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The Royal Navy writes on the issues affecting you
New fi gures
pride in RN
remains high
PRIDE in the Navy remains high,
opens up
according to the latest UK Armed
Forces internal attitude survey.
The latest figures show that 97
per cent of officers and 80 per range of
cent of sailors are proud to be a
part of the Senior Service.
That finding is broadly similar
to the Army, where 92 per cent of
officers and 79 per cent of soldiers
say they are proud to be a Pongo.
WHETHER you hope to pursue
Job satisfaction levels are also
a career as a Marine, Weapon or
high, according to the published
Air Engineer in the Royal Navy,
report, which reveals that 94 per
you can be sure that Welbeck –
cent of Royal Marines are proud
the Defence Sixth Form College
of their work and 80 per cent of
based near Loughborough – will
their officers rate their morale as
equip you with the skills necessary
good or very good.
to succeed.
The impact of Service life on
With a unique programme of
the family, including time spent
personal, physical and intellectual
away from home, is still the main
development, the College has
point of dissatisfaction across the
become one of the UK’s top sixth
Armed Forces.
form residential colleges and has an
Defence Minister Derek Twigg
outstanding academic reputation.
said: “The young men and women
Each year, the College
that I have spoken to whilst they
welcomes up to 175 high-calibre
serve their country in Iraq and
young men and women from a
Afghanistan tell me that their
variety of backgrounds, all looking
morale is high, and that they are
for something that exceeds the
trained and equipped for the job.
average sixth form experience.
“These surveys offer a useful
Welbeck offers fantastic
snapshot of attitudes. They help
facilities such as ultra modern
the Armed Forces target issues
living and teaching amenities
that concern our people and
designed for young adults, superb
inform changes in policy and new
sports grounds and even a laptop
per student.
The tuition is free, although
parents do contribute towards
living expenses, dependent on
● Mike Cornish and Rear Admiral John Borley sign the new Memorandum of Understanding between the Marine Society and Sea Cadets
team dates
and the Ministry of Defence on board TS Royalist in Portsmouth Harbour
their income.
Welbeck provides students with
first-rate teaching of a science and
DATES and details of the RN
technology-based curriculum and
Presentation Team’s events for this
month are:
marina Wednesday June 6: Council
House, College Green, Bristol;
Thursday June 7: Assembly marina
Rooms, Bennett Street, Bath;
MOD signs up to the
prides itself on the quality of its
education results, together with
the unique experience of military
life on offer.
Welbeck not only offers the best
route into the RN, Army, RAF
Tuesday June 12: Imperial
or MOD, it also fosters essential
competencies such as self discipline,
Hotel, The Promenade,
Wednesday June 13: Prichard marina
Jones Hall, College Rd, Bangor;
Wednesday June 20: Best marina
Western Parkway Hotel, Cwmbran Sea Cadet cause
fitness and personal development,
as well as responsibility, motivation
and confidence.
Studying at the college also
opens up the opportunity to study
for a technical degree at a leading
Drive, Cwmbran;
UK university and ultimately a
Thursday June 21: Bridges
career in the Services or MOD
Community Centre, Drybridge
THE FIRST day of last Rear Admiral John Borley,
in the lines of accountability and wider Government policy to Civil Service.
month saw the signing of
Flag Officer Training and
responsibility. support bone fide youth movements Welbeck students face a variety
House, Drybridge Park,
The MOD has given the MSSC
the new Memorandum of
Recruiting (FOTR), signed
whenever it is sensible, practicable of intellectual and physical
a high degree of flexibility in terms and affordable to do so.” challenges to test their abilities
Wednesday June 27: Village marina Understanding (MOU)
the agreement on board the
of how it uses its annual grant, Furthermore, the MOD and stretch their minds.
Hotel and Leisure Club, Dolomite
between the MOD and
MSSC’s sail training brig TS
enabling the charity to manage “expects that the operating From rock climbing and
Avenue, Coventry.
Royalist, at Whale Island in
the Marine Society & Sea
its affairs more effectively, and standards maintained within the navigation to sailing and canoeing,
Anyone wanting to book a
thereby providing the MOD with
Cadets (MSSC).
