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“Whether or not Russians will come to Bulgaria will be a question of
whether or not we can provide gaming opportunities they seek.”
Milena Tsankarska Spokesperson | BEGE
Counterfeit Charges
UltraCade founder faces
Video game
fraud charges
welcome cash
A federal jury in the US has indicted the founder of UltraCade on
charges that he stole software belonging to Global VR. CONCERNING SERIOUS
OPMENT Massachusetts’
he former owner fraud charges. State Representative John
of UltraCade Following the charges, Binienda has proposed a
Technologies has Foley pleaded not guilty and measure which would provide
been indicted on was released on $100,000 tax credits to game companies
charges that he bond. that establish studios in the
counterfeited game packs Global VR’s 2006 purchase state.
for his classic arcade game of UltraCade was undertaken Considering how compara-
business following its sale to in an effort to leverage the tively little the US government
Global VR, and sold them for assets and technology of invests in the arts in general, it
his personal profit. both companies, making the would be unrealistic to expect
Formed in 2002, San Jose- David Foley new entity one of the the Massachusetts case to
based UltraCade made its strongest in the arcade indus- prove the bellwether for further
mark on the gaming industry owned by Global VR, clandes- try. In the face of increased investment in other states.
through its officially licensed tinely made games and sold completion in the global However, the industry will be
classic arcade game product them, the indictment said. video games market, Global’s encouraged to see these kinds
line, which included game Stolen codes reportedly goal was to provide a steady of stories, not least because it
packs that emulated PC hard- included games for Namco, stream of innovative prod- demonstrates the artistic, cul-
ware. Founder David Foley Nintendo and Taito proper- ucts for both the arcade and believe that the result will be Cade, and then at Global VR, tural and technological signifi-
sold the company in 2006 to ties, which run on Global’s at-home markets. a highly creative company and was involved in deals cance of video games.
fellow Californian company - arcade gaming systems. “Both companies have operating on solid financial licensing the intellectual Meanwhile in Taiwan, the Min-
and one of the major remain- Foley, along with Michael independently created footing.” property in question. istry of Economic Affairs has
ing arcade firms - Global VR. Daddona of Automated Serv- world class products and Bob DeKett, CEO of Nan- “I don’t believe that David offered to subsidise 40 percent
It is alleged that following ices, who allegedly bought systems,” Foley said at the otech Entertainment, said has done anything wrong, of the development and technol-
the sale of UltraCade Foley the stolen software from the time. “Our union will the industry should refrain and I believe he will be vindi- ogy costs incurred by studios
continued to manufacture UltraCade founder, were combine the sound manage- from judgement until the cated by a full acquittal. I that set up shop in the country.
counterfeit game packs at his named in a 35-count indict- ment practices Jim DeRose case moves forward: “While I would caution people to Since 2008, Finland’s gov-
home in Los Gatos using a ment that included charges [Global president and CEO] cannot comment on any wait until this is settled and ernment, via its technology
‘burner’. of conspiracy, trafficking in has brought to Global VR specifics, I can tell you I was know the entire story before funding arm, Tekes, has pledged
Foley kept proprietary counterfeit goods and theft with my passion for product the vice-president of busi- rendering a judgment or over E10m to help support the
code and trade secrets of trade secrets, among other development. We firmly ness development at Ultra- opinion about the situation.” country’s gaming industry.
“Tekes has identified games
as a strategically important
research and development area
Ontario emerges as gaming industry hub
and thus one of the key focus
areas,” said Tekes senior tech-
nology advisor Mari Isbom.
Remedy Games, developer
of Max Payne and the highly
An emerging digital media hub in Canada has seen Ontario rise as a global centre for gaming, interactive media
anticipated Alan Wake, and
Bugbear Entertainment are
television, film and animation industries. Alex Lee explains. among the 50 game companies
that call Finland home.
While the bulk of these invest-
Institute of Technology and ment and gaming.” ments will most likely manifest
Canada Advanced Learning. “Not only The Digital Media Centre itself in the creation of console
do these moves make eco- for Real-time Production will and online games, it is a natural
nomic sense, they make take a revolutionary progression that those best
tremendous business sense. approach to research, tech- suited to coin-op cabinets will
The Greater Toronto Area is nology development, educa- eventually see the light of day in
home to some of the most tion and innovation, and will arcades around the world.
highly skilled artists and tech- be located in the heart of
nical tradespeople these Toronto.
he Sheridan Institute of industries rely upon for their The Centre’s mission is to
Technology and workforces. It's the perfect conduct world-class research
Advanced Learning has environment for digital media into film, digital cinema and
welcomed the latest invest- industries to grow and thrive.” high definition imaging tech-
ment into the digital media Sheridan is a leading educa- Toronto: home of video nologies in a wide variety of
industry in Ontario after the tor in the digital media space, gaming excellence areas from capture to delivery
provincial government with internationally and archiving. It was con-
announced a ten year invest- renowned programmes in tel- ceived and launched by Sheri-
ment of $263m into game evision and film production try across North America. tionships with industry. We dan and will operate in
developer, Ubisoft. and animation. While histori- “The province’s invest- look forward to playing a key partnership with creative
“The investment by the cally, animation students ments into animation and role in ensuring the graduates industries and three levels of
provincial government is started careers in television gaming will undoubtedly supporting this burgeoning government.
another key step in securing and film, nearly half of Sheri- attract other companies to sector of Ontario’s economy The Centre has also
Ontario's future as a global dan’s animation graduates locate here as well,” added are experts in the latest tech- received $300,000 in support
hub for digital media compa- now go on to become the Turner. “Sheridan has long nology and have the skills the from the Ontario govern- Taiwan: government
nies,” said Dr. Rob Turner, pres- backbone of game develop- been a leader in digital media industry needs to compete in ment’s Ontario Media Devel- offering subsidies for video
ident and CEO, Sheridan ment in the video game indus- education and has close rela- a global market for entertain- opment Corporation. game development
GamesWorld | 22 | October 2009
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