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(Continued from page 15) money into something new (or eral's equally futuristic looking
maybe that was me). It was shown booth. As shown in a recently up-
forms, pillars, archways, and stairs strapped onto a white non-descript loaded YouTube video (do a search
all in a first person view. A pistol- bust to demonstrate its relatively for either "1993 summer CES" or
grip with a joystick on it was placed compact design. To help reduce the the user "Grooveraider"), this rare
into your hand which allowed you to bulk and cost of the headset, a ma- footage shows the entrance of the
move forward and back and had a jority of the guts were placed into a booth adorned with a large thinly
trigger to fire your virtual box that would hook up to the game framed portrait of the Sega VR bust,
gun. When you moved the pistol- console. The headset itself con- the head painted red to subtly con-
grip around, you could see your tained a sensor that could detect trast the black headset. A large
blocky in-game weapon mimic every the player's head movements, ste- sign with the words "By Invitation
twist and turn you made. By turn- reo headphones to allow for a sense Only" stood guard, offering up free
ing your body or your head, your of audio direction and a pair of color copies of "Sega Visions" as a com-
character would rotate in whatever LCD monitors that would recreate plimentary prize to those who were
direction you happened to be look- the stereo vision effect a person not on the guest list. Inside the
ing. The object was to booth, television sets dis-
shoot the other player played infomercials on the
while avoiding the large accessory, showing hand-
reptilian bird that some gamers wearing the
squawked overhead and Sega VR whipping their
occasionally swooped heads about and flailing
down to pick up unsus- their hands in response to
pecting gamers. Even whatever it was they were
with its flat shaded poly- playing. Then came the
gons that could cut moment of truth: the chance
bread with their jaggies, to play the VR unit it-
the experience was so self. People were sat in a
cool that after playing, chair and had the headset
mere words couldn't de- placed on their heads by a
scribe the experience. It Sega associate to play the
was fresh, it was the game called Nuclear Rush,
latest in tech buzz, and where the player pilots a
cost around hovercraft and battles robots
$60,000. For a teen- in a post-apocalyptic
ager, there weren't world. Behind and off to the
enough lawns in the side of the player was a TV
neighborhood to get that that displayed what the
kind of scratch. So Sega player was seeing in the
wanted to take all that head set. A scene of moun-
tech, reduce it down, tains and a flat desolate
and be the first to bring terrain with rocks strewn
that experience home about could be seen through
with a much more man- the curved window of the
ageable price of hovercraft's cockpit along
$200. Oh, and have it in with a type of radar screen
stores by Christmas of displaying incoming enemies
1993. It was given the and what direction the craft
very imaginative name was heading along with an
"Sega VR". on-screen HUD. To change
Read Vintage Magazines in PDF format at direction or change the ele-
The Sega VR, created in vation of the view, all the
collaboration with industrial design normally has. The EGM Preview player had to do was move their
firm IDEO, was first announced in guide stated that one game, Virtua head and the craft would re-
1991. After years of development, Racing, would be available when the spond. The Sega associate would
the first views of the prototype were peripheral launched in the Fall of instruct the player on where to point
shown at the Winter 1993 Consumer 1993 with three more games (a their head as they would move the
Electronics Show (CES). Dubbed flight simulator, a shooting game, craft forward or fire at incoming
either "Virtual VR" (as named in a and a "fantasy action game") would enemies or they would pass the
supplement preview guide by Elec- be released by the year's end. With controller over to the "pilot" so the
tronic Gaming Monthly) or "Virtua a concept so different than the com- lucky gamer could have total con-
Sega" (as mentioned in a news bite petition, the future looked bright for trol. The other games that were
and a blurb in the April 1993 issue gamers and we couldn't wait to get announced at the show (but not
of Video Games and Computer En- more info on Sega's newest venture. shown in the video) were a helicop-
tertainment magazine), it was a ter simulation called Iron Hammer,
solid black visor with a horizontal In June of 1993, the Summer CES a cyberpunk/cyberspace 3D game
red stripe that cut along the plastic showcased a number of great that tips its hat to early William Gib-
brow line. It was also said to be an games, accessories, and was a har- son novels called Matrix Runner and
accessory to the Sega Genesis, bor of promises. Sega finally chris- a Road Rash-esque title called Out-
which surprised journalists but ex- tened its futuristic accessory "Sega law Racing.
cited owners of the 16 Bit system as VR" by prominently displaying the
they didn't have to sink more title over the entrance of the periph- (Continued on page 17)
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