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(Continued from page 45) was ordered by Sierra. Sierra also
made it a point to bring back all the
However, in typical Larry fashion, his adult content like from the first title
encounters with the women he tries and bring the age verification system.
to seduce (Tawni, Cherri Tart, Bambi, Following the 1989 hit, “Leisure Suit
Suzi Cheatem) are doomed to failure, Larry 4: The Missing Floppies”, was
with Larry always ending up humili- released in 1991 as “Leisure Suit
ated in some way. This continues Larry 5: Passionate Patti Does a Little
until he finds a membership card to Undercover Work”, Sierra decided to
Fat City, an institute where he will drop the 4th scenario for various rea-
improve his body and obtain his titu- sons and got right to the 5th. As a
lar pulsating pectorals. Then he will result, the developers and fans gave
meet his "One True Love", who, this the 4th scenario the nickname “The
time, is a pianist named Passionate Missing Floppies”. Having leaped
Patti. over Larry 4, Al Lowe has decided to
The second part of the game occurs intentionally leave some plot gaps so
after Larry and Patti break up be- that he wouldn't bother connecting Screen Shot from Larry 7
cause of a misunderstanding; the Larry 3 with 5. He used the absence Up or Slip Out!” hit store shelves.
player then takes control of Patti in of the game itself as a plot element: Larry 6 was the first in the series to
her quest to find Larry, who has wan- Julius Biggs has stolen the 'missing feature spoken dialogue (in the CD
dered off into the jungle. The "Patti" floppies' of the game and so Larry version), featured improved video
portion more closely resembles a Laffer appears to have amnesia. and sound, and also returned to the
traditional adventure game, with Patti Larry is now working for PornProd- earlier Sierra philosophy of
having to collect various items and Corp, and is sent across the United "punishing" wrong moves with player
use them in creative ways to solve States to find three sexy girls to ap- death. However, the deaths were
puzzles. The ending is the most sur- pear in a new television show. Mean- only for humor's sake, as a "Try
real of the series, breaking the fourth while, Patti is assigned by the FBI to Again" button which allowed the
wall in a manner resembling the end- find incriminating evidence against player to reverse the mistake. In at
ing of Space Quest III or rather a two music companies. The action is least one case, however, the player
Roger Rabbit-like crossover. Trapped broken by cut-scenes showing mob could reach an unwinnable state from
in a seemingly unwinnable situation, personnel working to eliminate their which the game could not be com-
Larry and Patti are teleported to Si- porn competition: they donate money pleted. It was also the first game to
erra's Coarsegold, California studios, to a group called CANE (Conserva- be released the next year in a CD
where after navigating through set tives Against Nearly Everything), who edition with voices, better graphics,
pieces from various other Sierra se- strive to enact television-regulation and higher resolution compared to
ries (Police Quest, Space Quest, and legislation (which would neutralize the floppy version.
King’s Quest among them) they meet the threat that increasingly-racy tele-
Roberta Williams, who agrees to tell At the outset of LSL6, Larry is alone vision shows pose to the porn indus-
their story as a series of adventure again with no explanation of what try). The scenarios finally merge at
games. This ending, intended by Al happened to Patti. He wins a visit to the end when the two lovers meet
Lowe to close the books on the Larry a luxurious resort spa called La Costa again and Larry regains his memory.
series once and for all, presented Lotta. He gets the worst room and
problems once the inevitable sequel In 1994, “Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape worst service of all. His aim is simply
to meet and have sex with eight
women. Though this always fails for
one reason or another, each of these
encounters leaves him with an object
he can offer to Shamara Payne, a
New Age enthusiast (Shamara plays
the "True Love" role in that winning
her heart is the ultimate goal of the
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Screen Shot from Larry 5 Screen Shot from Larry 6
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