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Ask Jack
HMS Armadillo: Rick is researching his
NAVY NEWS looks back through its pages to recall some of the
late father’s wartime history at HMS Arma-
dillo for training as a Royal Navy Commando
June headlines of past decades...
and his ship, HMS Prinz Albert, a Landing
Ship, Infantry (Small). He has a fair bit now
but he needs to tidy up a few loose ends and
would like to contact the American Rang-
ers and some of the original crew. Contact
Rick Smallman at or write to
PO Box 1149, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444,
Please call 023 9273 4448 for details
RNB Chatham: Dusty Miller is hav- or email:
ing trouble remembering an event in 1940,
can you help? In early 1940 he and other
Boy Seamen left Shotley for RNB Chatham
where they were accommodated in HMS
Pembroke, East Camp. The question that
sticks in his mind was whether or not a WW1
tank stood on the parade ground alongside
the regulating offi ce. Contact Dusty Miller, 31
Goldlay Avenue, Chelmsford, CM2 0TN or
tel: 01245 609113.
HMS Highfl yer: Priscilla from Melbourne,
Australia, is seeking any information regard-
ing her grandfather, John Walter Shepherd
1900-85 (Kensington, London). Served in
HMS Highfl yer WW1, Victory and Illustrious,
WW2. He ran away to sea when just a boy
and was the resident ship’s ‘banjo’ player
aboard as well as a gunner and then eventu-
ally becoming a fi rst class seaman. Priscilla
would like to put together a little bit of his-
tory for her children and would appreciate
any information. Contact Priscilla Thomson
Your presence is requested in Blackpool
● HMS Torquay arrives in New York in 1965
(née Shepherd) at
or write to PO Box 268, Kyneton, Victoria,
40 years ago 30 years ago 20 years ago
from 2nd to 5th November 2007 to celebrate:
3444, Australia.
British Korean Veterans Association: TWO sailors were swept off the THE ice was truly broken when MINEHUNTER HMS Soberton
The authorities at the United Nations Mili-
tary Cemetary in Busan, South Korea, are
bows of frigate HMS Torquay ice-patrol ship HMS Endurance was involved in the grim task
90th Anniversary of the formation of the
in the process of mounting photographs on
in an Atlantic gale. One man, arrived home in Portsmouth of finding the wreckage of an
the gravestones of those British servicemen OS Alan Grenyer, was left after her annual deployment to RAF buccaneer that exploded
Women’s Royal Naval Service
who fell during the Korean War 1950-53. If
any family who lost a loved one in that war
jammed against a breakwater the frozen Antarctic. The ward- during a training flight near
wishes to take part in the process, please
with a broken leg. AB John room celebrated their return the Pentland Firth. Soberton
Details: e-mail
send a photograph, together with a letter Horne jumped from the ship to with drinks cooled by ice bro- worked with five merchant ves- or SAE to 1 The Rocks, Tansley, Matlock, Derby. DE4 5ES
granting permission to use it, to James R
Grundy, 102 College Croft, Eccles, Greater
help the two men in the water, ken from a chunk of souvenir sels, the Wick lifeboat, RAF
Manchester, M30 0AN or tel: 0161 707 8735.
PO Fred Bright and JS Colin iceberg that they had brought launches, and aircraft from the
For those families whose loved one has no Southern, who were clinging back from their seven months RAF and 819 Squadron’s Sea
known grave, their photographs will be at-
tached to his fi le in the records offi ce at the
to a lifebuoy. away. Kings.
HMS Quorn: Will the person who asked
Kenneth Tipper for a photograph of the
World War 2 destroyer HMS Quorn please
contact him as he has mislaid his e-mail ad- Where are you now?
dress. Contact Kenneth Tipper at ktipper@ or write to 597 NE 45th Terrace,
Ocala, Florida 34470, USA.
