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Gun run tests
takes step
young leaders
TRAINING in cyberspace took
another step forward at the
Maritime Warfare School in HMS
Collingwood with the official
opening of two ‘synthetic training
suites’ for the Type 45 destroyer.
FIELD GUN, once the
The ‘synthetic e-Learning
training’ will enable shorter course
exclusive preserve of the lengths, keeping personnel from
● DHFS Commandant Capt
Royal Navy, is proving its
their front-line duties for the
Martin Westwood escorts
worth beyond the Senior
shortest possible period.
Prince Charles during the DHFS
Training can be accessed at
parade at RAF Shawbury Service.
Waterfront Learning Centres in
As the centenary years Portsmouth and Devonport, from
approaches its high point ships at sea, and through any
– Field Gun 100 Day at
defence interconnect worldwide.
HMS Collingwood on June
Training content is constantly
9 – a more modest version of
updated, incorporating the latest
changes to ship equipment or
the blood-and-thunder Inter-
catering for particular target
Command style event was
staged under the bowsprit of The facility was opened by Flag
HMS Victory in Portsmouth Officer Training and Recruiting,
Naval Base.
Rear Admiral John Borley.
The RN was represented at
HMS Dauntless, the second of
the Junior Leaders Challenge by
the new Type 45s, followed older
HMS Collingwood Phase 2 and
sister HMS Daring into the Clyde
HMS Raleigh Phase 1 trainees.
earlier this year, while the third of
THE ARMED Forces’ helicopter
pilots’ training centre celebrated
The other Armed Forces
class, HMS Diamond, is due to be
● Team 54, one of three civilian teams in a fi eld of seven, compete in the Junior Leaders Challenge at
its tenth anniversary with a visit
provided stiff opposition from
Portsmouth Naval Base. Team 54 represented the Prince’s Trust
launched later this year.
from the Prince of Wales, as
RAF Cosford and the RSME, and
Colonel in Chief of the Army
three civilian teams made up the try the challenge. Prince’s Trust in 1976, with the ordination, as well as precision
Air Corps.
seven-strong field. The Prince’s Trust ‘Team 54’ goal of helping young people fulfil manoeuvres when it came to firing
Gunner dudes
Prince Charles travelled to
Network Rail, which trains took to the course buoyed by their potential. three shots in rapid succession, THE CULDROSE team will be
RAF Shawbury, the home of
apprentices at Collingwood, had a message of support from the The Trust’s first year was funded were just as important. on the crest of a wave when they
the Defence Helicopter Flying
A and B teams, while the Prince’s Prince of Wales. with the Prince’s severance pay Cosford achieved the best line up on Field Gun 100 Day.
School (DHFS) to inspect a
Trust were also game enough to Prince Charles set up the from the Navy - £7,400 – and he time of the day to take the spoils
The Cornish team is spon-
parade of 150 students and 80
instructors, including staff from Centenary spectacular at Collingwood
continues to take a close interest in of victory, with the Army team sored by surfwear company Big
the organisation. second and Collingwood being Wednesday, and will fancy their
contractor FB Heliservices Ltd.
The Prince had just left the the faster of the two Navy teams. chances as they are trained by WO
At the general salute, four
IS IT the fact that 21 crews will covering everything from a funfair
Navy and was looking for ways Network Rail A was the pick Steve Adam, who ran for the Fleet
Griffin and eight Squirrel
be vying for the honour of being to firepower?
he could contribute his time and of the civilian teams, with their Air Arm Command team six times
helicopters flew past in a figure Field Gun champions that makes Among the teams competing
energy to help people. He realised B-team colleagues just finishing in and was their First Trainer twice.
