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Tribute to Sheffield
Focus on
will make London –
its mark and Stanley
THE “largest indoor military
spectacular in the UK” is to be
for the 25th anniversary of the
staged at the MEN Arena in
Falklands Conflict reach their peak
Manchester in July with RN gun
this month with a programme
runs at the heart of the show.
which spans the 8,000 miles from
Manchester Military Tattoo is in
London to Stanley.
its sixth year at the Arena, and the
The official programme starts
2007 version commemorates the
on June 14 at the Falkland Islands
Falklands Conflict, remembering
Memorial Chapel at Pangbourne
those who died and celebrating
in Berkshire, attended by the
the return of the Task Group.
Organisers are promising a
On the same day in Stanley
host of new display teams and
Cathedral in the Falklands, the
bands, and the return of the Imps
Earl of Wessex will attend a
motorcycle display team.
commemorative service, and then
With 2007 also marking the
move on to an act of remembrance
centenary of the first Royal Navy
at the Liberation Monument
Field Gun competition at the
and a freedom march in central
Royal Tournament (see page 17),
the Manchester Field Gun team
The highlight of the programme
will be staging a demonstration.
is on Sunday June 17 with the
Musical accompaniment will
national commemorative event in
come from the Greater Manchester
Horse Guards Parade, London,
Police Band and the Pipes
attended by the Prince of Wales
& Drums of the Scots Guards
and other members of the Royal
Association (Manchester).
The Tattoo is on Saturday July
The big day in London will
14, and tickets for the afternoon
feature a march-past in the Mall
and evening shows are on sale
and a tri-Service fly-past of aircraft
now – contact the enquiries and
of the Falklands period and other
booking line on 0870 190 8000.
Win tickets – see page 31
aircraft representing units involved ● The ship’s company of HMS Edinburgh gather on the fl ight deck for a commemoration ceremony close to the wreck of HMS Sheffi eld
in the conflict.
Parade at
the conflict, along with AB Turner, Edinburgh’s CO, Cdr Paul For more details see www.
commemorated the loss of
one of the youngest members of the Brown, said: “Today’s service was
ship’s company, laid a wreath on a sombre affair but one in which The Imperial War Museum in marina
HMS Sheffield and 20 of
the exact spot of HMS Sheffield’s I, and my ship’s company, feel London has launched its own take
her ship’s company in the war grave – 52º 11’ South, 53º 50’ very strongly about remembering, on the conflict with an exhibition
Falklands Conflict.
West – in remembrance of lost especially those who gave their examining the people involved in
A PARADE and memorial service
The destroyer, currently
comrades. lives for their country and those the South Atlantic conflict, from
has been held at Bletchley Park
The service was also attended Commonwealth members who
to commemorate the Falklands
both Argentina and the UK, using
crewed by sailors from HMS
by the other veterans of the war, live in the Falkland Islands.
first-hand accounts.
Exeter under Sea Swap, is
Organised by the Naval Cadet
Lt Cdr Pete Broadbent, who was “The majority of those attending Featured in the exhibition,
Corps and Bletchley Park Trust, the
on the Atlantic Patrol Task
names of those who died.
in HMS Bristol, WO2 Pat White the service today were not born which runs until December 31, will
parade included a Royal Marines
(South) deployment.
The missile left the ship a
burnt-out shell, and although
(HMS Invincible) and CPO Reid until after the Falklands Conflict, be material and memorabilia on
band, the Sea Cadet Corps Naval
Members of the ship’s company
taken under tow, she had to be
(HMS Cardiff). but were still keen to attend.” public display for the first time.
Guard, Northampton Sea Cadets,
gathered on the flight deck to take
abandoned and sank on May 9.
the Royal British Legion and the
part in a 30-minute ceremony
The wreck, which contains 19
Royal Naval Association.
marking the sinking of the
bodies, lies in deep water to the
Big day
Guest of honour was Rear
Sheffield, fatally damaged by an
south-east of Sea Lion Island.
Admiral Wemyss. Exocet missile 25 years earlier. Edinburgh’s sailors stood silent
Bletchley Park, in During the service, conducted for one minute to remember those
in Leeds
Buckinghamshire, is the National by the ship’s Church Officer S/Lt lost.
Codes Centre, and was the Chris Wood, Lt Charlie Guy gave Towards the end of the service a
PLANS for the Veterans Day
wartime base for the Enigma code an account of the Exocet strike, veteran of the conflict, PO Annison,
event in Leeds on June 30 are
crackers. after which S/Lt Wood read the who was on HMS Glasgow during
now being finalised.