Shotley Medal for Merit and Effi ciency:
Details of the inauguration and award of the
HMS Albion Oct 1959 to Mar 1961: or write to Grimes Cottage, Spring Hill, Bub- Kelvyn served with Phil Plevey, Ray Ball
medal, thought to have occurred circa 1906
Seeking anyone from this commission and benhall, Coventry, Warwickshire, CV8 3BD. and Maurice Everest during his time in the
and awarded for a short period, possibly only
also HMS Hartland Point Oct 61 to Feb 63. HMS Colossus 1944-46: Seeking any Navy, but there must be others. We are seek-
to ‘Instructor Boys’ at the RNTE Shotley, ap-
If you served on these or know anyone who crew members of the Colossus before she ing anyone who knew Kelvyn Cheeseman
yal Nav
Ro y Officers
pear hard to trace. Any information from
did, please contact Tom Weir at tomweir1@ was transferred to the French Navy and to contact us, we are organising a surprise
readers would be very much appreciated or tel: 028 9079 2452. re-named FS Arromanches. Their associa- 60th birthday for him and would dearly love
ARNO is the Membership Benefits of membership
by Thomas Hardy, 75 Lexden Road, West
USS America: Senior Chief Mike Torbert, tion would like to meet you. Contact Peter his old Navy friends to join us for a special
Association and Charitable Trust include;
Bergholt, Colchester, Essex, CO6 3BW.
United States Navy, is looking for a Royal Chamberlain, 10 Allendale Crescent, Shire- reunion at his party. Please contact Rachael for serving and retired commissioned
Cap Tallies: Elizabeth has recently been
Navy sailor he met back in 1985 during a port moor, Tyne & Wear, NE27 0UE or tel: 0191 or Paul Cheeseman at cheesy99@ntlworld.
an Annual Year Book which has many
officers of the RN, RM, QARNNS, the
interesting articles and useful
given some very old cap bands and one is
visit to Portsmouth while aboard the USS 251 1266. com or tel: 0116 299 0660.
proving to be a complete mystery. It is in the
America. His name was Scott Gemmel (he HMS Cumberland: Steve ‘Buck’ Rog- The Royal Naval Electrical Branch Asso-
former WRNS and their Reserves.
name of ‘Miss Westons Naval Brigade’. She
may have spelled the last name incorrectly) ers is seeking Scott Meacher from Crawley, ciation: Looking for those you served with in
a secure on-line membership list
has heard of Aggie Weston’s house in Port-
and his wife’s name was Vanessa. He was served onboard 1992-94 and Alison Graham the Electrical Branch? Join the Royal Naval
The ARNO Charitable Trust
a special rate for roadside
smouth and understands that some temper-
a cook and he told Mike he was stationed from Glasgow who served onboard 1993-95. Electrical Branch Association. Many mem-
provides advice and access to breakdown cover
ance medals were issued in her name. Any
in Gosport. Additionally, he told me he had Steve can be contact by e-mail through his bers are seeking Electrical Mess mates from
charitable funds for those members,
temporary membership of the Naval
information regarding the history of the cap
served aboard a Naval ship during the Falk- friend Oliver at
the 50s, 60s and the 70s. Info pack and de-
their wives, widows and dependents
Club, Mayfair, London
bands would be most welcome. Contact
lands. Mike had a great time visiting the pubs or tel: 07814 129994.
tails of the reunion from Mike Crowe, 7 Heath
Elizabeth Ausden, The Kaboosh, 55 Fairview
and London with Scott and Vanessa. If any- HMS Diana Association: Contrary to re-
Road, Lake, Sandown, Isle of Wight or send
who are in need and/or experience *
provision for buying and selling
Drive, Hythe, Southampton, Hants, SO45
one out there knows anything about Scott,
cent reports and stories going around, the address to
financial difficulties.
uniform and/or swords
5GX or tel: 023 8084 6765.
