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Electronic Cigarettes | US Lottery | Russia
No smoke
without batteries
Mike Rudowicz, former president of the American Amusement
Machine Association, has turned his industry expertise to the newly
born industry sector of electronic cigarettes. James Walker reports.
he signing of anti- arette substitutes give small “The owners of Freedom, CHARITIES. One of the
smoking legislation amounts of the chemical nicotine Glenn Kassel and Mike Lewis, ran main aims of the new
in public places without the tobacco or other one of the largest skill crane lottery organisation
across many coun- chemicals from real cigarettes. routes in the US in the 1990s,” he Novolot is to provide mate-
tries around the The main substances in the e-cig- said. “They know our industry. rial assistance to projects
world will long be remembered as arettes are nicotine, propylene They thought that their product directed at the develop-
the time when governments finally glycol, water and artificial flavours. would provide a new revenue ment of culture and society
acted to preserve the health of mil- In an effort to explore future stream for operators and location in Russia. Alsart is hoping
lions individuals - from those who growth opportunities in this owners and would keep patrons
he feels Freedom Smoke-
less offer the best product that charity money will be
work in bars, restaurants and sector, Mike Rudowicz, former in establishments longer as they
on the market today. “Most raised to support the pro-
other venues to the people who president of the American Amuse- no longer had to go outside to of these so-called new duction of children’s films,
frequent them. ment Machine Association, has grab a smoke.”
manufacturers do nothing television, radio and litera-
Yet while the signing of smoke- formed Entertainment Connec- Freedom’s electronic ciga- SMOKELESS other take a poorly ture. Ten per cent of all
free laws will no doubt result in a tions. The industry veteran plans rettes are available in different designed cheap unit - the lottery ticket sales revenue
reduction in heart disease, cancer, to work with carefully selected nicotine strengths, or with zero outdated three-piece will go to the fund of the
emphysema, and other diseases, companies as a coin-op specialist nicotine. “The products are com- design - and have a manu- autonomous non-profit
many operators have cited the in new product development, posed of two components: a Many new companies are facturer in China knock it organisation of culture and
bans as having a detrimental licensing and market analysis. battery and an atomising car- currently developing elec- off. Our design, which is a art development entitled
effect on their business. Manufac- One of Entertainment Connec- tridge,” added Rudowicz. “Most tronic cigarettes. Rudow- two-piece, has numerous the Creative Alliance Film
turers, too, say takings are tions’ first partnerships of our competitors have a three- icz, however, explains why advantages.” Industry/Theatre.
down in their onsite amuse- is with pioneering elec- piece design - battery, separate The new Novolot lottery
ment and gaming machines tronic manufacturer atomiser and separate car- is registered according to
as a result of clean air acts. Freedom Smokeless, tridge.” sumers is that Freedom’s elec- over 50 per cent of smokers try the Federal Act dated
Smokeless, or electronic and Rudowicz plans Consumers can legally smoke tronic cigarettes are cheaper than and quit - mainly for health and November 11, 2003 and
cigarettes are a relatively to create distribution Freedom Smokeless products normal cigarettes, costing an financial reasons. We believe that ratified in the paragraph
new concept that has drawn channels within the anywhere. The electronic ciga- average of $2.66 per pack. we offer a better alternative to headed “About lottery” in
the attention of both industry vending and rettes contain no tobacco, no tar “There are over one billion smoking tobacco products and the Federal Tax Service
professionals and the amusement indus- and are virtually odourless. More- smokers in the world,” said that this sector will grow at a most document dated July 1,
general public alike. The cig- tries. over, the main draw for con- Rudowicz. “Statistics show that rapid pace.” 2009.
Currently, the lottery
market turnover in Russia
VLT | Canada
is estimated at US$300-
$400m a year.
“We are planning devel-
opment all over Russia as a
concept of lottery centres
NSGC launches
but also as street operator.
Our company’s plans are to
place around 5,000 lottery
responsible gaming
terminals by the end of
2010. In doing this, we are
planning to take a 10 per
cent share of the country’s
cards for VLTs
lottery market,” stated
Lyubov Loginova, chair of
The Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation has launched the Informed Player Choice System, a player card designed
to encourage informed decision making and responsible gambling among its customers.
ollowing a successful use. here the player will obtain a The NSGC cited experts The move by the NSGC
trial period which NSGC said the system to personal identification who agreed that greater follows the introduction of a
showed that responsible provide historical gambling number which can be used at access to betting information similar VLT protection system
gaming features on VLTs had a information to players would any of the registered encourages informed deci- by Norway’s Norsk Tipping.
positive impact on reducing enable them to make machines. sion making which in turn can In Norway, VLT cards are
problem gambling, a new vol- informed decisions about The NSGC moved ahead lead to responsible play and coupled with additional harm-
untary system in Nova Scotia their gambling activities, with plans to make player the prevention of future gam- reduction features such as an
provides customers access to including the option to set a information tools available on bling problems. automatic 'cooling off' period
personal gambling history, self-imposed ban for 24, 48 or all VLTs across Nova Scotia The system is expected to of ten minutes after each hour
informing players of wins and 72 hour periods. after field test results by three be rolled out to all machines in of continuous play by an indi-
losses during a specific play Players wishing to use the independent researchers the province of Nova Scotia by vidual, while cash options were
session or across the year and new system will have to regis- showed that responsible December 2009 at an annual also removed from gaming
allowing players to set spend- ter for a special card at a video gaming features on VLTs had a running cost of between machines - effectively making
ing and time limits on their VLT lottery terminal site. From positive impact. CAD$4m-$5m. the VLT cards mandatory.
GamesWorld | 19 | October 2009
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