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Divided in to 17
autonomous regions,
each of which has its own
individual legislative
remit, the Spanish gaming
market is one of the most
complex in the European
Union. Despite this,
however, Spain remains
key region for future
growth. According to a
recent report published by
the Ministry of the Inte-
rior, Spaniards spent over
E30bn on gambling serv-
ices in 2007, and the
country has long been a
member of the ‘Big Four’
European gaming zones,
along with Germany, the
UK and Italy.
Over recent years,
many autonomous com-
munities in Spain have
been working towards a
liberalisation of their
gaming markets, and the
Markets | Spain
opening up of strategic
growth areas has led ana-
lysts to speculate that the
country’s gambling
industry may be worth
Madrid expo embraces
E39bn by 2010.
The shifting Spanish
gaming landscape is an
answer to technological
Spain’s shifting landscape
developments on one
hand, and the behavioural
developments of players -
and indeed the entire
leisure industry - on the
ince its inception market will act as a panacea to other. The most signifi-
nearly 30 years ago,
As companies across the global gaming community continue in their
the industry, many exhibitors at cant changes have been
FER-Interazar has
effort to claw themselves out of the economic downturn, positive
FER-Interazar noted that mature on video slots, higher
become one of the
most significant
legislative action across Spain has provided a much-needed beacon
markets can sometimes prove to payouts, multiplayer
be a double-edged sword machines and new venue
bellwethers for the Spanish of hope for those in the AWP sector, says James Walker. because, despite the fact that the installation opportuni-
gaming industry. Indeed, as user base is well established it is ties. This alone has stimu-
Madrid’s longest-running cussed in light of Spain being a those circles, the sectors tradi- nated by manufacturers - includ- often more difficult to change lated the renewal of
gaming expo, the event is leading European tourist desti- tionally associated with FER ing R Franco and Merkur the mindset of gamers in that approximately 250,000
renowned for showcasing the nation. now seemed to be bolted on to a Gaming - looking to capitalise on particular region. AWP machines, making
widest possible range of gaming Over recent years, however, floor space that revolves prima- these favourable changes. Steve Pope, sales and market- the Spanish gaming
products, from the simplest of FER-Interazar has experienced a rily around the core street New legislation also ing director for Merlin Technolo- market a very interesting
kiddie rides to casino-inspired gradual shift in focus from market. attracted a brace of other com- gies, provided first-hand prospect indeed.
multi-roulettes. amusements to street-level soft The 2009 edition of FER saw a panies looking to increase their experience of this.T alking about
So in sync with Spanish gambling and, latterly, casinos. spike in this trend for two impor- footprint in Madrid, and the the launch of Wild Bull Live, the
trends, in fact, FER effectively This, of course, is due in no small tant reasons. Firstly, in addition wider Spanish AWP market, one world’s only networked, elec-
acts as a microcosm of the part to the increasing liberalisa- to major operators such as Cirsa of the most significant here tronic scoring, coin-operated
country’s gaming industry. The tion that is taking place in many keen to stamp their presence - being Aristocrat Technologies, steel darts machine, he said: “It
exhibition, which for several of Spain’s 17 autonomous com- and the opportunities they may which, despite being primarily was really challenging to intro-
years has taken place at its now munities. hold - opportunities have focused on the world casino duce the product to the Euro-
adoptive home, the sprawling Talking ahead of the exhibi- opened up for installations in industry, has been heavily pursu- pean market. We had to
Feria de Madrid complex, has in tion Jose Saus, director of sales sports betting retail outlets in ing street market opportunities challenge the mindset of the
the past been traditionally for Falgas, the Spanish kiddie several Spanish regions, since in the country for the past year. operator and the consumer.”
aligned with Spain’s successful ride manufacturer, said FER was new laws were put in place in “We see significant opportu- The only way to succeed,
tourism sector, with amusement now “mostly a gambling show”. 2007. nities,” said group general mar- according to Pope, is to remain
products and other FEC-led Indeed, despite the fact that More important, however, keting manager Paul Kitchin. tenacious in one’s efforts to
innovations taking centre stage. Falgas, Sega Amusements was the recent announcement “We have been testing in Malaga bring new innovations to
This peaked in 2003 when Europe and numerous other that the Community of Madrid and through distributors in Cat- market. “The Spanish are one of
organisers Grupo Interazar de high-profile amusement manu- would open up its video-AWP alonia. The response has been the largest consumers and
Inversiones twinned with the facturers chose to exhibit at the market. While the move came close to our expectation, but it is players of darts,” he added.“Now ,
Despite maintaining a signif-
newly-conceived Expo Park Madrid event, there was a defi- long after most other Spanish a learning experience.” live electronic darts matches
icant market share, amuse-
event. At that time, the impor- nite feeling that, although brisk jurisdictions had approved While it is hoped that the lib- have totally changed every-
ment products took a back
tance of the two fairs was dis- trade was clearly being done in vAWP products, FER was domi- eralisation of Spain’s AWP thing.”
seat at FER-Interazar 2009
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