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reporting from the fl eet
Deaths Reunions
If you would like to advertise in Navy News, call 023 9272 5062 or 023 9275 6951
Surg Lt Cdr David Hughes. Institute of was Anson. Russian Convoys Association, JUNE 2007
Naval Medicine, Alverstoke. Aged 37. Nottingham Flotilla and Trident Lodge 6407 Indefatigable Old Boys: Annual reunion
Lt Cdr Andrew P Smith. Serving at San (Naval Lodge). April 11. Aged 85. and dinner will take place at the Carreg Bran
Diego, USA. Aged 44. April 12. Terry Harrison. AB. Bromsgrove. Served Hotel, Llanfairpwll, Anglesey (01248 714224)
WO1(MAA) Kevin J Clarke. HMS Heron. 1965-76 in Duncan (frigate) later transferring next to the old school on June 9. For more
Ships and establishments included Falmouth, to the submarine service spending the details contact Tom Keyes at tom.keyes@
Collingwood, Ark Royal, Sultan, Excellent, remainder of his time aboard Ocelot. March or tel: 07748 105450.
Daedalus, Glasgow, Dolphin, Sandpiper, 31. Aged 57.
Brave, Osprey, and Bulwark. April 23. Lt Cdr Arthur James ‘Ben’ Tillett RNR.
PO(EW) Jonathan A Templeman. HMS Norwich. Norwich Sea Cadet Corps 1948-72
HMS Vesper: Reunion at Skipton, North
Liverpool. Joined Royal Navy in 1989. Ships and later Corps Chairman. March 2. Aged
Yorkshire, September 7-9. A plaque will
and establshments included Ark Royal, 79.
be unveiled to commemorate the town’s
Mercury, Dryad, Exeter, Nelson, Excellent, Harold Duncan McCracken. AB. March.
connection with the ship. Contact Jean
Manchester, Collingwood, Richmond and Served 1947-49 based at Devonport. April
Phillip on 01756 791593.
FPGRM. May 6. 24. Aged 79.
HMS Formidable: The fi nal reunion of
Joan S I Wells (née Williams). PO. Served the HMS Formidable Association will be
Charles Robert ‘Charlie’ Johnson.
WRNS 1943-61 at RNAS Lossiemouth, September 21-23 at the Thistle Hotel, East
Aircraft Mechanician. Joined HMS Ganges
Heron and some time in Malta. For a number Midlands Airport (tel: 0870 333 9132). Please
Major Warships (MW) IPT
as a boy in 1960 retiring in 1985. Served in
of years representative at Area meetings, contact Roy Collis (secretary of association)
Victorious, Bulwark, Ark Royal and RNAS
annual conferences and press offi cer for tel: 020 8644 1685 for full details, or Keith
Competitive salary ranging from £18,385 to £26,626 pa
Culdrose and Daedalus. March 23. Aged 61.
Dartford branch. March 20. Aged 84. Quilter (chairman) tel: 01797 270683.
Cdr Sam Hawkins. Served 1943-
Lt Cdr George Alfred Skinner. President Falklands 25 – HMS Penelope: The
66 in Newfoundland, Veryan Bay, Glory,
Abbey Wood, Bristol Reference: 333620
of Watford. Joined St George 1945 as Boy ship’s company and their families are invited
Daring, Diana, Trafalgar, Dunkirk, Meon,
Beachampton and Eurylus. Service in RNR
2nd Class before transferring to Ganges to a reunion to be held at the Fleet Club
1969-81 at Southwick. April 2. Aged 79.
1946. Served 1947-50 in submarines in Plymouth, September 21-23. For more
These posts lie within the MW IPT Combat System Management Section for
Bill Stout. Master at Arms. Served HMS
Tantalus and Talent as an Able Seaman; information, please contact Ron Thomas at
Tartar and various ships and establishments.
transferred to the Regulating branch rising to"> or tel: 07717
the CVS class, LPD, LPH and T42 Destroyers. The primary duties of these roles
March. Aged 70.
