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Amusements | US
AMI well
placed to
Corporate Profile
AMI Entertainment
Network, Inc.
Bristol, Pennsylvania, US
Key Brands:
Megatouch amusement
gaming cabinets; Rock-Ola
jukeboxes; private
television network
AMI pegs itself as the
“starting point for every-
thing touchscreen”. The
company offers Megatouch
video games for bars,
restaurants, nightclubs;
hundreds of thousands of
licensed digital music
tracks through its Rowe
and Rock-Ola jukeboxes;
customised video program-
ming through and
interactive advertising op-
portunities throughout its
entire product line.
ames World: How be re-allocated towards drop, and grow their busi- serve drinks or interact with
has business been product research and devel-
Earlier this year the landmark merger between
nesses. We know that by con- customers directly over the
since the forma- opment, as well as towards
tion of the AMI continuing to bolster cus-
two giants of the coin-operated amusements
tinually providing world-class Rx. We spend a huge effort to
products and integrated maximise player comfort. The
Network? tomer support programs. In industry, Rowe International and Merit entertainment solutions, we Rx boasts a clean internal
AJ Russo: In terms of opera- addition, the merger provides
Entertainment, resulted in the creation of one
will remain the world leader layout, easily serviced compo-
tion, our software depart- great benefits to our cus-
ments were undisturbed by tomers, such as better sales
of the most diverse entertainment groups in
in the expanding out-of-home nents, and even interior
entertainment market. service lights - making empty-
the merger.The Chica go office coverage and more integrated
the world. James Walker spoke to AJ
ing the cashbox the most fre-
continues to concentrate on product offerings. New initia-
music and network software, tives in the US include actively
Russo, creative director for AMI
GW: How much focus does quent task operators face
the AMI team place upon cus- each month. AMI makes the
while AMI-Bristol - previously pursuing national advertising Entertainment Network, to see how the tomers/end-users when it best coin-operated equip-
known as Merit Entertain- partners, pursuing chain
company is faring a few months on.
comes to design? ment in the business because
ment - continues to be the restaurant accounts, and AJ: Customer feedback is we constantly work to incor-
home of our game studio. In helping to grow a new, bar- crucial. At AMI we actively porate what our customers
fact, our Jackpot Corner game, based television network to focusing on the Middle GW: What are the main chal- listen through many proactive really need.
due to appear on the Mega- called But first and fore- East, China and other coun- lenges currently facing the means, including on-site beta
touch 2010 release, repre- most we’re a coin-op tries experiencing rapid entertainments sector? How visits. We speak to all our cus- GW: What does AMI have
sents some of our studio’s best company dedicated to pro- growth in the entertainment do you intend to overcome tomers - operators, location planned for the remainder of
work. It’s been exceptionally ducing great products for this industry. We are actively lis- those challenges? owners, bartenders, and of 2009 and beyond?
received by our US player- marketplace. tening to our international AJ: Despite a weakened course, players. Our design AJ: We have a new suite of
base and we’re excited to customers and their special economy players are still team uses their feedback to Megatouch games coming to
bring our latest creation to all GW: Prior to the merger deal, needs. As evidence of this, spending money on entertain- relentlessly improve our the international market this
markets this winter. Merit had become renowned per customer request we ment products and we believe products. The Megatouch Rx winter. We are currently beta
for its dominating presence in added China’s Dou Di Zhu to the operators who continue is a great example. Its low testing new software for our
GW: What synergies are the Middle East and other our portfolio of Megatouch to invest in their route will profile allows locations to Rowe and Rock-Ola jukebox
expected to come about from high-growth entertainment- card games and will con- emerge as winners in the place it virtually anywhere on brands. We have our new
the merger? Will you pursue only areas. Do you intend to tinue to develop software upcoming economic recov- the bar top. It offers outside product entering the
any new business areas? focus on these areas going we feel will help our interna- ery. At AMI we are investing to placement capabilities and market. And as always, stay
AJ: Our merger did result in forward? tional customers grow their help our customers get more fits seamlessly into any restau- tuned for some surprises at
cost-saving synergies that can AJ: AMI remains committed business. efficient, drive more coin- rant's décor. Bartenders can AMOA, IAPPA and ATEI.
GamesWorld | 10 | October 2009
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