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“VLTs have brought many benefits including saving their lottery from
bankruptcy and provided much needed revenue to the government as
well as local businesses.” Bobby Huckabee President | Southland Amusements
FECs | Dubai
New-style FEC could
set precedent for
Middle East growth
Rides and games are a standard feature of
most family entertainment centres in the
Middle East, but now a new outlet in Dubai
blurs the boundaries between the two.
Owen Ralph visits Interactive FC 2.0.
eveloped by the FEC, all of them include a Game Theater comes com- competition and lack of Sanjay Chakraborty. He selves with the games.
Landmark Group, game element. Supporting plete with two games, Des- space. Working within stan- believes that by going after a Marketing a new concept
Interactive FC 2.0 media was created by Alter- perados and Pirate’s Plunder. dard retail height, it simply slightly different market this is tough, which is why 3DBA
is the latest incar- face and Falcon’s Treehouse. Players sit on moving saddles didn’t have room for regular new FEC concept can. is working with various
nation of Fun City, The highlight is arguably and take aim at the action on rides and attractions. Yet “Our operating philoso- licence holders to offer
which can be found in shop- Air Racer, an interactive drag screen. As with Air Racer, a Landmark also wanted to phy has always been to target branded versions of these
ping malls across the United race featuring four single- winner’s photo is displayed make a statement. the local customer,” added and other interactive attrac-
Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, seater cars that travel on a at the end of the game. Close by on Sheikh Zayed Chakraborty. “We believe that tions, allowing operators to
India and China. Many of cushion of air. To make the Three other attractions, Jet Road is the Mall of Emirates, a FEC should be for the resi- piggyback on the back of
these malls, such as the new cars go, riders wait for the Blaster, Battle Ship F1 and featuring the tourist-friendly dent community and its offer- films and other intellectual
Oasis Centre in Dubai, are green light and press the Battle of the Parallel Planes Ski Dubai and a Magic Planet- ing should ensure they keep properties. It believes there is
operated by Landmark itself. button in their car. The rider are video games featuring branded FEC. And, as well as coming back.” potential at new and existing
Interactive FC 2.0 sits on with the fastest reaction pods that move in response all those other FECs through- Landmark has taken a bold FECs throughout the Middle
the third floor of Oasis and wins. to the player’s performance. out the region, there are also move by developing this new East.
includes eight interactive The Interactive Game Also featured at Interactive new competing attractions indoor entertainment format In the meantime,
rides and attractions devel- Battle, also known as SWAT, is FC 2.0 were Race to Escape, a like Sega Republic, which and, like Fun City itself, devel- Chakraborty confirms this
oped by the Belgian company a next generation game of 4D simulator, and the Galac- offers some similarities to oping the brand from scratch. will not be the last Fun City of
3D Branded Attractions laser tag in which players tic Maze, a themed fun Interactive FC 2.0, albeit on a Once Ramadan is over it this kind: “Immersive, interac-
(3DBA) and its partners. must rid a spacecraft of alien house/mirror maze. grander scale. intends to push the concept tive play is going to be the
Designed to complement the forces using wireless shoot- Fun City’s owner decided “Could we compete with more aggressively. It will also future and we will be at the
video games and redemption ing technology. to deviate from the standard these two behemoths?” asks focus on school trips too, so forefront of developing and
machines elsewhere in the The 16-seat Interactive FEC offering for two reasons: Fun City general manager children can acquaint them- designing such centres.”
Pubs | UK Survey | US
US laundry proprietors
In the UK, a move to
assess coin opportunities
stop rentalising
A RECENT ONLINE SURVEY factor in their decision, and offered gambling, would you
machine income in
ASKED US LAUNDRY 4 per cent aren’t sure if the lose some business? Forty-
pubs has been met
OWNERS IF THEY WOULD economy has affected their six percent of the respon-
with criticism by the
Pressure group calls EVER OFFER SOME TYPE attitude toward gambling. dents said they aren’t sure
OF GAMBLING (LOTTERY More than four fifths of what would happen in this
Fair Pint group,
for machine tie
TICKETS, SLOTS, VIDEO respondents (82 per cent) scenario. Twenty-nine
which insists the tie
POKER) ON THEIR PREM- said they believe gambling percent said they wouldn’t
ISES, IF GIVEN THE would generate revenue at lose any business to a com-
should be scrapped
to be scrapped
OPPORTUNITY? It seems laundries (“significant petitor offering some type of
that the current economic extra-profit revenue” drew gambling, and 25 per cent
conditions have influenced 36 per cent of the response said they believe they would
the way some US laundry and “modest extra-profit lose some business.
k pub company Punch’s The move will be applied to thing which was recommend by owners think about gam- revenue” drew 46 per cent). Regardless of their feel-
move to stop rentalising each Punch pub that is re-let or the Trade and Industry Select bling, according to a recent Four percent said they ings on the subject of gam-
AWP and SWP machine subject to a rent review, although Committee back in 2004,” said online survey. believe gambling would bling, 93 per cent said they
income is a “half-hearted” it will be five years before every Fair Pint founding member Steve Sixty-eight percent of generate little or no extra- owe it to themselves to
response to the UK’s Business Punch pub undergoes such a Corbett. survey respondents said profit revenue, and 14 per check out any government-
and Enterprise Committee (BEC) review. Corbett stated: “The only way they would offer some type cent said they aren’t sure ratified gambling opportu-
report, according to anti- The pubco said the move to ensure fairness is if the of gambling if given the what type of results gam- nity. A meagre 7 per cent
machine tie campaigners Fair would cost it around £2m a year, machine tie is scrapped entirely, opportunity. Eighteen bling would generate. said they have no interest
Pint. with the total cost adding up to but as ever the pubcos talk about percent aren’t sure if they Thirty-two per cent of whatsoever in offering any
The pressure group claims between £8m-£10m. Fair Pint wanting to respond to the BEC would bring gambling into respondents said security type of gambling.
that the only fair way forward is for claims that Punch will still be report by improving fairness but their laundries, and 14 per would be the No. 1 concern if
the machine tie, which ties pub keeping around £4,500 of are unwilling to make any cent wouldn’t offer any type they offered gambling.
tenants into unfavourable machine income a year per pub. changes, which will be effective in of gambling. Other top concerns included
machine income share arrange- “This news has been pre- improving the financial position of Thirty-six percent of “gambling would bring in
ments, to be completely sented by Punch Taverns as their tenants.” respondents said their deci- the wrong type of people”
scrapped. Punch stopped rental- good news for tenants when it is A Punch spokesperson sion to bring gambling into (18 per cent) and “there isn’t
ising machine income on pubs at best a half-hearted response to stated: “We made this change in the laundry has been influ- enough room for gambling
from 1 August in a move that is the BEC recommendation that good faith, as a further example of enced by current economic machines, etc.” (16 per
predicted to benefit licensees by the machine tie ought to be our commitment to evolve our conditions. Sixty percent cent).
£1,250 per annum. scrapped entirely, which is some- leased business model.” said the economy plays no If a competing laundry
GamesWorld | 16 | October 2009
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