Master at Arms in 1957; commissioned Sub 685657 or Mark Fowler at fowlma@tiscali.
include the provision of operationally available combat systems and assisting
Michael Pack. CPO. Joined 1949 and
Lt 1959. Spent time at RNDQs in Portsmouth or tel: 07717 697619.
served almost 30 years in Albion, Cassandra,
before becoming Naval Provost Marshal in Falklands 25 – Portland Ships Flights:
with the management and implementation of engineering support to all Excellent and Collingwood. After leaving the
Malta, London (where he was reputed to be Informal reunion of those members of 737,
RN he kept up his links with the RN Football
the last NPM to ride horseback), Clyde and 815 and 829 squadrons, both aircrew and
MW platforms. In addition, you will be tasked with providing specialist Association, Cassandra Association and
Portsmouth. Appointed First Lt of Warrior, ground crew, who served on ships involved
Andromeda Association. March 16. Aged
Northwood. Naval sports offi cial in athletics, in the Falklands confl ict. This will take place
technical advice and assistance to Equipment Project Managers, Ship Repair
boxing and swimming. Retired 1985 but at Weymouth Golf Club on September 22. As
Brian Newton RM. Served aboard Orion
remained in uniform at Northwood HQ as a numbers may be limited, priority will in the
Contractors and Ships’ staff.
1944-46 and association member. February
development offi cer on a building project. fi rst instance be given to frigate and DLG
HMS Ganges Association, Korean Veterans fl ights. Contact Dave McCaughey, ex-SMR,
You will need an ONC/OND, NVQ/SVQ Level 4 or an equivalent qualification, James Sandland. Torpedo AB. Served
Association and the Beds & Herts branch HMS Yarmouth at shipsfl
aboard 1938-42. March 11.
Submariners Association. April 30. Aged 78. or tel: 07772 898347.
in a relevant engineering discipline plus practical experience within an
Dennis Mann. AB. Served 1944-47.
Ted ‘Smiler’ Townsend. PO Air Fitter (A). River Plate Veterans and Families
Ships included Nubian and Commonwealth.
Hanworth. Served 1940-46 in Illustrious and Association: 68th anniversary reunion at
appropriate field.
April 5. Aged 81.
mostly shore stations. Founder member of the Royal Fleet Club, Devonport, from
Lt Cdr D J ‘Dougie’ Denyer. Joined
Hanworth FAA section, and also a member September 28 to October 1. Details from:
Benefits include outstanding training and development opportunities, Fisgard, Grenville Division 1945 as an
of HMS Illustrious Association. Recently Hon Secretary, J Smith at family@lyntondale.
Ordnance Artifi cer Apprentice. Later
honoured by the Royal British Legion with or tel: 01302 841806 or write
membership of an appropriate occupational or stakeholder pension scheme
served in Glasgow, Loch Ruthven, Albion,
the 30-year medal of appreciation for his to Lyntondale, Kirton Lane, Stainforth,
Maidstone, Norfolk and Agincourt. March
Poppy Appeal collecting. May 2. Doncaster DN7 5BP.
and a generous annual leave allowance.
31. Aged 77.
Malcolm Colin Johns. Leading Tel. SRO. Fourth Submarine Squadron: A
John ‘Joe’ Binks. L/Sea. Served 1945-69.
Chelmsford. Joined Ganges and served commemorative plaque will be unveiled
Joined as Boy entrant at HMS St George then
1949-63 in Vanguard, Indefatigable, Ark for the 4th Submarine Squadron at HMAS
transferred to Ganges. Served in Wrangler,
Royal, Daring, Seahawk, Drake and others. Penguin on September 30. For more details
Cadiz and Liverpool; Quartermaster aboard
Spent four years on loan to the Fleet Air Arm contact Pat Cullum, Mordiford, Kapatur
Closing date for applications: 8 June 2007.
Peacock 1950-51; transferred to PTI School
as a Tel. on Grumman/Avengers and Fairey Road, Narrabri, 2390, NSW, Australia or tel:
eventually became CPO PTI at the school.
Gannets. April 26. Aged 74. 0061 (0)2 67 935294.
Lower deck squash champion seven times
Tony ‘Bill’ Longly. Sherborne. Served
To find out more please visit 1943-76 in carriers Vengeance, Eagle,
1958-65 and fi rst member of the lower deck
HMS Glory 1943-56: Reunion at the
or call 0117 91 30498.
to represent the RN at both hockey and
Victorious, Centaur and Hermes also a
member of Bombheads (Fleet Air Armourers) Royal Court Hotel, Kersley near Coventry
squash. Responsible for a physical training
Association. April 26. on October 5. Also plinth memorial at the
event on the programme of the Royal
Anthony ‘Tony’ Smyth. CPOWTR. National Arboretum. More details from Tom
Tournament. HMS Peacock Association.
