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● A Harrier of the Naval Strike Wing rises up to the fl ight deck on Illustrious
aft lift and (left) dawn patrol... a ‘bagger’ Sea King prepares to lift off from
Lusty on a surveillance mission
phibious forces, while frigates HMS
otection and HMS Middleton swept
ps partaking were Germany’s frigate
oyer USS Bainbridge and frigate USS
was the ultimate test of her new role
icopter assault ship, a function she
y in the Gulf in 2003 and one she is
rry out thanks to a refit.
s was the chance to welcome aboard
ng, the dark blue half of Joint Force
d Fleet Air Arm- RAF jump
Pictures by
here was the
WO Ian Arthur, Clyde Photographic Section
PO(Phot) Christine Wood and SAC Paul Oldfield,
k Bay off
by the
HMS Illustrious
LA(Phot) Dan Hooper, HMS Albion
Cpl Richard Cave, RLC
n for
e opportunity to
w best in the world and
have enjoyed it too and the welcome
● A sight not seen in Gareloch for four years... crystal blue skies. Tugs help HMS Ark Royal
s, task groups dispersed, but in this
towards HM Naval Base Clyde – the fi rst visit by a carrier to Faslane since 2003
enerally stayed together as they made
o the Kattegat and Baltic for NATO
ng 80 warships and auxiliaries from
● A sailor mans a minigun on
n to Gothenburg or, in Illustrious’
Albion’s upper deck during an
a cracking run ashore” according to
attack by fast patrol craft
She did, reassuringly add, she was
the job done”.)
e Mariner in next month’s edition.
le and personnel (LCVP) from HMS Albion crashes through choppy
e silhouette of a Naval Strike Wing Harrier on the deck of HMS
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