please contact Mike at his e-mail address
HMS Diana Association is still very much in HMS St Vincent 1938: Communications
an identity card
HMS Terror 1960-63 Far East Station:
which is MTORBERT@COX.NET or write to
existence. We hold two reunions per year at Class 256, Instructors Smithy and Telly Hol-
Membership Association
entitlement to various trade discounts
Seeking anyone who worked or has photo-
2208 Fort Belvoir Drive, Virginia Beach, VA.
venues voted for by the membership. Mem- mes. Any classmates please contact Ollie
subscription: £12 annually or a single
* regional social functions (subsidised)
graphs of AB Alan Robert Ford who was liv-
23464, USA.
bership is open to all commissions. If anyone Cranwell (fi rst served in HMS Enterprise) on payment of £180 for Life Membership. and many more benefits and services
ing at Larkin Gardens, Jalan Larlain, Jahore
HMS Beaumaris Castle: Looking for any
wishes to join the association please contact 023 8089 4605 or write to 8 Harvey Court,
Bahru, Malaya. He died on June 18, 1963.
members of her crew. Nick is researching
Bob Bolter on 0121 783 7486 or see the Blackfi eld, Hants, SO45 1SG. Contact details; tel: 020 7402 5231 fax: 020 7402 5533
His sister would like to hear from anyone
her involvement in the surrender of a U-boat
website at Survey Ship Association: Any past or email:
who can help. Contact Julia Donaghey, 7
in 1945. He is also in touch with George A
HMS Ganges 1959: Chris Bell is trying present member of ship’s company of any
Wheatdale, Orton Goldhay, Peterborough,
Smith who was a telegraphist on board and
to contact any of the boys from Exmouth 46 RN Survey ship is eligible to join as a full Please send me details and membership application form:
Cambs, PE2 5QS or tel: 01733 394508. they would both like to hear from anyone
Mess who joined in March 1959. The fi ftieth member. For information on membership
Robert Percy Williamson was born in connected with the armed trawler. Contact
anniversary is coming up and a reunion is and reunion please send SAE to the Secre-
Name & address__________________________________________________
Guildford in 1909, had a sister, Gracie, and Nick Clark at or tel:
planned. Please contact Christopher Bell at tary, SSA, 8 Grosvenor Court, 74 East Lodge
a brother who was killed at the outbreak of 0115 878 0794 or write to Flat 2, 5 Words- or tel: 01461 Park, Farlington, Portsmouth, PO6 1BY, or e-
WW2 whilst serving in the RN. Mark does worth Road. West Bridgford, Nottingham
600678. mail: __________________________________________________________________
not know his fi rst name, just the surname NG2 7AN.
HMS Ganges, Hawke Division, 49 Mess, O-class Submarines, Michael ‘George’
to: Membership Secretary,ARNO, 70 Porchester Terrace, LONDON W2 3TP
Williamson. If anyone can shed any light on HMS Bulwark, Albion and Centaur As-
1958: Calling all mess mates from 146 and Stephenson: Seeking George who joined
this could they contact Mark Williamson on sociation: Did you ever serve in Bulwark,
95 mess. A few of us are meeting up at the RN in 1986, born in Durham served in O-
01733 772271 or write to 1 Shelley Close, Albion or Centaur? The association is open
Ganges reunion in 2007 for the fi rst time next class submarines, MDC Gibraltar (1990-92),
New England, Peterborough, PE1 3LJ. to anyone who served at any time on these
year. In 2008 it will be 50 years since we Triumph. Married Denise in Gib. If you can
HMS Zulu Ships Flight, 829 Squadron: ships. Magazine three times per year plus
were all together as boys. If anyone is inter- help with information on George contact Jeff
9/67 to 12/69. If you were in 829 Squadron events including AGM/social, sea-days and
ested in either reunion contact Pete Childe at or call Jeff Mas-
during these dates, Jonathan has two pic- anniversary commemorations. AGM 2007
at or tel: 01142 lin on 07801 627017.
