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Upcoming Events
Game Time’s China venture pays off
Aware of the growing importance of
manufacturing on the Chinese mainland, show
organiser Game Time International disregarded
the imposing presence of the global economic
downturn to launch the GTI Asia China Expo,
which opened its doors in the blue-collar Mecca
of Guangzhou on September 3. Sin-Jian Chang,
RAI Centre, Amsterdam QEII, London
deputy director of the marketing division for the
People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Culture,
cut the ribbon on the first day of the show,
opening the way for 109 exhibitors to demonstrate
the potential of the Chinese market to Asia and
the world. “More and more manufacturers from
Over recent years Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong set up
Guangzhou has become a factories in China, or co-operate with Chinese
major manufacturing hub manufacturers in order to expand the market,”
for the gaming industry Game Time said in the wake of the exhibition.
Kaohsiung Arena
Las Vegas Convention Center
Italian government “must loosen tax laws”
The head of Italy’s prominent gaming trade
September 2009 US
association SAPAR has called for a 30-01 Digital Signage Show
17-19 G2E Global Gaming
relaxation of the country’s tax laws ahead of
Europe Olympia, London, UK
Expo Las Vegas Convention
Enada Rome.
30-02 Euro Attractions Center, Las Vegas, US
Show RAI International 17-20 IAAPA Attractions
Exhibition and Congress Expo Las Vegas Convention
Centre, Amsterdam,
Center, Las Vegas, US
aolo Dalla Pria, country’s tax regime is still too “Nevertheless, there’s a high topics such as the taxation Netherlands
chairman of Italian harsh. fiscal burden on the trade and issue.” 30-02 SAGSE Buenos Aires
January 2010
gaming trade body “One per cent less would be last year it was increased by 0.6 The 2009 edition of Enada Costa Salguero Convention
SAPAR, has enough,” he said in the weeks per cent, reaching a rate of 12.6 Rome will occupy expo halls Centre, Buenos Aires,
19-22 IMA 2010 Düsseldorf
appealed for the leading up to the autumn per cent, to which a further 0.8 one and three of the Roma New Argentina
Exhibition Centre, Düsseldorf,
government to loosen its “vice- edition of Enada, which is due to per cent is added for the service Exhibition Centre, with an Germany
like grip” on the coin-op sector take place in Rome on October of the Monopoly and Licensees. overall area of 30,000sq.m of October 2009 25 International Casino
ahead of the country’s most 7-9. It’s true that the gaming and Pria added: “We need it to be exhibition space and the partic-
05-07 Balkan
Conference (ICC) Earls Court
important international expo, game sector is in good health - in lowered by one per cent, ipation of over 200 companies.
Entertainment & Gaming
London UK
Enada Rome. the first nine months of the year because many costs are borne Although specific visitor data
Expo (BEGE) Inter Expo &
26 Combating Cybercrime
While new directives such as we have almost reached the by trade members, particularly is not yet available, Enada 2009 is
Congress Centre, Sofia, Conference Earls Court
the compulsory replacement of revenue for the whole of 2008. in this period in which they’re well positioned to be as success-
Bulgaria Exhibition Centre London UK
Comma 6 machines with The future could be just as good, also compelled to change ful as last year. In 2008, the Italian
07 Annual National
Comma 6a units have com- thanks to the fact that machines machines. This is why we intend game and gaming industry
26-28 ATEI 2010 Earls Court
Conference of Visitor
pelled the coin-operated amuse- will become increasingly attrac- inviting illustrious exponents of reported a growth of 12.5 per
Exhibition Centre, London, UK
Attractions (VAC 2009) QEII
ments industry to make further tive and ensure better perform- the government to Enada Rome, cent, equal to a revenue figure of
26-28 European
Conference Centre, London,
investments in Italy, Pria said the ance. where we shall network on key E47.5bn, according to SAPAR.
Amusement and Gaming
07-08 Preview 2010 Novotel
Expo (EAG) ExCel, London,
London West, London, UK
Beacon shines light on Asian gaming industry
07-09 Enada New Rome
26-28 IGE 2010 Earls Court
Expo Centre, Rome, Italy
Exhibition Centre, London, UK
08-09 Slovak Show
26-28 The Betting Show
Bratislava, Slovakia
Earls Court Exhibition Centre,
09-11 Hot Games Show London, UK
Despite recently
has been created as part of “Over the last two-and-a-half
Beacon’s wider effort to provide years we have been working with
Kaohsiung Arena, Kaohsiung, 26-28 The Toy Fair Olympia
ending its insight into emerging Asian gaming the leaders in both land-based
Grand Hall, London, UK
15-17 Surexpo
relationship with
markets. Supported by the Tourism and online gaming in the Asia-
International Expocenter,
February 2010
Clarion Gaming,
Bureau of Penghu County, it will Pacific region and have built up an
cover the latest regulations for enviable network of contacts,”
Warsaw, Poland
Beacon Events says
operators and technology suppli- said the group’s gaming confer-
20-21 Asian Gambling
07-11 Spring Fair
Briefing Singapore City,
International NEC
it remains committed
ers in key jurisdictions, as well as ence director, Rosalind Wade.
investment tips and opportunities. “We recognise that this is a distinct
Birmingham, UK
to both land-based In addition to its core annual and unique marketplace, with
27-29 Dubai World Game
Expo Dubai International March 2010
and online gaming
events, Beacon is currently prepar- each country having a different
ing to host a range of other industry- identity and different ways of
Convention & Exhibition Centre,
markets in Asia.
specific conferences, including the doing business.
02-03 AmEx 2010 Green Isle
Anti-Corruption South Asia “Our aim, therefore, is to provide
28-30 Amusement Expo
Hotel, Dublin, Ireland
Europe Fiera di Genova,
10-11 Aruba Gaming Expo
ince its formation a little more “Even though the partnership Summit, Wimax Strategies Asia the global gaming industry with
Genoa, Italy
Westin Resort Hotel, Aruba
than two-and-a-half years with Clarion Gaming has ended fol- and Optimising Corporate Gover- insights into these specific markets
10-12 Amusement
ago, Hong Kong-based lowing their restructuring, Beacon nance and Reporting in Asia. from those who are on the ground
November 2009
Beacon Events has grown to remains committed to the Asian Plans are also in the works for doing business here,” Wade
12 BISL Annual Conference
International/Fun Expo Las
become the organiser of the largest gaming market and plans an excit- programmes in Australia, Cambo- added. “We continue to search for
portfolio of gaming conferences in ing portfolio of events,” the dia, Japan, Korea and Singapore. ways to add value to participants at
Lords Cricket Ground, London,
Vegas Convention Center, Las
Asia, including the Asian Gaming company said. Beacon said it would combine a our events and to ensure the best
Vegas, US
Regulation and Investment Taking place in Taipei, Taiwan, comprehensive overview of these possible experience in terms of
16-20 IAAPA Attractions
18-20 IAAPI Amusement
Summit, iGaming Asia Congress on October 6-8, the Asian Gaming markets with site visits to some of learning, networking and entertain-
Conference Las Vegas Expo 2010 Bombay Exhibition
and Asian Sports Betting Summit. Regulation and Investment Summit the newest venues. ment.”
Convention Center, Las Vegas, Centre, Mumbai, India
GamesWorld | 37 | October 2009
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