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Steve Govedich Publisher
Steve is a fan of video games old and new. 6 Interview with Brandon Cobb of Super
Thomas Sansone He will gladly switch between Call of Duty 4 Fighter Team (Part 2 of 2)
on his Xbox 360 to a fun game of Frogger
Price Guide Research on an original Atari 2600. He has a beautiful 7 The Great Virtual Flop
Thomas Sansone three-year-old daughter who is getting into
gaming and a wonderful wife that is under- 15 Sega’s Virtual Un-Reality
Editor standing of his passion for video games. 33 ROM Graphic Hacking
RoseMarie Wright-Sansone Dustin Gulley
Even though my wonderful wife works full- 45 Leisure Suit Larry—A Very Cool 40-
time, goes to school part-time, and raises Review Staff Year Old Virgin
our four children, she still finds the time to
by the Editor of our magazine. 48 Game over…. Continue? Collect-
Agents J & K
Agents J and K are part of the dynamic duo ing Video Games on a Budget Video Game Trader Staff
known for However, little
is known about either one of these avid Jim Combs
NESers. After you are done reading VGT, Jim is a hardcore, passionate gamer. You
head on over to their website Reviews & Retrospectives can find his work in the Digital Press Collec-
( and read their tor's Guide Advance Edition & Tips & Tricks 10 Homebrew Reviews – Orphan
amazing NES reviews. Magazine. Systems … Adopted — This month we
Peter G. review Gingerbread Man for the Atari Dan M.
Peter is our resident reviewing for all things 2600, 72 Game Multicart for the Vectrex Dan's been playing video games since he
Homebrew related. and Vectrexians for the Vectrex. was panel high to an Asteroids machine but
especially loves the "16 Bit Wars" of the Kevin H. 18 What Wii play—This month VC-
90's. His writing can be found on Good
Deal Games' site and the Digital Press Reviews plays Impossible Mission & Dick Ward
Guide Advanced. Uridium for the C64
Pat ―Coldguy‖ 24 NES Archives—Agents J & K re-
This 22-year-old college student has always Special Contributors view Double Dragon
wanted to push the boundaries of what a
gamer should be and although his degree Virtual Console Reviews ( 26 Classic Review—Teenage Mutant
will say computer integrator, his passion is Ninja Turtles the Arcade Game vs. Teen-
writing and playing old video games, and VC Reviews’ goal is to review each and age Mutant Ninja Turtles II The Arcade
sharing his unique perspective on the gam- every Virtual Console Release. You can Game (NES)
ing world today and in the past. read past reviews at Look
for the most current reviews in this and 29 Classic Review—G.I. Joe: The At-
John Hancock future issues of Video Game Trader. lantis Factor (NES) & Aerobiz (SNES)
A serious collector, John has amassed
a video game collection of about Good Deal Games
5,500 unique video games and has com- (
pleted 12 US video game collections Good Deal Games is an internet retailer of Features
(including NES, Genesis, and N64). He classic games. You can find their puzzles in
loves to share what he knows with anyone Video Game Trader each month. 5 News, Views & Things that are Cool
who will listen. John is a proud member of
the Northwest Classic Game Enthusi- Alan Hewston 20 The Many Faces Of.. Oil’s Well
asts. Somehow, he also has time to be Alan is a senior staff writer for Retrogaming
happily married to his lovely wife, Sarah. Times monthly. If you enjoy his ―Many 22 Game Battle—GoldenEye 007 vs.
Faces of‖ column, please check out Retro- Perfect Dark
Michael Rosamilia gaming Times.
This 23-year-old lifelong New Jersey resi- 31 Video Game Flashback …
dent and graduate of Rutgers University, Special Advisor Coleco’s New Memory Device
majored in English and minored in Medieval Jay Fennimore: Owner,
Studies. He is currently a student at Brook- 36 VIDEO GAME TRADER PRICE
lyn Law School. GUIDE – Prices for Atari 2600, Atari
All contents of this Magazine are copy- 5200, Atari Computer, Nintendo NES, P. Ian Nicholson
right and/or their Sega Master System, Atari 7800, Nin-
a.k.a. VectrexMad respected copyright holders. Please do tendo Game Boy Classic, Atari Lynx,
Only a recent retro gamer, Ian is Vectrex- not duplicate without permission. Pub-
Mad! And you can usually find him making lished monthly. All images are original Sega Game Gear, Super Nintendo,
comment on the news- Video Game Trader images, or have Turbo Grafx-16, Nintendo Virtual Boy, been used by permission. For advertis-
group. He has a website and Atari Jaguar. ing information or for any other inquiries . related to Video Game Trader Magazine, 50 Classic Puzzle Contest
please contact us at
Thanks for reading!!
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