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Welcome to What Wii Play (by vc- brains tested more frequently than their This month we are going to reflexes. The most efficient path through
look at some European Releases that the danger-filled rooms is not always
should be coming to the US soon. Spe- clear, and also not always the safest
cifically, we are going to look at games route, and it is often difficult to judge
from the just added Commodore 64 whether to investigate every item in a
room for a password piece, or gamble and look elsewhere. A good memory
(or decent mapping skills) is also essential
when navigating the labyrinthine corridors of Professor Impossible Mission
Atombender's base, as it is quite easy to get lost. And (Commodore 64)
then of course there's the all-important secret password, 500 Wii Points
the assembly of which is almost a game in itself. Released (EU Only):
April 11, 2008 Adding to the game's complexity and replay potential is
Players: 1 an inherent element of chance. The base's layout is ran-
Controller Support: All domly generated each time the game starts, as is the
position, distribution and behaviour of the killer robots, as
well as the locations of the elusive password pieces.
While the core gameplay mechanics are quite simple, the forward planning involved in every player action, as well
During the past three days, key military computer installa- as the random nature of the game's design, makes it a
tions of every major world power have reported security serious, although never unfair, challenge.
failures. In each case, someone gained access to a pri-
mary missile attack computer. Only one person is capable Impossible Mission is a platformer, it's a puzzler, it's about
of computer tampering on this scale - Professor Elvin eight games in one, all wrapped up in nifty 60's style spy
Atombender. thriller trappings. There's nothing quite like it on the Virtual Console, and while the dated presentation is something of
Using a fortune he amassed by raiding the computer a downside, the gameplay is varied, complex and fault-
systems of various financial institutions, Professor Elvin less. This is undoubtedly the first "must-buy" C64 game
Atombender constructed a vast, underground stronghold released so far for the Wii's Virtual Console.
packed with computer equipment. There, in seclusion,
Elvin spent four years working to breach the security of
military computer installations around the world. As you
know, he has succeeded.
Our computer estimates that he will break the launch
codes and trigger a missile attack that will destroy the
world in exactly six hours. This is the amount of time you Uridium (Commodore 64)
will have to complete you mission. 500 Wii Points Released (EU Only): March 28,
Impossible Mission is highly re- 2008
garded as one of the classic Com- Players: 1
modore 64 titles, particularly im- Controller Support: All
pressive given that it was one of
the earliest games released for the
system. The considerable success 15 Super-Dreadnought
of the game led to numerous ports ships have invaded your
and sequels, including a recent Wii galaxy, each looking to steal
update, but the C64 original is a different precious metal.
most fondly remembered. Destroy the dreadnought's
Like many titles from the C64's defensive forces, then land
early period, the presentation to finish the job.
leaves something to be desired these days. The graphics Fly your Manta fighter
are simplistic and more functional than impressive, al- across the screen, speed up, slow down, perform a 90-
though the main sprite boasts excellent animation. Simi- degree roll and shoot lasers to destroy both ground tar-
larly, the sound design is rather bare bones, mainly made gets on the dreadnought, and enemy fighters.
up of ambient buzzes and beeps, although one could
argue that the lack of music reinforces the tension. All that When the dreadnought's defences are gone, the mes-
said, the famous digitised speech, like the smooth main sage "Land Now" flashes on screen. Fly to the right side
sprite, is still quite impressive. of the dreadnought and fly your ship across the run-way,
left to right. This brings you to the fuel rod chamber, where The main strength of Impossible Mission is undoubtedly
you finish the job. Time pressing with the flashing pyramid the gameplay, and that's one area where the game still
of lights until time is about to expire, then select "Quit" and excels. While it looks like a platform title, this game is ar-
press to make your escape before the ship is destroyed. guably more of a puzzler, and a player will often find their
You will be taken to the next enemy dreadnought..
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