tures which you may like. To get details of was on March 31 on board the restored
887769. Nick Tyres: George is seeking informa-
how to access the pictures contact Jonathan HMS Trincomalee, prevously Foudroyant, at
HMS Jersey: Tug is looking for anyone tion about his old friend Nick Tyres, who
Gibson at or the historic Quay in Hartlepool. The social
who served in HMS Jersey, a destroyer. lived in Daleview Road, Tottenham. Nick was
tel: 021 308 6150. was at the Hillcarter Hotel. Membership is
Contact Tug Wilson, Daigor, Les Varioufs, George’s Best Man at his wedding on Janu-
just £8 per annum. Enquiries to Leigh Eas-
St Martin, Guernsey, GY4 6TB or tel: 01481 ary 1, 1949 at St Anns Church, Tottenham.
ton at, website http://
237992. Any news contact George Duke on 01992
Sports lottery
www, or write to
LCT 170, 3rd Flotilla: Seeking anyone 624816 or write to 18 Wavell Close, Ches-
Glenmoray, Hayford Place, Cambusbarron,
who served on the LCT from 1942 to 1946. hunt, Herts, EN8 0LA.
Stirling, FK7 9JX.
Names from the past are Bill Geal, Bill Hay- HMS Veralum: Lt Cdr D W Watts was
HMS Brocklesby: Trying to trace an old
es, George Armstrong, SEA Torp Godfrey, the captain of Verulam during the 1960s
pal called Martin Jackson or MEM Jackson,
Vic Tessier, Jimmy Caul, Jimmy Lawson, and later Commodore of HMS Victory. His
old Chief Coxswain, Jack Cornwall, would
April 14: £5,000 – Lt A Day, MWS who served with Daniel on HMS Brocklesby
George Andrews, Cyril Warren and Hugh
love to hear from him or anyone connected
Collingwood; £1,500 – POWEM(R) S Turner, in 1993-1994. Daniel left with the redundan-
McKensie. Please contact H F Porter, 22
with him. Please contact Christopher Bell at
HMS Nottingham; £500 – OM(W)2 D J Hope, cies of 1994 and is godfather to Martin’s
Snakes Hill, Navestock Side, Brentwood, or tel: 01461
HMS Exeter. children, Kiera and Tyrone but hasn’t heard
Essex, CM14 5SA.
April 21: £5,000 – Lt J E Curwood, HMS from him in ten years and would love to get
Levant Schooner Flotilla: Seeking Mau-
HMS Vernon: John Bembridge is looking Back issues can be obtained by calling
Nottingham; £1,500 – Lt A J Dowling, RNAS back in touch. Contact Daniel Thomas at
rice ‘Yorkie’ Round. In early 1944 Reg and or tel: 01524
Yorkie both joined RN Special Forces and for Harry ‘Patty’ Lewis, Cook HMS Vernon
Yeovilton, 815 Squadron; £500 – Cdr J H T
1958-1959. He was the best Man at his wed-
were drafted to the undercover Levant
Nisbet, MOD Whitehall.
ding. His daughter-in-law in Australia would
Peter Cave: Seeking Peter, a colleague of
Schooner Flotilla which operated in the
April 28: £5,000 – LSA C L West, HMS
love to track down this man as a special
02392 734448
Colin Fisher at British Acoustic Films during
Aegean Islands. Reg lost touch with him
Neptune; £1,500 – ETWE2 C S Warren, HMS
wedding anniversary gift. If anybody can
1946-1955. Sailed together on the Norfolk
when Reg was captured by the Gemans
Bulwark; £500 – AET1 M J McMahon, RNAS
help she would really appreciate it. Contact
Broads, subsequently joined the RN. Colin
just before the European war ended. Con-
Elizabeth Bembridge at
can be contacted at, tel:
tact Reg Osborn, 55 Norbury Hill, London,
May 4: £5,000 – POWEA P Pridmore,
au or write to PO Box 3452, Tuggerah, NSW,
020 8398 8505 or write to 14 Ditton Reach,
SW16 3LA.
HMS Tireless; £1,500 – CPO S Williams,
2259, Australia.
Thames Ditton, Surrey, KT7 0XB.
