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Lusty can
lift a lot If I could walk
board HMS Illustrious has netted
£2,000 for Cancer Research UK.
The money was raised during
Op Aquila when ten from the
ship’s company lifted a range of
free weights continuously for 24
1,000 miles...
One of the team, LA(AH)
‘Paddy’ Patterson, said: “It’s fan-
IT’S AN unusual way to cel-
tastic to be able to raise a lot of ebrate your fiftieth birth-
cash for Cancer Research UK, day, but Cdr Jane Allen ● Pudsey Bear on the bridge of HMS Richmond
and have fun doing it.”
RNR marked her big day by
setting out on a 1,000-mile
solo walk through Britain.
Jane plans to take ten weeks
to complete the trek – a life-
Bear care
time ambition to walk from John
in ‘pop’era
FINALLY it’s the Navy’s turn – after previous appearances with the RAF
O’Groats to Land’s End – all in
and Army, Pudsey Bear will be seen with sailors in the 2008 BBC Chil-
aid of the Royal British Legion
dren in Need calendar.
Poppy Appeal.
Pudsey was welcomed on board frigate HMS Richmond and posed
POPPIES stole the show at an
“The Poppy appeal is some-
with some 40 members of the ship’s company in several locations
operatic performance in Glasgow
thing very personal and close to
throughout the Type 23.
City Hall when sailors from HMS
our hearts,” said Jane, who has
Norman Macintosh, who each year compiles the calendars for the
Somerset sold programmes and
just returned from a six-month
listeners to Terry Wogan’s Radio 2 show, said: “It was high time we
draw tickets for the Poppy Scot-
stint as a Reservist in Baghdad.
featured the Royal Navy. Pudsey has appeared with the Red Arrows and
land campaign.
“My husband Frank is a
the Army motorcycle display team in previous years, but he was itching
The sailors’ uniforms proved
Falklands veteran and as a serv-
to get on a Royal Navy ship and mix with sailors.”
a big draw, with two cannily-
ing member of the Royal Naval
Lt Cdr Gavin Edward, Richmond’s Weapon Engineer Officer, added:
situated Engineering Technicians
Reserve, I wanted to show my sup-
“Children in Need is a favourite with many of the sailors on board and I
collecting over £500 between
port for those families of Armed
know that they give generously every year. So seeing Pudsey for real was
Forces personnel who continue to
a genuine treat and they were delighted to help with the calendar.”
During the interval two of
lose loved ones in conflicts all over
The calendar, priced £8, will be on sale from September and from
Somerset’s company took to the
the world.” – all proceeds go to Children in Need.
stage, fortunately not to sing but
Jane’s husband Frank, a Royal
to carry out the prize draw.
Marine, is providing the support
While the Navy sailors won over
role for her long-distance walk,
the 600-strong audience at the
driving the motorhome, festooned
opera, Verdi has won a new fan in
with Royal Navy and Royal British
LS(AWW) Boyle who at the end
Legion logos, that will Jane’s base
declared herself “now infatuated
for the ten weeks.
with Italian opera”.
Frank’s romantic – but appro-
priate – gift for his wife’s fiftieth
Three peaks
birthday was a box of 47 Ordnance
Survey maps for the route.
Unfortunately the vagaries of
for Ryan
the delivery service meant that
Jane’s initial miles were covered
with a pencil-drawn map copied
A CROWD of shipmates, friends from the back of a door at John
and family of the late OM(W) O’Groats.
● Cdr Jane Allen RNR sets out from John O’Groats
Ryan Kemp are gathering to walk As it happens, the delivery van
the Three Peaks Challenge at the passed Jane just five miles into
end of June. the walk so she did actually get
Fifteen from HMS Edinburgh’s her birthday present on the right
ship’s company who under the
Taureans tidy up
day – just.
‘sea swap’ initiative are now on Although two weeks later the
● LS(AWT) Amy Clark of HMS Montrose ran a half-marathon
HMS Exeter will be taking part in EIGHT students from Taurus Squadron at Aston University same box of maps were left behind
the 36-hour challenge to climb the restored war graves in Birmingham, working with the church and on a wall near Ben Nevis. But
nation’s three highest peaks. the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Scottish honesty meant it was still
The sailors will be departing At stages the restoration in the grounds of St Barnabas there eight hours later.
