echo has just
WO(CS) Ros Evans is believed to
fourth visit to the ship.
Another award went to WO1
be the first female Warrant Officer
Lady Sarah and her fam-
Duncan Roberts who adminis-
Cdr Tim Peacock, CO of HMS
to receive the Meritorious Service
ily enjoyed a two-day visit
ters the management area of the
Monmouth, said: “Meeting up
on board the aircraft carrier,
awards. Duncan was presented
with HMS Echo, the only Royal
Navy warship we are likely to see
Ros is regarded throughout the
meeting with members of
with a valedictory award for his
in nine months, was a really useful
wider MOD as the single source
the ship’s company.
exceptional contribution to the
opportunity to gain much from
of specialist advice for caterers.
Picture: PO(Phot) Christine Wood
City and Guilds scheme.
their experiences.
“As they had visited many of
the areas in the Far East that we
are planning to visit, we were
provided with much information
and a full insight into not only the
professional but also the cultural
aspects of these countries.
“It should certainly stand us in
good stead for what continues to
● Medics from Derriford cross the Jacob’s ladder
be an outstanding deployment.”
Picture: Dave Sherfield
Warriors on Medical steps
THE sterile atmosphere of the ward was swapped for the great
outdoors when Naval medical staff from Derriford Hospital took
NAVAL man CPO Phil Roberts,
on a teambuilding challenge with staff from HMS Raleigh.
currently serving with 7 Battalion
The 13 medics spent the day at Pier Cellars, a former
REME in Ipswich, brought his
Elizabethan pilchard harbour, using high wires, Jacob’s ladders,
warrior oppos down south to dine
and rafts to shift themselves and their equipment across the
out in Naval style on board HMS
harbour’s waters.
Warrior with a dinner for the Bat-
Lt Cdr Amanda Holland said: “This training is all about learn-
talion’s Commanding Offi cer Col
ing to develop leadership skills.
Sherman and the Regimental Ser-
“It also helps our people to improve their self-confidence
geant Major WO1 McManus.
so that they feel comfortable working in any area of the
The 150 officers and senior
hospital, in a Service establishment or away on deployment in an
NCOs were billeted at Nelson and
operational role.
in Browndown Camp and enjoyed
“We have found that staff are more effective in their clinical
the music of a Royal Marine Band
roles because of the team-working skills they have learned
during dinner.
through this type of training.”
Hawk eye to eye
Picture: LA(Phot) Billy Bunting
One can only say that distances are deceptive of the British Mediterranean Fleet – the man sat in
with the apparent close proximity of this Royal the back seat of the Hawk.
Navy Hawk and an Airbus. Lt Cdr Alex Attrill RNR flies Hawks for the Navy
There is in fact one very close connection and Airbus for British Mediterranean, which must
between this Hawk of the Fixed Wing Flying make for an interesting professional life between
Standards unit at RNAS Yeovilton and the Airbus his civil and Reservist careers.
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