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(Continued from page 16) things, injuring themselves. To add
to that idea the PR spin was that
A couple of months after the event, this scenario was possible because
the gaming magazines released the games were "so real" (yeah
their news and opinions on the right).
show's offerings. Other than Sega's
own adver..I mean magazine "Sega So Sega's chapter into the elusive
Visions", it seemed as though the world of VR closed about as fast as
other journalists were pretty quiet it opened. Other companies would
about the new accessory. The try their hand at virtual goggle-
"Game Player's" August issue only dom. Atari had their Jaguar VR
mentions the VR unit in their "Video setup, which also died a quick
Control" letter-from-the-editor sec- death. While not really virtual real-
tion, stating that it was a ity, Nintendo's Virtual Boy was a
"somewhat confusing short lived, not so portable, bright-
which you whipped your head red screened headache inducing
around while someone else fired at system. The computer market
targets." Other sources stated the seemed to actually get product with
game's graphics weren't that great such examples as the Victormaxx
(it is running on a Genesis after all Cybermaxx VR helmet or the Virtual
Hackers, hobbyists and game players still use the and the demo wasn't even as com- i-glasses by Virtual i-o which techni-
discontinued CyberMaxx HMD from VictorMaxx
plex as an EA simulation title like M- cally worked. From personal experi- Technology, Inc., but have very few sources on the
1 Abram's Battle Tank) and some ence, I have to say using these web for drivers, schematics, etc.
mentioned the headset caused a home units wasn't that great. I was
little motion sickness. Others able to play with a Cybermaxx back area it was no wonder this approach
claimed that the display in the in 1996 at a computer store I died quickly. On the home front,
headset wasn't that great, causing worked at and tried it with the com- the major consoles had risen the bar
the imagery to be a big blurry patible game "Rise of the Triad". I in terms of quality and gamer ex-
mess. Afterwards no real news could move and look around with pectations. With the 3D capabilities
cropped up on Sega's virtual reality my head but the weight and the low of Sony's own Playstation, Nin-
system until the next tendo's cartridge won-
year. In the March der Nintendo 64 and
1994 issue of "Game even the ailing Sega
Player's" it was noted Saturn the costs to
that at the '94 Winter compete had skyrock-
CES Sega announced eted. Companies like
that the VR system 3DO, SNK and Atari
would be delayed until dropped out of the
the latter half of 1995 console race. The ex-
as it needed pense essentially culled
"refinements". Sega the freestyle concepts
also tweaked the pro- of the early 90's with
jected price: $300 the only things one
instead of the initially could consider some-
advertised $200. They what innovative yet
also mentioned that "safe" to the bean
the system received Read more about the failed Jaguar VR at counters were fishing
"lackluster response rod controllers that just
[s]". After that little nugget of joy, resolution of the LCDs gave me a caught dust in bargain bins.
the Sega VR seemed to disappear splitting headache and motion sick-
into the vapor it was destined to ness that killed my appetite for Will the idea of virtual reality ever
be. most of the day. Needless to say crop up again? With the recent
the sheer cost and lack of anything shake-up in people's perceptions of
At the time I never really found out that made use of the technology video gaming thanks to the Nin-
what had happened to the sys- kept these things from reaching tendo Wii and the renaissance of
tem. It was obviously canceled but mainstream acceptance. specialized peripherals, maybe it's
around the mid 90's I didn't buy time for a come back. History al-
magazines as often and my current As the 90's came to an end, it ways seems to be cyclical as we're
mag collection for that time frame seemed the dream of dancing seeing in fashion and life styles as
isn't quite complete. Researching through virtual fields with LCD vi- high waist jeans, fringed jackets and
the 'Net I discovered a variety of sion ended as well. The large five- "macho men" are coming back in
reasons of the VR's demise though figure VR machines that used to style. Perhaps a Sony PS4 Head
nothing real concrete is given. One make appearances across the coun- Toy, a Microsoft Xbox 720 VR hel-
source stated it was a distraction to try were losing their venues as ar- met or a Nintendo Wii-II "WiiSii"
the upcoming Saturn system. A cades were closing up left and motion tracking headband (with
couple other sources wrote that the right. In my state VR machines protective bicycle helmet, elbow,
official statement was that the VR could be found in state fairs or large knee pads and a yearly subscription
system was a safety concern as events like Milwaukee's Summerfest to Life Alert) won't be too far off?
children could try to meander while but after seeing only empty beer
wearing the headset and run into cups sitting in the booth's waiting
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