from HMS Exeter during her churchyard was described as more like an archaeological dig, As well as being a Reserve
round-UK tour, and starting the with the students unearthing an overgrown path which one local member of the Royal Navy, Jane
Sea runners
long trek up their first peak Ben resident said she had never seen in 31 years. volunteers as a caseworker for
Nevis at 1am. Lt Col Gordon Rae, the cadets’ Commanding Officer, said: the Royal British Legion, and has
THE LURE of the marathon is a tion. Amy said: “I really wanted
Following the support that “Taurus Squadron has a continual commitment to the local com- a civilian job working with HM
well-established siren for men and to do something for her, as well
Ryan’s family received from the munity. Courts Service.
women of the Naval service. as all the other cancer sufferers
Navy after his death in 2006 in a “In addition our officers of tomorrow are keen to honour the Jane hopes to raise £25,000
And the Navy has always been a throughout the world.”
motorcycle accident, the crowd of soldiers, sailors and airmen who made the ultimate sacrifice for over the course of the ten weeks of
master of improvisation. To date the ship has raised
some 100 walkers are all raising their country by restoring these graves.” walking, £1,000 for each year she
So despite being in HMS £655 for the charity.
money for the RNBT. The eight, all studying engineering and logistics at the has served in the RNR.
Montrose on a seven-month stint ■ AMONG the many runners
Anyone wishing to pledge their Birmingham university, are destined for careers in the Armed If you would like to support
in the Mediterranean on the day of from the Forces at this year’s
support can visit the website at: Forces with four – Chris Wilson, Stuart Griffiths, Kellie Freeman Jane in her long march south-
the London marathon, LS(AWT) London Marathon, five from
www.ryankempfundraising. and Stewart Taylor – heading for a future in the Royal Navy. wards, you can donate online at
Amy Clark donned her running the Naval Service ran in aid of
shoes the next day and conducted maritime charity Seafarers UK
her own race at sea – running – WEA Nicholas Bassett; Michael
around the upper deck 92 times to Bray; CPO Paul Buckley of HMS
Stuart finds Hope
notch up a half-marathon. Daring (pictured below); Air Traffic
Her fellow women on board Control Officer Andrew Hackland
NEED initial FREE
joined in the running race, decid- of RNAS Yeovilton; and Lt Col
ing to conduct a full marathon in Garth Manger, policy lead for
in Cambodia
relay at the same time. defence programming in Sub-
Whilst runners in London Saharan Africa.
laboured under a bright Seafarers UK had 25 run-
Then contact:
Mediterranean sun, in the ners competing in the marathon
THE LOGISTIC Offi cer of HMS Stuart added: “The whole
Mediterranean the sailors enjoyed this year, and hopes from their
Northumberland, Lt Cdr Stuart experience was life changing. The
a rather English climate of 20 knot concerted efforts to raise some
Somerville, spent two weeks in poverty I witnessed was hard to
winds and a three-metre swell. £40,000 from the event.
Cambodia working with the char- comprehend and I don’t mind
All this effort was to raise To support these runners, call
ity Cambodian Hope Organisa- admitting it was very upsetting
money for Cancer Research UK 020 7932 5961 or e-mail events@
tion. to see.
– as Amy’s mother has the condi-
The charity helps children and “And yet, in amongst this, there
A Nationwide network of highly experienced Independent Solicitors
families at risk in the nation that were so many good news stories of
is still recovering from the years of hope and enterprise. The project
destruction under the rule of the workers are utterly dedicated to
Who advise and represent Service Personnel, Reservists, the
Khmer Rouge in the late 1970s. making a difference in people’s
Civil Service and their Families Stuart said: “The opportunity lives, and I was honoured to have
arose to work in communities in been able to contribute in some
and around Poipet on Cambodia’s small way.”Contact:
northwest border with Thailand – Stuart’s ship’s company raised
this came about through Tearfund, £900 that the officer took with
0845 601 1260
a Christian charity in the UK that him where it will be used to pay
I have supported for a number for a school for children of HIV
or of years. families for a whole year.
“They aim to not just meet He added: “The highlights for basic physical needs, like providing me were working in a school where
fresh water, sanitation and health- the children were predominantly
for a Local Lawyer who care, but also meet the needs of homeless and parentless, and see-
people that are living in extreme ing the joy and comfort that just
poverty, where hope is every bit as a few hours in a safe structured
essential as food and water.” environment could bring.
The Naval officer spent the “And witnessing a ten-year-old
majority of his time helping in boy and his one-year-old sister
schools and youth clubs – but being rescued from the traffickers,
none of these institutions would where the best they could have
have been instantly recognisable hoped for was a life of begging,
to us in the UK. Schools were and seeing the project working to
often a plastic mat spread out on find them a family and access to
the ground. education.”
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