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a “ I treat people with a variety of

ilments from stress and anxiety to diseases such as cancer

By AZLANNA COOTE, Soul 2 Soul Therapy


Healing has always been an important part of my life and over the years I have trained in various healing modalities. They are each wonderful in their own way but I tend to mostly use my own intuitive energy healing that I was born with.

Saying that, I do use Tibetan healing in every session. During a visit to a Tibetan Monastery some years ago, I was shown how to use numerous healing tools and having experienced these wonderful healing instruments, I couldn’t resist bringing some of them back with me.

I use the Tibetan healing mat in every session.You lie upon a magnetic sacred geometric grid mat which is attached to two crystal wands. The mat is designed to attune to your meridian system and the natural magnetic field of the body; neither over-stimulating nor under-stimulating but balancing and purifying the energy systems of the body. It works on the cause all the way down to the energetic field and attunes to the DNA in the body; both the physical DNA, the light that is the DNA and the magnetic field that carries that

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light. The magnetic mat applies the science of etheric healing, aligning the individual to a peaceful, meditative state that allows for the meridian and chakras to be balanced and the individual to become attuned to the higher vibration. The mat places you in a very relaxed state which allows me to tune into your energy field on a very deep level.

I treat people with a variety of ailments from stress and anxiety to diseases such as cancer. What I have discovered over many years of practice is that behind every illness regardless of its severity is an emotional block or trauma. By healing the emotional body you heal the physical.

So what can you expect from a healing session? A typical session lasts approximately one hour. I ask that my clients do not tell me anything about themselves or their condition prior to the healing as it would interfere with the information I channel.

The client lies upon the Tibetan mat which is laid on a comfortable therapy couch and I place the crystal wands in each

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of their hands. I then balance the Chakras using another Tibetan crystal. The Chakras are the seven major energy centres within the body, which if out of balance can greatly affect health and well being. Once I have talked through this process, I then give the client some mental relaxation techniques to practice whilst I carry out the healing. (Most of my clients fall asleep once the energy starts working through them). I then place my hands on the body and channel energy through my hands to my client. Whilst I am doing this I am also tuning into their energy field and I am then able to channel information about their condition and emotional state. I am able to feel the physical pain or ailment so I can fully understand the clients condition.

The client will feel very relaxed through this process and will most likely feel heat and tingling sensations through the whole body. More often than not the client feels an emotional release during the healing and can feel quite tearful. This is quite normal and beneficial to the process.

When I have completed the healing I gently bring the client out of

their relaxed state and

relay my findings. It is sometimes difficult for people to talk about

their deepest fears, worries and traumas, so it is a huge relief for them that I already know all the details without them having to go through it all themselves. My clients often tell me that I know them better than they know themselves. At the end of the session I recommend a course of action to my clients which will enable them to continue the healing process. My clients always leave feeling positive and uplifted.

I teach various classes but I have found that my Zen Meditation and Mindfulness classes work really well with the healing sessions as meditation empowers people to take control of their lives whilst also building confidence and self esteem. I combine life coaching with these classes.

I would like to stress that Holistic Therapy is not an alternative to conventional medical care and I always ensure that my clients are seeking professional advice from the GP whilst working with me.

Helping others is my life’s work and I am passionate about what I do. My mission in this life time is to heal, inspire and motivate others in transforming their lives.

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