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“The progress we are making in ramping our Philippines operations
provides further evidence of our ability to consistently execute
against our strategic growth initiatives.” Clarence Chung CEO | Elixir
Dragon wagon coaster in temporary residence
gaming law
proposals come
under scrutiny
emporarily residing in Coney Island's new
Dreamland Park by is one of the kiddie rides
acquired by a California amusement ride
company, Butler Amusements. The Dragon
Wagon Kiddie Coaster was purchased from
Michael Jackson's Neverland Valley Ranch last year. Carni-
val owner Earl “Butch” Butler, CEO of California-based
Butler Amusements, purchased four rides from the
Jackson ranch last year including the Balloon Samba ride,
which is currently at California’s Alameda County Fair.
Butler is the new carnival provider for the California State T
he Romanian government
recently notified the Euro-
pean Commission of its deci-
Fair and has a strong fair and festival route in California, sion to apply the methodological
Oregon and Washington State. guidelines for the government’s
emergency ordinance on the
organisation and operation of
gambling games. The previous
formative documents are no
longer considered to adequately
cater for the economic, technical
and conceptual changes in
Romania’s gambling sector. Only
organisers that adopt the new
requirements will be able to attain a
licence and stay in business. The
European Commission has
received the notification by
current park site, but he home. The French state earns on the year, according to Romania while the Romanian gov-
claimed delays in gaining an estimated E2.5bn annu- theme park operator Orien- ernment had already approved,
approval for his planning ally from the lottery and tal Land Co. The combined adopted and published the pro-
application, the Council scratch cards. “Our game, turnout was boosted by posed laws in the Romanian Offi-
allowing funfair activities where from the outset each large-scale parades and other cial Journal.
around the town, and the poor player knows that part of his events commemorating the Officials from the European
weather have dented the busi- bet is destined for Africa, is 25th anniversary of Tokyo Commission’s TRIS Office dealing
ness’ income. Rogers, who co- supposed to be educational. Disneyland’s opening in with the proposals have confirmed
owns the park, said: “We are It’s important for everyone 1983 as well as promotions that they have had to close the
trying to sell an idea to differ- to be aware that the poor in 29 cities nationwide. The Romanian case as the TRIS proce-
ent people. We haven’t got must not be abandoned,” con- weather was favourable, too, dure does not allow the European
outline planning and in this cluded Joyandet. with fewer typhoons than Commission to do much with a law
climate nobody wants to normal. In addition, holiday- which has already been adopted.
commit. This place needs HYBRID MACHINES makers preferred affordable The EC sent a letter to the Roman-
something done with it.” INSTALLED IN short stays in nearby spots. ian government at the end of
MADRID Fuel surcharges for planes August, in which it requires the
AGI LOOKS TO CON- SPAIN Some GigaVegas spiked in the first half of Romanian government to abro-
SOLIDATE IN EUROPE reels/video (hybrid) fiscal 2008, decreasing gate the two gambling laws
AUSTRIA At this year’s FER machines have been demand for overseas leisure passed without properly following
Interazar gaming show, held installed in Madrid, becom- trips, while the global eco- the notification procedure. This
from September 23-25 in scratch-and-win card conces- SPECIAL FUND- ing the first approved hybrid nomic downturn forced con- meant that Romania had to prop-
Madrid, Austrian Gaming sions, it has been rumoured. RAISING BINGO machines with a jackpot of sumers to tighten their purse erly file their proposed law with the
Industries (AGI) presented Lottomatica, current holder COULD BE ON WAY up to E240, after the new strings. European Commission, allowing
the latest products for the of the single concession, has FRANCE The French gov- Madrid rules came into force for a full three month standstill
Spanish gaming market. With said it will also bid for the new ernment is considering intro- on September 2. GigaVegas period whereby other Member
a constantly growing number tender. ducing a special lotto for was the first machine to be States and third parties could
of licences for the various Africa to supplement devel- installed in bars of the
comment on the proposals.
autonomous Spanish regions GOVERNMENT opment aid. “It could be Spanish capital, underlining In 2007, the last time gaming
and an increasing number of PROBES REPEAT OF bingo for Africa, or a lotto,” the development team’s legislation was passed in
highly satisfied customers, LOTTERY NUMBERS said the French Secretary of engineering and logistics Romania, revenues registered sig-
AGI gaming products are well BULGARIA Authorities State for Co-operation, Alain skills to take the model to the TWO COUNTRIES nificant growth and Romania
on the way to establishing a have launched an investiga- Joyandet. The lottery could street market just 10 days LEAD CALL FOR PAN- became attractive for major inter-
strong reputation and posi- tion after the same winning be launched next year and after the new regulations AFRICAN MACHINE national groups in the gambling
tion in the Spanish market. numbers were produced on would be aimed especially at were published. CONTROLS industry. The same stakeholders
AGI gaming equipment is cur- two consecutive draws of Bul- raising funds for education in BOTSWANA Regulators will no doubt be hoping that the
rently licensed in the garia’s national lottery. Africa. “It could generate from Botswana and South latest laws will allow them to con-
autonomous regions of Cat- Sport Minister Svilen about E10m annually,” Joyan- tinue to operate in the country,
alonia, Andalusia, Murcia, Neikov ordered the probe det said, adding that he had
Africa have led calls for
increased information sharing especially as the market has been
Aragon, Madrid and, lately, after the numbers 4, 15, 23, 24, discussed it with France's among African gaming juris- an attractive one for Russian-
Valencia with further 35 and 42 were selected by a state betting monopoly. dictions, as they struggle with based firms in recent times.
licences pending. machine - in a different order - Joyandet confirmed that an influx of grey market slot
on two consecutive weeks in the new lottery would fit into TOKYO DISNEYLAND machines, and illegal operators
LOTTERY TENDER draws which are televised the category of “innovative VISITOR NUMBERS who turn outdated gambling
BATTLE HOTS UP live. Lottery officials are funding” for aid projects. UP laws to their advantage in
ITALYThe Italian post office calling the repeat draws a These already include a JAPAN A record 27.22m court.
Ritzo: has an
could link up with gaming freak coincidence, and insist special tax on airline tickets people visited Tokyo Disney- BOTSWANA
estimated 4,500 slot
company Sisal in the govern- it is impossible to tamper and reduced charges for land and Tokyo DisneySea in A law in need of updating
ment's tender for up to four with the lottery machine. Africans sending money fiscal 2008, up 7.1 per cent Comment 27
machines in Romania
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