Served 1947-69 in St George, Ceres, Drake, Stallard at
March 7. Aged 77.
Vanguard, Ocean (Korean War), President, or write to 18 Sandwich Close, Folkestone,
Robin ‘Nobby’ Clarke. Boy/Ord Tel.
Cochrane, Phoenicia, Graham, Terror Kent, CT20 3QG.
Served in Peacock 1950-52 and association
HMS Royal Oak: Annual memorial
The MoD is an Equal Opportunities employer and seeks to reflect the member. December. Aged 73.
(COMFEF) and Caledonia. HMS Graham,
Clyde Division RNR as CPOWTR 1969-79. service for the crew of Royal Oak will be
diverse community it serves. Applications are welcome from anyone
Walter Alfred Bird. Acting PO Stoker.
Secretary to Newton Abbot branch RNA held this year at HMS Excellent on October
who meets the stated requirements. Please note that for
Joined underage and served 1939-52
for two years and treasurer to HMS Ocean 6. For details contact the Hon Sec on 01256
in Lagos, Braithwaite, Duke of York and
posts in Northern Ireland, applications from the Roman
Association for 10 years; also member of 323444.
others on Russian convoys, Korean war
HMS St Vincent Association: The 11th
Catholic community are particularly welcomed as this and patrolled Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Took
the West Country Association of RN Writers.
April 25. Aged 78. AGM will take place on October 13 at St
group is currently under-represented in our workforce.
Sir Winston Churchill and later the King to
Maurice ‘Bill’ Reynolds. Stoker. Pershore Vincent College, Gosport, starting at 11:00,
America. Represented the Imperial Forces
and district. Served in Indomitable 1940 and followed by lunch. Members will be able to
Boxing Association. Aged 83.
Ministry of Defence Police. May 4. Aged 84. visit the museum before and after the AGM.
Peter Roser. CPO GI. Chatham RN
The reunion dinner will be held on the same
Gunnery Instructor’s Association. January.
ASSOCIATION OF RN OFFICERS day at Thorngate Halls, Gosport, starting at
Aged 85.
Cdr G E Baker DSC. Served Ark Royal, 1830. For more details contact Mrs Diane
Reg Mayo. PO GI. Chatham RN Gunnery
Liverpool, Dinosaur, Virago, Devonshire, Smith on 023 9258 4498.
Instructor’s Association. February.
President, Bermuda and Mercury II. HMS Illustrious Association: Annual
Bob Powers. CPO GI. Chatham RN
Lt Cdr D A Conde. Served Shearwater, reunion and AGM, October 19-22 at the
Gunnery Instructor’s Association. April.
Bulwark, Condor, Daedalus and 801 NAS. Britannia Hotel, Coventry. Contact Frank
Aged 88.
Capt C B Fetherston-Dilke. Served Lynch on 029 2048 6063.
James ‘Jimmy’ Kane. Stoker. Served
Asbury, Duke of York, Cossack, Vernon,
in WW2 minesweepers. After the war he
Afrikander and St Vincent. NOVEMBER 2007
became a boxer then a blastfurnaceman
Cdr T C C Greaves. Served Glasgow, HMS Bacchante: The Leander class
at Corby. He served on the Executive of
Vernon, President, Glamorgan, Victory, frigate is holding a reunion, November 2-
the union, became British Steel’s fi rst
Excellent and Cochrane. 4, on the Isle of Wight. Details at www.
Worker Director, Corby Borough Councillor,
Lt Cdr J P Seddon. Served London,, or contact Shirley
County Councillor, Deputy Lord Lieutenant
Wizard, Superb, Excellent and RNAS Winn on 01983 405116. This is a dry run for
Northamptonshire and held Freedom of the
Bramcote. Bacchante’s 40th anniversary in 2009.
Borough. April 29.
HMS Blake Engineering department
Joseph Samuel McGrath. CCMEA(P).
