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(Continued from page 27) was extremely care-
ful with my stuff
patible with The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II The and I didn‘t want a
Arcade Game, but you would be sorely mistaken. Many big hole in my man-
people didn‘t even know that the Four Score even ex- ual. Looking back
isted, so it was never any big travesty, but it really I‘m glad I kept it
angers me like a dog with a cone on his head trying to intact! Some peo-
lick his, uh, never mind. People did try to argue that ple think that
the game did support it, in fact, there is even a mistake games with adver-
on the Four Score Wikipedia page that claims that The tisements should be
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II The Arcade Game is reduced in price, but for me it makes the game seem
supported by the Four Score. Wrong. Oh well, every- more ―real.‖
one gets their facts wrong sometimes, right? All in all, this was my favorite game from my childhood
One more little thing I didn‘t touch on yet…the in-game and I will continue to play both versions of the game
advertisement. Some people hate in-game advertise- multiple times a year until my fingers fall off or I‘m
ment, some don‘t mind, myself, well, I think in this laying in a casket! If I had to give this game a score
case it‘s very appropriate! Now, I know what pizza the between one and ten, I‘d give it, well, if you actually
Turtles have been ordering all these years, Pizza Hut! read this article, I‘m sure you‘d have to know by now
There are a number of Pizza Hut advertisements in the that I‘d give it a ten without even a second thought.
game and you actually got a coupon for a free pizza in - Steve Govedich
the instruction manual! I never used mine because I
These top two screenshots are from the first boss, Rocksteady, that you face on the first level of the game. T he left screenshot is from the stand-up arcade
machine and the one on the right is from the NES version. You can tell the graphical difference and of course the fact that the arcade version supports all four
Turtles at once.
These bottom two screenshots are from the boss fight at the end of the parking lot level. The left screenshot is from the stand-up arcade machine where you
fight both Beebop and Rocksteady and the one on the right is from the NES version where you fight the fly form of Baxter Stockman. I always though it was
pretty cool that they took the time change the boss battle and create a new boss instead of just recycling the old bosses, thumbs up to the Nintendo team!
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