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week of
A VETERANS’ Awareness
Week will be hosted later
this month by the National
Memorial Arboretum in
Staffordshire, featuring
displays, talks and music.
The week begins with a
concert on Saturday June 23,
including female vocal trio the
Swingcats, the West Midlands
Police Band and the Netherstowe
School Swing Band. Tickets for
the concert cost £5.
Sunday June 24 is dedicated
to the National Service Veterans’
Association, which will feature a
parade by the veterans and music
from the Light Infantry Band.
Following the parade, the
Burton Big Band will play the
music of Glen Miller.
The Royal Navy and Merchant
Navy are the subjects of the first
theme day, on Monday June 25.
The 25th anniversary of
the Falklands campaign will
be marked by a service of
remembrance at the newly-
planted Azalea Antelope Garden,
starting at 10.30am.
That will be followed by a
display by the RN Historic Flight,
which is hoped will include a
Swordfish, Sea Fury and Sea
A new exclusive photographic
exhibition will open the same day,
using exhibits from the Imperial
War Museum, entitled Together
– the Commonwealth in War, 1914-
1953, open daily until July 20.
The week continues with ● Remote control... Flight Commander Lt Cdr Colin Simpson guides one of Endurance’s two 815 NAS Lynxes towards Tristan da Cunha, the world’s most remote island
Questions and Answers – Share Pictures: LA(Phot) Kelly Whybrow, HMS Endurance
My Experiences, when Burma
Railroad veteran Fred Seiker,
evacuee James Roffey and author
Geoff Blore are featured.
Wednesday June 27 is National
Veterans Day, where people will
get the chance to learn “how
From the cooler to da Cunha
to march, drill, salute and even
address an officer…” (could be
useful for some veterans – Ed).
AFTER charting more
Tristan da Cunha is the most Four decades ago means ‘we will succeed’ with AIDS or HIV.
A fashion show of wartime
than 6,000 square miles
remote inhabited place on earth her grandfather, Chief in Xhosa. The visit to Masiphumelele
– 1,750 miles from South Africa Shipwright Charlie Howard, “A spirit of endurance proved to be a humbling experience,
vintage clothes will be staged, and
of Antarctic seas, ice
and 2,000 miles from South came to Tristan da Cunha was needed by the but there were also some rather
a parade of veterans will be held
ship HMS Endurance has America. with HMS Owen, whose residents for decades more fun trips arranged for the
at 2pm.
The RAF takes centre stage on
fi nally bade farewell to
A heavy swell meant for the first sailors challenged locals and these words are Red Plummers during their eight-
Thursday June 28, marking the the frozen continent and
24 hours of Endurance’s two-day to a cricket match, then still an expression of day stay in Cape Town.
visit, only the helicopters could go presented a ship’s crest their hope of better Several members of the ship’s
65th anniversary of the founding
begun the long journey ashore. The aircraft carried fence as a memento of the times to come,” company scaled Table Mountain,
of the RAF Regiment, and a
Spitfire is due to fly past.
posts up to the volcano plateau visit... a crest which is said WO Pete while others headed to the wine
The catering division of HMS
A final ‘pit stop’ in the Falklands
where they were used to protect still held by islanders. Morewood. regions of Stellenbosch and
Raleigh will be preparing dinner
and then the Red Plum turned
the island’s livestock. Rather less remote In two decades, Franschhoek (and sampled the
for the evening.
east towards Africa and warmer
When the swell subsided, the and considerably more the settlement has produce no doubt).
The Army follows on Friday
climes at last.
survey ship was fi nally able to populous was Endurance’s grown from just 500 Before departing South Africa,
June 29, with PT displays, an
Among the last tasks around
put sailors ashore for a reception next port of call, Cape Town. inhabitants to more than Endurance welcomed two Ghanian
assault course, climbing wall and
Antarctica was the dismantling of
hosted by the administrator and While British defence fi rms 30,000. offi cers for the trip up the west
display of weaponry, and the
redundant huts on the island of
a football match against the used the Red Plum as a backdrop Those 30,000 people are served coast of Africa to Tema in Ghana,
islanders. to promote their products to by just a single school, one private where the patrol ship could be
week end on Saturday June 30
Signy in the South Shetlands, a
For one member of the ship’s the South African Defence doctor, and an under-staffed clinic found as the country celebrated
with Civilian Day, looking at civil
job which brought to an end 480
company, Lt Cdr Naomi Howard, Force, several sailors headed to where a dedicated team of nurses 50 years of independence.
hours of flights by Endurance’s
it was the chance to retrace her the township of Masiphumelele try to care for a population where The Red Plum is due home in
The National Memorial
two Lynxes from 212 Flight, 815
grandfather’s footsteps. (pronounced Masi-pu-ma-layli) one in three inhabitants is infected Portsmouth this month.
Arboretum is at Alrewas in
NAS, in and around the polar
Staffordshire; for more details region.
see their website at www. The fl iers found themselves in
nationalmemorialarboretum. demand at Endurance’s fi rst port of call upon leaving the Falklands.
specialist legal advice
to forces personnel
Suffered a Military Injury?
We deal with all types of injury claim involving
the military.
We can assist you with your claim under the
● Red sky at night – a ruddy sunset over
● A limbo dancer demonstrates his skill in
the Atlantic off South Africa and (below)
new AFCS and advise you on whether to
Cape Town, cheered on by Endurance’s
an escort of dolphins for Endurance as
pursue your claim in the civil courts under our
● Cape Town at sunset, as seen from Table crew, and (below) an aerial view of Tristan
she sails towards Ghana
Mountain and (below) Lynx pilot Lt Graham da Cunha’s ‘capital’, Edinburgh of the
‘no win no fee’ specialist military legal
Cannell meets the penguins of Signy in the Seven Seas
advice scheme.
South Shetland Islands
Police Interview/
Courts Martial
Nigel Burn and Gilbert
Blades are well known for
Nigel Burn or Tean Butcher
Bank Street, Lincoln LN2 1DR
their Courts Martial
Tel: 01522 512345 between 9am - 5.15pm
expertise throughout the
or for Military Discipline Matters only contact
UK and Europe. Nigel Burn Mob: 07775 860608 after 6pm
We can also advise on:
Employment Issues
Family Problems
House Purchases
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