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Chaz is
chosen as
Who helped the Doctor
St George
A PROUD supporter of the
Armed Forces in the south-west destroy the Sea Devils?
has been named England’s first
Modern-Day St George.
Chaz Singh, of Plymouth, won BACK in the early 1970s
by the Royal Navy in the end titles
the honour at the inaugural St
the world was in grave
of the episodes.
George’s Day Banquet at the
The Doctor, of course, lives on
Banqueting Hall of the Palace
danger from a race of
to battle all manner of menaces,
of Westminster in Whitehall,
reptiles which lurked at the and his adventures have won a
London, attended by Culture bottom of the Solent. new generation of admirers as
Secretary Tessa Jowell and former
No ordinary reptiles, these
the latest incarnation of the series
Prime Minister John Major.
– it was a race of highly-
attracts awards and viewing figures
Chaz picked up his prize and in impressive style.
silver medal, commissioned by
intelligent creatures who had
Now the team which is
Enjoy England, Celebrate St
gone into hibernation while
producing DVDs of the classic
George’s Day., and will hold the
man was still swinging from
Doctor Who series is hoping to
title until April 23 2008. the trees. find anyone who took part in the
He was nominated by P J And now a super-villain was filming of The Sea Devils.
Pentreath, Devon County field planning to awaken the reptiles to As part of the DVD production,
officer for the Royal British claim back their planet from the a documentary is being created
Legion, for “his charitable descendants of the apes – us. on the making of the series, and a
deeds for the Legion, as Fortunately, defending the photo gallery is also on the cards.
sole representative of the human race against this aquatic Richard Bignell, one of the team
Commonwealth Forces in threat were two mighty forces – an on the project, said: “We would be
Plymouth, and for overcoming alien known simply as the Doctor, very interested in making contact
racial prejudice in an effort to and the Royal Navy. with anyone who was used in the
prove that he is as English as The whole dramatic incident filming or who may have taken any
any other man living in England was captured on film and video photographs or cine film during
today.” by the BBC and broadcast in 1972 the time that the BBC were filming
Mr Pentreath said: “Chaz as a six-part story in the ongoing around the Navy’s premises.
Singh is a fiercely proud, English- adventures of Doctor Who. “In particular, there is one
born Sikh. Called The Sea Devils, the
person we would be interested
“His faith is as important to story was shot in and around
to trace.
him as his very Englishness, and Portsmouth, the Solent and the
“During the filming at Fraser
he conducts himself proudly in
Isle of Wight between October 21 range, the shoot was covered by
pursuit of both values.
and 29 1971. The News in Portsmouth.
“His example exudes the very
Portsmouth-based Doctor Who “One of the photographs used
● Jon Pertwee at Fraser Gunnery Range, Eastney, Portsmouth, where the BBC was fi lming the Doctor
best of Englishness, the desire
specialist John Bowman said:
Who adventure The Sea Devils. Pictured with him, from left, are OEM Stephen Scholes, from Leeds, in the paper showed Jon Pertwee
that neither race, nor colour,
“The BBC had already been able CEM Gerald Taylor from Wolverhampton (who were both acting as extras) and David King from West and three ratings from HMS
nor creed should cause one
to take advantage of Army and Leigh. The picture was taken on October 21 1971 Picture courtesy of The News, Portsmouth’ Excellent, one of whom appears
Englishman to dislike another.”
RAF facilities for previous stories to be using a cine camera.
The competition is designed
featuring the Doctor; now came
Nelson was a personal friend. Along with 16 other sailors,
“The person was identified in
to find an ordinary person
A Navy hovercraft was also
the chance for the Navy to shine. the paper as AB David King, aged
who should be commended
supplied, and a number of ratings It was perhaps no surprise, as though, he had a lucky escape
“And the Senior Service 26, from Chichester House, West
for extraordinary deeds, or an
were extras in the adventure, which the series producer, Barry Letts, when he was posted back to
positively pushed the boat out, Leigh, Havant.
unsung hero.
realising that the immensely
saw the Doctor, played by Jon had been in the Navy himself. shore just two days before the
“If Mr King did take any cine
Organiser Bruno Peak said: “I
popular series was an ideal
Pertwee, take on the Sea Devils, And, according to John Bowman, battlecruiser was sunk during
film of the shoot, we would be
am delighted that Chaz has won
showcase for it.”
who had been awoken by the it meant that the star of the show her encounter with the German
very interested in talking to him!”
this competition.
