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Server-Based Gaming | Mexico
Electronic Gaming |
Mexico set
Elixir expands
to adopt
server based
Since Elixir announced its
intention to focus on the
deployment of gaming
machines throughout the
Asia Pacific region, the
company has established a
BetStone, a pioneer in server based gaming, predicts that server based gaming
strong strategic presence in
the Philippines and Cambo-
technology will continue to unlock Mexico’s gaming potential and enable it to become one dia. The firm, which has
of the largest centres of gaming excellence globally.
offices in the US and Asia, has
recently placed a total of 195
electronic gaming terminals
ased on BetStone’s evolving regulatory require- fore more demanding than the in the Mexican gaming market, in Manila, Philippines. The
global experience ments. According to Betstone, typical ‘destination player’ and we see the significant benefits bulk of the machines (150)
and its recent pres- Mexican operators under- will not tolerate poor content.” server based gaming has deliv- were installed at a new venue
ence at the ELA stand the importance of future BetStone’s server based ered to our operators,” said The Mexican gaming located in a tourist-centric
show in Mexico, proofing their significant gaming platform is designed Goss. market could make a area of Manila. In addition, the
the company believes that investment in locations and to ensure that content is con- “It is our belief that we are quantum leap by embrac- outfit installed 45 units at an
Mexican operators understand gaming equipment against stantly refreshed and that currently running the largest ing server based gaming existing venue in Las Pinas, a
the benefits of server based changes in the regulatory envi- players are continually server based gaming opera- technology. Furthermore, district located 20 minutes
gaming technology’s potential. ronment. The recent change delighted with new games and tions globally, with our largest the Mexican gaming from Manila, in July. Elixir
This includes embracing from Class II to Class III high- new game features. site doing over six million trans- market is maturing and Gaming’s placements at this
market maturation. As the lights the importance of being In today’s fast-paced actions a day with a library in server based gaming will facility now account for
Mexican market matures, both able to rapidly change to meet gaming environment, opera- excess of 90 games. Through play a key role. The likeli- approximately one-third of
operator consolidation and regulatory requirements and tors need to access critical this technology, Mexico has hood, certainly in the short the slot floor. This most
increased competition from thereby remain not only legal, information in real time to leapfrogged other markets that term, is that Mexican oper- recent installation, however,
suppliers will occur in the but competitive. know how their games are have yet to make the most of ators will choose gaming is only part of an on-going
country. Choosing technology Bestone believes it can performing. Using a server server based gaming.” suppliers with reputable expansion scheme for the
and content partners carefully deliver the latest Class III based gaming platform like BetStone gaming machines and reliable server based company.
will ensure that operators games to a more sophisticated BetStone provides powerful provides the operator access gaming technology. Clarence Chung, chairman
maintain critically required player. The firm’s CEO Avron business intelligence tools to extensive game libraries and CEO, commented: “With
competitive advantage by Goss declared: “The Mexican and casino management and casino management tools these installations, Elixir
meeting the demands of a gaming market predomi- systems that enable operators as well as connecting to legacy stand the ease of setting up Gaming continues to make
rapidly maturing gaming nantly consists of local players to better manage their busi- systems via SAS. Betstone has and maximising this infra- steady progress in executing
market. who visit gaming establish- ness. years of experience in helping structure’s potential in the against our expansion plans
It also means meeting ments often. They are there- “Based on our experience operators globally both under- gaming market. for the Philippines market.
With 100 new units recently
installed at a new venue and
Partnership | Norway
approximately 250 additional
new units scheduled to be
installed over the next few
months across three venues,
New Austro-Norwegian alliance announced
we remain on schedule with
our previous expectations for
adding approximately 400
machines in three to four new
venues by the end of 2009.”
Funworld and Playsafe Holding's daughter company, Ecom Enterprise NV, have entered into an extended
He confirmed: “The
strategic alliance. The partnership will see the launch of internet-based poker terminals in the international market.
progress we are making in
ramping our Philippines
operations provides further
evidence of our ability to con-
wo companies, from rebuild kits for existing so naturally we are excited company primarily invest- sistently execute against our
Austria and Norway terminals as well as play- about this venture with our ing in online gaming ven- strategic growth initiatives.”
respectively, will offi- for-fun solutions will be excellent partner Fun- tures. Its daughter Elixir’s customers manage
cially launch a new product offered to Funworld's world”, said Atle company Ecom Enterprise established facilities in busy
range on their invitational existing customer base as Johansen, CEO of Playsafe NV owns titles such as locations and the firm works
kick-off event which takes well as new customers. Holding., closely with operators
place from 21-22 October “Both companies have Funworld designs and and the throughout the planning,
in Munich. invested significant time manufactures internet- new development and operational
Following several and resources in this based terminals in Europe. The company is the first stages to program a gaming
months of development project and we are pleased The company has a world- company within its sector facility that maximises prof-
and a successful comple- that the results are so wide distribution network to be listed on the Norwe- itability per visitor and per
tion of field testing of the promising”, says Josef that spans 46 countries gian OTC market. available square foot.
new product, Austria’s Öhlinger, CEO of Funworld, and more than 160,000 ter- The companies are
Funworld and Norway’s who is happy to further minals sold in 20 years. aiming for sales of 100-150
Ecom Enterprise NV have extend the co-operation The company is widely terminals in the market by
underlined their mutual with the owners of the known for its Photo Play year-end and further
commitment towards this Action Poker Network. brand as well as the expansion next year. The
strategic alliance. An “The timing of this touch2win betting termi- two companies will jointly
extensive product range, product is right, and the nals. exhibit the products at IGE
from table-top solutions to performance during field Playsafe Holding, mean- 2010 in London on the 26-
dedicated terminals, testing has been exciting, while, is an investment 28 of January next year.
GamesWorld | 31 | October 2009
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