HMS Pembroke, Stewards Training
RNAS Culdrose (792); £500 – CSgt C Laird,
Sharon Whemes: Jo Leslie, formerly
HMS Childers 1945-47: Seeking anyone
School 1965-66: In a group photo taken at
45 Commando RM.
married to POMEA Leslie, looking for Sha-
who served on Childers at this time, espe-
this time are Reyes, Eason, Flint, Lewis, Ste-
May 12: £5,000 – OM(W) N Barnard,
vens, Middlemas, Griffi ths, Daw, Kelly and ron Whemes, ex wife of PTI Wilde with two
MWS Collingwood; £1,500 – Mne S B L cially Muir, Morgan and Bundy. The ship
Michaels plus two others and the writer. He children, Chantelle and Joshua, who is now
Lever, HMS Ark Royal; £500 – Sub Lt A L was operating mostly in the Eastern Mediter-
is in touch with Freddie Flint and Pete Eason married to Steven Whemes. Knew when
Skinner, HMS Tyne. ranean. Contact G Glover on 024 7630 5371
who both live in Kent. CPO Middlemas died living in Finch Rd, Eastney in 1992 but lost
a few years ago. If any of the others read contact when they moved to Fareham. If
this or anyone else knew me in the service, anyone can help please get in contact with
NOTICEBOARD ENTRIES please get in touch. Contact Alex Suther-
Jo at or tel: 0034
land, 126 Tufton Road, Rainham, Gillingham, 966 463616.
■ Notices for this page should be brief, clearly written or typed and
Kent, ME8 7LQ or tel: 01634 374857. RNAS Yeovilton: Calling all 899 Squad-
addressed to – The Editor, Navy News, HMS Nelson, Portsmouth. PO1 HMS Phoenicia, Malta 1947: Peter Adey
ron AEM people. Dicky was in the Navy from
3HH or email: If you are sending your notice in via
would like to contact the small group of writ- 1989 to 1994, stationed at Yeovil during that
time and served onboard Invincible from
email, please include your full address and telephone number.
ers and a civilian lady, Miss Marian Young of
Portsmouth, then living in Sliema, who regu- 1991 to 1992. Anyone that knew him, e-mail
larly attended All Saints Church, Sliema on him Dicky Wright at richjwright@hotmail.
■ Reunions appear in date order, and requests to place an entry in a
com or write to Harbison-Mahony-Higgins
particular edition cannot be guaranteed.
Sunday mornings. Please contact Peter at
2 The Warrens, Kirby Cross, Frinton on Sea, Builders Inc. 5544 Deer Valley Road, Anti-
Essex, CO13 0PJ or tel: 01255 671879. och, California, 94531, USA.
■ Please send in Reunions at least three months (preferably four) before
the month of the event.
HMS Raleigh 1983: Seeking anyone
who joined Raleigh on November 28 1983
and was in Drake 48. Also anyone who then ■ There may be a delay before items appear, due to the volume of
Established literary agent
went to Mercury. Contact John Taylor, 23 The
Roundings, Hertford Heath, Hertford, Herts,
seeks eyewitness accounts
■ Entries are free to non-commercial organisations. Items pertaining to SG13 7PX. Tel: 01992 479430. of combat in Afghanistan for
commercial work, books and publications for profit can only appear as
Kelvyn Cheeseman: Seeking naval air-
possible inclusion in a new
paid-for advertising.
men who served in the Navy with Kelvyn
Cheeseman (from Coventry) 1965-74. Kel-
military anthology.
vyn was an aircraft handler in 814 squadron.
■ The Editor reserves the right to edit or refuse publication of submitted
He joined the navy in June 1965 at Raleigh, Please contact Robin Wade
after training he went to Seahawk, RNAS
on 0207 488 4171
Culdrose; then HMS Victorious; and Daeda-■ Space does not allow us to accept more than one free insert. Any
subsequent notice will have to be paid for at advertising rates.
lus, Stubbington. He spent a brief period at to discuss in confidence
Brawdy, Wales, around 1969. He also served
or email
in Ark Royal but are unsure of what period.
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