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(Continued from page 46) get the highest score and win the
contest. Among Larry's chosen com-game).
petitions are a cooking contest, a
1996 saw the release of, “Leisure Suit "best dressed" contest, a game of
Larry 7: Love for Sail!”, featuring horseshoes, bowling, the sexual
more fleshed-out, cartoon-style prowess , and others. At times, Larry
graphics, and full voice acting, Love wins these contests not by cheating
for Sail! was the sixth installment in but only by an unexpected twist of
the LSL series (due to the fourth fate triggered by his (often uninten-
game, referred to as Leisure Suit tional) actions. For instance, Larry's
Larry 4: The Missing Floppies never encounter with fashion designer Ja-
being made). It was the last Larry mie Lee Coitus causes his leisure suit
game created by Al Lowe. After to become the height of fashion; as walk about campus and interact with
many of the Larry games had gained such, he wins the best-dressed com- students and personnel on the prem-
a reputation for not actually featuring petition. ises. In this mode, Larry can search
all that much raunchy content when It was also the first Larry game to for hidden money or tokens, strike
analyzed, this installment included include a full-fledged mini-game (not poses to impress girls, and take pho-
some much more risque’ elements. counting the casino games in the tos which can later be sold to collec-
This was also the first game to re- earlier installments, which were es- tors. At several locations on campus,
ceive an ESRB rating upon its original sential to the plot): by collecting hid- a mini-game can be entered, usually
release. The plot revolves around den red-and-white-striped dildos by "activating" an object or a person
Larry's attempt at winning a weekly (Where's Dildo?, a pun on Where’s (starting a conversation). The player
contest held on the ship by Captain Waldo), the player could unlock high must win most of the mini-games in
Thygh, a gorgeous blonde. The con- quality pin-up desktop wallpapers of order to advance. Mini-games started
test involves a series of other games the ladies in the game (the images by a conversation usually increase the
varying from legitimate sports com- are simply Windows BMP files stored affection of one of the girls. Other
petitions like bowling to naughtier in the driver’s subdirectory of the mini-games can provide money or
things like a machine created to test game under misleading Mem- increase "confidence." The game
one's sexual prowess. Each passen- ory1.drv...Memory8.drv names; they originally received an "Adults Only"
ger is given a score card with a selec- can be opened with any graphics pro- rating from the ESRB and was subse-
tion of the various competitions to gram). quently edited to receive a more com-
compete in, and the passenger with mercial "Mature" rating in the USA
the highest cumulative score at the Introducing a new character, Larry and Canada. In Europe, the game
end of the week wins. The prize is an Lovage (Nephew to Larry Laffer) and was released unedited on all three
additional free week on the cruise marking the series debut on home systems and featured a disclaimer on
spent sharing the Captain's cabin consoles (the Xbox and PS2), Leisure the packaging highlighting that it was
(and, presumably, her bed). Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude was "uncut". The unedited version was
released with high anticipation in The player must come up with a vari- eventually released in North America
2004. Like many other current ety of ways to cheat in each of Larry's under the title Leisure Suit Larry:
games, Magna Cum Laude has a free assigned competitions so that he can Magna Cum Laude--Uncut and Uncen-
exploration mode where Larry can sored!. The major difference between
the two North American releases is
that the uncut and uncensored ver-
sion contains full frontal nudity and
graphic sex scenes.
And last but not least, we have the
new “Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office
Bust” coming in 2008. Larry Lovage,
the main character of the previous
title, takes a summer job working on
the movie lot of his uncle, the original
Larry Laffer, doing odd jobs and try-
ing to uncover a mole from a rival
studio who threatens to expose the
studio's secrets to the tabloids.
With various cell phone games and a
new Larry title coming out 2008, this
series has remained a cult classic. I
can’t wait to see how the new title
pushes the boundaries.
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