The BBC filmed at Fraser
Doctor’s arch-enemy the Master. could roll back the years. battleship Bismarck in May 1941.
If anyone can help, they should
“It shows that England is
Gunnery Range, Eastney, which
The story makes reference to During World War 2, Jon The story was originally
contact Richard at 11, Buxton
full of a lot of good people
assumed the role of HMS Seaspite,
HMS Vernon, now regenerated as Pertwee served in the Navy and broadcast on BBC1 in the
Close, Chatham, Kent ME5
from various religions and
and on deep diving and submarine Gunwharf Quays, while the Doctor at one stage was appointed to the spring of 1972, and the BBC 8UP, or email him at rbignell@
rescue ship HMS Reclaim. comments at one point that Horatio ill-fated HMS Hood. acknowledged the help provided
He added: “Chaz is not only a
credit to the Sikh community, but
a credit to all the communities of
Royal commodores
tour Navy sites
at Air Day
THREE members of the Royal Family
have been visiting Naval Service personnel
on the South Coast.
THERE will be a distinctive
The Prince of Wales was in Devonport
French flavour to Yeovilton
for the first time in his new role as
Air Day next month as a large
Commodore-in-Chief of the Royal Naval
contingent of our friends from
Command, Plymouth.
across the Channel bring a range
His visit included assault ship HMS
of equipment to Somerset.
Bulwark, the disaster training facility at
The Aeronavale’s participation
Bull Point (where sailors from HMS
in Air Day totals four fighters and
Chatham were being tested), newly-
three helicopters.
built accommodation at HMS Drake,
Air Day 07, on July 7, will
an alcohol-free bar, and a submarine
include a combination of old and
refit centre run by contractor Devonport
new naval fighters, with the Super
Management Limited.
Etendard and its replacement, the
Over in Hampshire, the Princess
Rafale, side-by-side.
Royal was making her first visit to the
This year’s event will feature
Navy at Portsmouth since she became
four examples of the Super
Commodore-in-Chief Portsmouth last
Etendard, attending as part of the
Falklands 25 commemorations.
Rear Admiral The Princess Royal spent
The Aeronavale is the only
three hours in Portsmouth
European operator of this type
Naval Base, where she officially
which, in the hands of Argentinian
opened Vanguard Block, a new
Naval pilots, gained a sinister
accommodation building for
reputation in the South Atlantic,
junior sailors.
especially when armed with
Meanwhile the Earl of Wessex
Exocet missiles.
visited shore-based members of
The French contingent at Air
the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and
Day will include one Exocet-
civilian support staff at Fleet
equipped example of this aircraft
Headquarters on Whale Island
which, with replacement looming
in Portsmouth in his capacity as
fast, could well be making a final
the new Commodore-in-Chief
appearance on these shores.
of the RFA Service.
Other confirmed types include
examples of the Super Frelon,
Alouette III and Lynx helicopter,
the first two of which are rare
sights in UK skies.
The Super Frelon, one of a
handful still in service, could also
be making its farewell appearance.
Advance tickets for Air Day are
currently on sale, priced at £16
for adults, £14 for senior citizens
and £3 for children under 16.
These are available by calling
the Ticket Line on 0870 800 ● The Princess Royal meets Naval
4747, and online at www. personnel at Portsmouth (above), which
also includes a regularly-updated ● The Prince of Wales enjoys his visit to Devonport Naval Base ● The Earl of Wessex talks to RFA
list of participating aircraft. staff at Whale Island (right) (above and top)
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