ten formation. Field Gun 100 Day at HMS in the main event will be HMS
that many young people were being front of Team 54, though all teams Field Gun Officer Lt Rob ‘Taff’
Accompanied by the Collingwood on June 9 such an Ark Royal, the Military Corrective
excluded from society because of were commended for their efforts. James said: “With the backing
Commandant of the school, attractive proposition? Training Centre at Colchester and barriers they faced. The Challenge picked up the of our sponsor Big Wednesday
Capt Martin Westwood RN, the Or is it the Red Arrows, the HQ British Forces in Gibraltar. The Challenge involved running RN theme of The Team Works, and Surf of Falmouth, Seahawk’s Field
Prince inspected the front ranks RN Historic Flight and the Blue See a gun and limber along a course, also the value of training – each Gun 100 crew will be better than
of each flight – the school has Eagles parachute team, or the fieldgun100 for the latest details, splitting them and firing the gun team had just one week to prepare ever and are looking forward to an
three units set up as Fleet Air bands of the Royal Marines and and tickets are available through then racing to the finish.
and train for the competition. exciting and successful season.”
Arm, RAF and Army squadrons the Gurkhas?, which Brute strength alone would not
– and HQ staff and civilians. Or the nine ‘visitor zones’, gives access to all attractions. be enough – teamwork and co-
He then met families of
station personnel and pupils
from St Mary’s School and
Shawbury Primary School
‘Trophies’ restored
before attending a short
dedication service.
TROPHIES come in all shapes
Later, representatives from
and sizes, and some of them even
helicopter builders Eurocopter
and Textron Bell made
fire cannonballs.
presentations to FB Heliservices
Seven weapons adorning the
to mark the achievement of
grounds of Britannia RN College
250,000 flying hours flown by
at Dartmouth were starting to
the Squirrel fleet and 75,000
show their age, and considerable
LWell placed in the heart of Mayfair, the Naval Club
hours by the Griffins.
remedial action was needed to
The DHFS formed on April
prevent them rotting away.
provides a comfortable and secure environment where
1 1997 following the 1994
Six of them were 6pdr iron
members can feel at home.
Defence Cost Study, which led
cannon, used as chase guns
L The Club has a range of reasonably priced bedrooms,
to the amalgamation of military
aboard sloops in the Napoleonic
helicopter training.
Wars, and all made by the Carron
with special weekend rates. The magnificent Dining
On May 27 1997 the first tri-
Ironworks near Falkirk. Room is open for all meals, and private function and
Service course of ten students
The seventh is a German
meeting rooms are available.
arrived, and after three weeks’
artillery piece, captured by the
● The restored German artillery piece captured at Zanzibar in 1896
academic studies started their
Royal Navy at the bombardment L It is NOT necessary to have been a Naval Officer to
helicopter training on June 16.
of Zanzibar in 1896.
in Salcombe, close to the College where repair was not possible. become a Member. We welcome all those with an
Over the past decade the
Such restoration work does
and run by a former student and At one point there was a gun
school has trained 2,885
not come cheaply, so a plea was
interest in maritime affairs and the sea in general.
staff member at Dartmouth, ex-Lt carriage ‘production line’ in place
students at both RAF Shawbury
made to the Trustees of the RN
Mark Dowie. at the yard as repairs progressed LLadies welcome, both as members and as guests.
and RAF Valley, in Anglesey,
Trophy Fund, as all seven items
Six months of hard graft by on the 17cwt cannon.
where the DHFS Search and
are officially Naval trophies.
For more information visit our website at www.navalclub.
craftsmen at the yard, in particular Covers have also been provided
Rescue training unit teaches
Inquiries were made as to who Mike Atfield, saw the decayed
to protect the guns from the worst or contact
specialist skills for rescue might be able to work on the guns, wood cut out and replaced with of the West Country weather.
Commander John Prichard, Royal Navy, Chief Executive,
missions at sea and in the and the work eventually went to new timber, and all metalwork It now just remains to set a date
mountains. the Yeoward and Dowie boatyard has been refurbished or replaced
on 020 7493 7672, Fax: 020 7355 2644
for the test firings…
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