Corps will be sufficiently high to the combination of adventurous
place at a presentation, or seek-
They were joined for this
the best value for money. present the customs, traditions, activities and first-rate teaching on
ing details, should contact the
Mike Cornish, Chief momentous occasion by Sea
Above all, the new MOU sets culture and uniforms of the Royal offer both build confidence and
RNPT on 020 8833 8020, or
Executive of the Marine Cadets from Chichester, out a modern and supportive Navy in the best possible light and develop leadership potential.
email Society & Sea Cadets, and
Portsmouth and Ryde units.
operational framework that will contribute significantly to its high To apply to Welbeck, applicants
The MOU formalises the
enable the Sea Cadet Corps to standing in the eyes of the general must be aged between 15 and 17
Draw of the sea
constructive relationship that
continue to grow and flourish. public. years six months.
has long existed between the
The MOU states that MOD “MOD requires that the training Minimum entry requirements
MOD and the MSSC, and
policy is “to support cadet standards maintained within the are 40 points (38 in Scotland) in
YOUNG artists are being offered the chance to compete for prizes
commits both parties to working
movements with which it has an Corps are consistent with the your best seven GCSE subjects,
worth a total of £700 by the Royal Society of Marine Artists.
together as long-term partners in
affinity, so as to educate young training regulations issued by including B in Maths and dual
The Society exists to celebrate the sea in all its aspects, and will
supporting the Sea Cadet Corps.
people as to the need and role MOD for the management of award Science/single Science
not only offer a £500 top prize but also the chance to exhibit work
By acting co-operatively
of the Armed Forces and to training in the other Cadet Forces equivalent.
alongside leading British and international marine artists.
they will provide high
make them aware of the career supported by MOD. Your school or college must
Entries are welcomed from both artists who have an interest
quality support, training and
opportunities that the Services Full details of the agreement supply a reference showing that
in marine matters and from people involved with the sea marine
development opportunities
can offer. can be found at www. you are expected to achieve the
industry, youth organisations or marine sports.
for both cadets and adult
“The MOD endorses the minimum entry requirements.
All art media are acceptable, including painting, drawing,
volunteers, and avoid ambiguity
MSSC’s aims. This accords with Final selection for Welbeck is
print-making mixed media and
dependent upon performance
during the selection process and
The maritime theme must
achieving required grades at
be the inspiration – which
GCSE or equivalent.
could include the seas itself,
Transformation transformed
For more information please
the coast and seaside, ships
and sailing craft, beaches and
wildlife, portraits and people,
TRANSFORMATION is transforming are put into practice through implementation opportunities for clever improvement and then
history – or just about anything – and there is even a change at the highest
– putting the theory into practice. maintaining momentum,” said the Admiral.
It’s your 2.6
else that goes with the sea. level.
Admiral Kimmons will also continue to “As we evolve and improve our processes,
Work must be submitted Rear Admiral George Zambellas updated
develop the foundations for Continuous often taking identified risks, we must never NEED to get your message
to the Mall Galleries, London the First Sea Lord and his senior team before
Improvement. forget the priority of high-quality support to across to the rest of the RN?
SW1 on September 14-15, after
Easter Leave on Transformation progress, and
The Royal Navy Transformation team has the Front Line. To feature in 2-6 contact Lt
which all entries will be seen by
to seek endorsement on a number of issues.
hosted a visit by its RAF counterparts who are “Indeed, we will have failed if, despite
Cdr Dave Joyce at Fleet Media
a selection committee.
The Navy Board agreed that the initiative
keen to learn from the experiences of the lead improving the process, we do not react to
Ops on 93832 8809 or Lt Cdr
The prize is sponsored by
should continue, and will see Transformation
Service in the process. the front-line Commander and his changing
Harvey Burwin at DPR(N) on
the Worshipful Company of
mature into ‘Continuous Improvement’ (CI).
The RAF has recently combined two requirements.”
9621 85984.
More details on CI will appear soon.
headquarters into one, and are about to embark Admiral Zambellas added: “As I have
For details of the competition
Admiral Zambellas has been at the head
on a Transformation process of its own, so said before, Transformation has never been
and an application form,
of Fleet Transformation since its inception in there was an eagerness to pick up some hints about a short big-bang change programme,
email patriciahouchell@
August last year, but has now handed over the and determine best practice. and Admiral Kimmons’ arrival in post to, or write to
reins to Rear Admiral Mike Kimmons. On departing, Admiral Zambellas said that head up the excellent work already started
RSMA (Young Artists) at 17,
The new man will preside over a period while there was still much to be done, a lot of demonstrates CINC’s and the First Sea
Carlton House Terrace, London
when refined processes, teased out over many ground has already been covered. Lord’s commitment to an enduring period of
hours of hard work at Transformation events, “Transformation has always been seizing Continuous Improvement.
The Royal Navy writes on the issues affecting you
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