ALGERINES ASSOCIATION 1974-79: Reunion for 2007 to be held in
Served from 1957-85 at Ganges and in
Edward R Tudgey. PO QA1. Served in Gibraltar over weekend November 2. All
Solebay, Pellew, Sultan, St Angelo, Norfolk
Welcome. Aged 78. details are on the offi cial website www.
and Tartar. March 24. Aged 65.
Phillip W Gregory. ERA 4. Served in If anyone requires
George Booth-Clibborn. WOSA. First
Clinton. Aged 83. information please contact Jeff Sabiston at
member of the Stores branch to serve in
John Brody. Ldg Tel. Served in Lennox. or tel: 0191
nuclear submarines. Served in Dreadnought
January 24. Aged 79. 251 4725 or write to 3 Selwyn Avenue,
and Dolphin in 1960s and 70s. April 24. Aged
Denis Rawlings. AB SD. Served in Brave Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear, NE25 9DH.
and Welfare. April 11. HMS Cockade of the 8th Destroyer
Leslie John ‘Jack’ Piper. PO Stoker.
Leonard Dayman. AB. Served in Clinton. Squadron. The association is holding a
Served 1934-46 in Furious, Orion, Clare,
April 13. Aged 80. reunion, November 9-12, at the Trecarn
Terpsichore, Euryalus and Centurion; was at
Eric V Lamb. Tel. Served in Octavia. April Hotel, Palermo Road, Babbacombe, Devon.
Dunkirk and Normandy. Recalled for Korea
14. Aged 79. Enquiries to Mick Wyer, 47 Rotherham Road,
whilst serving in Royal Fleet Reserve. April
Dennis H Wakeman. ERA 4. Served in Coventry, CV6 4FF or tel: 024 7672 1433.
8. Aged 91.
Truelove. April 14. Aged 77.
David John ‘George’ ‘Geordie’ Graham.
MARCH 2008
CPO Artifi cer. Served 1968-80. Joined
LST & LANDING CRAFT ASSOCIATION HMS Ceres (Wetherby 1946-58): The
Intrepid in Hong Kong and remained with her
H Tame. Served on board LSI(L) Batory. sixth reunion, that celebrates the 50th
until 1975 when he became a submariner
March 20. anniversary of the closure of Ceres before
and served in Odin. April 26. Aged 56.
J S Williamson. Served on board LSTs moving to Chatham, will be held at the Crown
Michael John ‘Sam’ Weller. PTI. Joined
302 and 3043. April 3. Hotel, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, March 14-■ First to see the latest Navy News from around the world
as a boy in 1963 but had to retire after
John Laird. Served on board LCA 301 16. Anyone who served at Ceres during that
a serious accident at work; last posting
and LST 3. April 6. time will be welcome to attend along with
Raleigh. February 25. Aged 61.
V J Ibbett. Served on board HMS partners. Contact Richard Knight at knight.
F S ‘Fred’ Rising. PO Elec. Norfolk branch,
Dundonald. April 16. or tel: 01937 581404
Region Years Rate Tick
Submariners Association. Served 1943-53 in
D B Pollington. Served on board LST or write to 41 Glenfi eld Avenue, Wetherby,
submarines Sunfi sh, P1314, Thermopylae,
366. April. West Yorkshire, LS22 6RN.
UK One £20.50
Teredo, Trespasser and Aeneas. Aged 83.
C A ‘Alan’ Wilson. EM1. Cheltenham
UK Two £37.00
YES, I would like to subscribe to Navy News
branch, Submariners Association. Served
Ken Allington. PO/RM with Squadron HMS Ceylon (1943-60): welcomes
UK Three £55.00
1954-55 in submarines Tiptoe and Alcide.
1833 (Corsairs); in ship 1943-45. shipmates from all commissions, The next
(please refer to the table opposite for prices) Aged 74.
June Hurrell. March 10. reunion will be at the Kistor Hotel, Torquay,
Send the completed form and payment to: Overseas* One £24.50
Charles Thomas ‘Snowie’ Johnson.
