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VLT Regulation | Malta
Renewed calls for implementation
of gambling law
Population: 405,165
GDP: $9.962bn (ranked 149th in
the world)
Economy: Dependent on foreign
trade, manufacturing, especially
electronics and pharmaceuti-
cals, and tourism - all of which
have been negatively affected by
the global economic downturn.
Malta adopted the Euro on 1
January 2008. The Maltese gov-
ernment is expected to be chal-
lenged to contain the budget
deficit, which ballooned in 2008
to about 4.1 per cent of GDP,
placing it above the euro zone's 3
per cent maximum.
he Maltese Labour a level playing field must be machines had to be in line Galea to give such an exemp-
Party has called established for the operators Politicians are demanding that the new rules with regulations and compati- tion, which was only given by
for the quick while the authorities watch
relating to gambling outlets in Malta must
ble with the central monitor- word of mouth.
implementation over the social interest of gam- ing system that LGA was Gambling arcade operators
of the new rules blers,” he said.
be implemented as soon as possible.
supposed to create. now await the regulations,
on gambling outlets, which The regulations would One operator invested which Finance Minister Tonio
are to be issued after Parlia- ascertain rights including age Authority and the Commis- believed. E5.5m in new machinery and Fenech promised to present
ment debates the new set of establishment. He also sioner of Police regarding the “Everyone must abide by the sector had 400 employees to Parliament in September,
regulations when it recon- believes that gamblers, even confiscation of VLTs, Mangion the court’s decision,” said one up to the first week of August. following summer recess.
venes after the summer in the case of video lottery ter- said that the court’s decision of the operators in the wake of However, LGA did not have The operator said that regu-
recess. minals (VLTs), must be over was legally valid. the decree. Nevertheless, he the necessary set up and the lations should make sense and
“There must be no further the age of 25, as is the norm He noted, however, that the reiterated that the govern- government had not pre- be proportionate to the other
delays in the implementation with local casinos. crackdown on VLTs on 6 ment and LGA, which had pre- sented the proposals to Parlia- gaming sectors. They must
of regulations for the gam- A regulated market will also August was a result of the gov- sented the VLT Regulations ment by the end of 2008. All also be implemented in a
bling and video lottery termi- generate good revenue in ernment’s mismanagement Roll-Out Plan in October had forgotten the deadlines. timely manner for damage to
nals sector,” shadow finance taxes for the government, he and bad administration. No 2007, had misled them. Furthermore, former LGA be controlled, he added.
minister Charles Mangion stated. Referring to this such action would have been Besides proposing regula- CEO Mario Galea had told It seems that operators are
said in a statement. week’s court decision reject- necessary had the market tions following a two-year- operators that a general ready and willing to collabo-
“We have been calling for ing an application for a pro- been regulated before gam- long consultation process exemption applied because rate with the police and
the government to regulate hibitory injunction against bling arcades mushroomed all with stakeholders, the plan of the delay in legislature; authorities to ensure that the
the sector for a long time since the Lotteries and Gaming around the islands, he said that by the end of 2008, all however, the law did not allow law is observed.
GamesWorld | 30 | October 2009
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