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- Thomas Sansone current and future developments?
I recently had the pleasure of
Simple: Send an e-mail to interviewing Brandon Cobb,
with the subject line 'mailing list'. Once you've sub-President of Super Fighter
scribed to our mailing list, you'll never have to worry Team. We discussed his new
about missing any important news about our products. RPG for the Sega Genesis;
Beggar Prince. Below is part Is there anything you want to mention to readers that I
two of our interview. didn‘t ask?
Some people may ask, "Why
If you love classic gaming, let's work together to keep it develop games for orphaned
big, bold, fresh, and new. I welcome your ideas, ques-systems like the Lynx and
tions, and comments just as much as I welcome your Genesis?" What would your
orders, because they help us to improve upon our prod-response be?
ucts and services.
Beggar Prince is available for $40 plus shipping.
When I was a child, the things that impressed me most Get it at
about video games were great game play, incredible chip
music, and fascinating pixel graphics. My feelings have-
n't changed, but unfortunately, the industry has. To
develop and produce new games for modern systems
would certainly bring in much more money, and would
get my name out there much deeper in the industry.
However, it wouldn't make me happy nor would it give
me a sense of purpose. What I'm doing for owners of
classic systems, it's a childhood dream of mine finally
realized, and that's very important to me.

Where do you see your company, and yourself, 5 years
from now?

The creative energies I've been able to put forth during
the development of Beggar Prince and other projects has
really got me inspired and excited about what else I
could do with my ability. I'm hoping I'll find the time,
and the drive, to explore this feeling further, both for the
benefit of myself and others. Of course, this simultane-
ously means I'm more fueled up about what Super
Fighter Team will be able to do in the future. After only
one project for the Genesis, we were able to expand to
the Lynx, giving owners of this system some hope for
the future, too. That's what's great about this stuff;
there's always someone out there with a dream, and my
job is to help them realize that dream is worth fighting
With the popularity of the Wii and the Virtual Console
that allows you to play Sega Genesis and other classic
games on the Wii, there may be some other marketing
possibilities for you. Have you looked into making your
games available on Virtual Console? Or perhaps releas-
ing them for the PC or MAC maybe bundled with an emu-

Super Fighter Team exists to support a niche market that
the rest of the gaming industry conveniently swept under
the rug until they realized it could equal big profits with
little to no effort. When you buy one of our games, what
you are getting is an authentic experience for your clas-
sic console, not a simulated rehash.
What is the best way for someone to keep up with your
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