Terry Littlemore. LREM; in ship from April 25-28 2008. Enquiries to Tony Mendoza,
Chief GI Gunners Mate. Joined RN as a boy
1953-54. March 14. at or write to 5
Overseas* Two £43.00 at Ganges 1936 serving until 1961 in Malaya, Bill Margett. AB. Served from 1934-46. In Heidelburg Rd, Southsea, Hants, PO4 0AS
Valiant, Nelson, Dunedin, Illustrious (went
Overseas* Three £62.50
ship 1944-45; also served in fi ve other RN or tel: 023 9283 7003.
Navy News, HMS Nelson,
ashore with the fl edgling commandoes in
Ships. February 9.
Norway), Terror and Belfast. HMS Ganges
Queen Street, Portsmouth
Lt Richard Harry Temple. Served in NOVEMBER 2008
*Overseas Surface Mail including Republic of Ireland, Europe,
Association. December 25.
ship 1944-45 as Temporary Lt RNVR with HMS Broadsword: Due to non availability
Hampshire PO1 3HH, England
Canada, USA & Australia. (Airmail rates available on request)
James ‘Jim’ Hawkins. Leading Air
Squadron 854 (Avengers); previously on of Chester Town Hall in 2008, the next reunion
Mechanic, 804 Naval Air Squadron, 14th
convoy duty in the Atlantic in the little Mac will be held at the Nautical Club Birmingham,
Tel: +44 023 9273 4448
Carrier Air Group, Ocean, Glory, Hermes,
(24hr answerphone)
Ships. October. November 15 2008. AGM 1430 and evening
Peregrine, Gannet and Falcon. 14th Carrier
function 1930 bar shutting at 2300. Contact
I enclose
Air Group Association. May 6.
FLEET AIR ARM ASSOCIATION event organiser Dave Bracken e-mail david@
John Sones. AM1(A). Watford branch. Cheque Postal Order IMO or chairman
in £ Sterling made payable to ‘Navy News’
Served 1942-46. January 11. Peter Phillips, 7 Inverness Avenue, Fareham,
Ray Kesterton. Vice chairman West
John Jackson. AF(E). Greater Manchester Hants, PO15 6AT or peterphillips265@
I wish to pay by
Bromwich. Joined RN 1956 and served for
branch. Served 1941-46. April 20. You can also check the
eight years in Carysfort, Loch Fyne and
Albert Mitchell. LAM(O). Essex branch. association website for details nearer the
Name Visa Mastercard Delta Switch/Solo
Hermes. March 27.
Served 1949-51. March 10. date.
Leonard Charles Kemp. PO OA. Mansfi eld
and district. WW2 veteran and his main ship
JULY 2009
Payment Amount £
HMS Edinburgh D97 and Stanavforlant
Credit Card orders cannot be accepted under £5.00
Swap drafts
Fleet 1989: Craig is trying to organise a
Card Number
Navy News on tape
reunion, not just for those of HMS Edinburgh
Navy News is available free of charge
but for all of the ships of the Stanavforlant
Fleet from July to December 1989. The
Start Date Expiry Date Issue No. CSC No.
on tape from Portsmouth Area Talking
News for those with difficulty reading AB(WS)1 J Gallienne. Draft: (current)
tentative dates chosen are July 28-30 2009.
normal type. Contact 023 9269 0851 HMS Enterprise. Will swap for: any Port-
This will be exactly 20 years from the time
and leave a message with a contact smouth-based Type 23 or any other Port-
our fl eet was in the Ghent haven and directly
Signature Date
number. No special equipment is smouth-based draft. Swap must be AB(Sea)
follows a big, 10-day festival in Ghent. This
needed to play the standard 90-minute or an AB(WS) wishing to branch change
way, anyone turning this into a real vacation
cassettes. AB(Sea). Contact: HMS Enterprise-ab2 or
could arrive early and enjoy this. The three
days of the event itself would allow for two
Postcode Country
This is a
tours as provided by the Royal Belgian Navy
New subscription Renewed subscription
and the city of Ghent, a family-style barbecue
Phone Number Entries for the Deaths’ column and Swap Drafts
complete with softball and volleyball and a
gala evening. For more details and offers of
Start my subscription from month
in July’s Noticeboard must be received by
assistance contact Craig Bailey at craig_a_
Email or tel: Ghent, Belgium
Due to administration costs, a refund cannot be given if the subscription is cancelled during the
first six months, and thereafter would be subject to a £5.00 admin charge.
June 12 +32 485 504496 or see the website: http://
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