Part of the ‘Celebrate
Spoils of war in a rucksack
Leeds 2007’ initiative and
marking the 25th anniversary
of the Falklands Conflict,
the centrepiece will be at
Moortown RUFC and will
A SOUTH Atlantic veteran has to ship in a captured landing craft Union Jack, and once unrolled a
feature two rugby matches
told of how he discovered the gathering cargo nets of rubbish. crest appeared in the centre.
involving the Royal Navy,
Falkland Islands ceremonial flag “It was cold, the smell was “At first I thought it was a
the Army, the Pride of
25 years ago. pretty bad and every ship we regimental flag, but on asking a
Yorkshire and a John Bentley
Mick Procter was a young stoker visited seemed to be keen on nearby Army captain was told it
International Select team.
in HMS Active in the spring of sinking us,” said Mick. was the Falkland Islands flag.
The RFU Roadshow will
1982, and although the ship was The cargo was taken to the “The offer of £20 and a 4.5
be there, as will players and
a late arrival in the South Atlantic dump on a captured lorry. pistol in exchange for the flag was
mascots from Leeds Tykes
because of clutch problems, she “Once the lorry was emptied quickly turned down, and off I
and Rhinos, along with their
still had a role in the conflict. we were given five minutes to went with my prize.
match-day dancers.
It was after the fighting ended skirmish through the ‘spoils of
A parade will feature
Exhibition is opened
“I have since discovered that
that Mick came by his souvenir, war’,” said Mick. the flag was used for ceremonial
veterans, the Armed Forces
while Active and several other “Soon I found myself walking
and youngsters, and the band
THE First Sea Lord, Second The exhibition uses artefacts,
purposes, and was most likely stolen
ships were anchored near Stanley. over piles of ammunition, discarded
from RAF Cranwell is also on
Sea Lord and an Admiral of the models, sound and fi lm footage
from the drawing room sideboard
Volunteers were required to kit and dismantled weapons.
the programme.
Fleet were present at the formal to describe key moments in the
of Government House shortly after
sort mail and provide a rubbish “I discovered a rucksack
Sailors from HMS Ark Royal,
opening of Task Force South, an confl ict, such as the sinking of the
the Argentine occupation.”
collection party, and assuming that on a pile of kit, and on closer
affiliated to Leeds, will stage
exhibition at the RN Museum in General Belgrano.
Mick believes the surrendering
the best chance of having a look inspection found personal effects,
an exhibition and take part
Portsmouth to commemorate the The exhibition runs until Friday
Argentinians abandoned their kit
around lay with the latter option, rosary beads, pictures and letters
in the parade, the Gurkhas
25th anniversary of the Falklands February 29 2008, and tickets to
on the streets, all of which was
Mick put forward his name. and beneath, a flag.
will put on a martial arts
Confl ict. the RN Museum are required to
bulldozed by the British, eventually
He was soon moving from ship “The flag appeared to be a
display, and other displays
Pictured from left are 2SL visit the exhibition.
ending up on the dump.
and exhibitions will reflect the
Vice Admiral Adrian Johns, 1SL For further information visit
range of activities carried out
Admiral Sir Jonathon Band and or
by the Armed Forces.
Admiral Sir Henry Leach, 1SL at ring 24-hour recorded information
The Royal Marines
the time of the Falklands. line 023 9286 1512.
Association Concert Band
Yompers captured on canvas
Probably one of the most experienced wind
bands in Britain this album of fresh recordings MARINE artist Rowena Wright has
presents the accumulation of over 1,500 years of
created an oil painting of an iconic
combined military band expertise. The recordings
Falklands image which will help South
Atlantic veterans.
are deliberately Royal Marine and emphasise the
Earlier this year Rowena met
all-time favourites of concert goers and record
photographer Pete Holdgate to ask for
collectors. permission to paint this image, which
Included are Plymouth Hoe, Adagio for Trumpet,
became a symbol of the Royals’ yomp
to Stanley.
Hounds of Spring, Cockleshell Heroes,
While chatting, Rowena mentioned
The Shanghai Sailor, The Padstow Lifeboat,
that it must have been such an amazing
The Captain General, On the Quarter Deck, day.
Sarie Marais, HM Jollies, Comrades in Arms
Pete, now picture editor of the
and A Life on the Ocean Wave.
Plymouth Evening Herald, explained to
her that many of his friends had died
Once A Marine is this new band’s first CD and in the battles preceding the march to
the title track has been specially composed and
Stanley, and that it was with very mixed
dedicated to the band by former RM director of
feelings that he marched that day.
His comments helped shape
music Ray Woodfield. 16 tracks, 69 minutes
Rowena’s approach, and resulted in
Royal Marine Commandos Marching
Compact Disc £12.00 incl p+p (worldwide);
towards Port Stanley during the Falklands
Make cheques payable to ‘RMA BAND FUND’
A limited edition of 200 prints,
The RMA Concert Band, Building 32, Whale Island, Portsmouth, Hants PO2 8ER signed by Rowena and Pete, has been
Tel: 02392-651519: Fax: 02392-547207
produced at £150 each, available at Email:
Rowena said 20 per cent of all sales
will go to SAMA 82.
● A detail from Rowena Wright’s painting
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