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- Jim Combs important part of the game is that the
player has to take care of his money, Based off Sierra On-Line’s text-only
which is spent whenever he travels by game, Chuck Benson’s Softporn Ad-
taxi or buys things. A way to aug-venture, Leisure Suit Larry was born
ment the amount is to gamble in the when veteran video game designer Al
casino, playing Blackjack or slots, Lowe expanded on the Softporn se-
which is obligatory at least twice dur-ries by adding the character Larry
ing the course of the game. Laffer, keeping the puzzles and loca-
tions pretty much the same, refined Because of the adult nature of the Screen Shot from Larry III
the text and added some new 3D game, it featured an age verification
Technology. When Mr. Lowe was system, which consisted of a series of take. He is then pursued by KGB
designing Leisure Suit Larry with the questions to which the authors rea- agents, as well as minions of the evil
Softporn program, he felt that the soned only adults would know the scientist Dr. Nonookee (a pun on "no
original game was so old that it could answer. As the questions were U.S.- nookie"), who both want to recover
use a leisure suit, hence the name centric, they frustrated some non- the film. His travels lead him to the
Leisure Suit Larry. The best way to American gamers (the verification tropical island Nontoonyt ("None to-
give you a taste of what the Leisure system could be skipped by pressing night"), where he meets Kalalau, the
Suit Larry games are about is to Alt-X). Today, the game is regarded daughter of the natives' leader Ken-
break each one down in the massive as the first adult graphic adventure. nywauwau. Larry enters Nonookee's
series. The following is from Wikipe- The first game was such a success lair in the heart of a volcano, where
dia with some added trivia and con- that it was a no-brainer that a sequel he accidentally defeats the evil doctor
tent by me: would be made; however, due to and wins the heart of Kalalau (one of
In Larry’s first adventure released in controversy from the first title, the the final scenes included a piano-
1987 called, “Leisure Suit Larry in the second game released in 1988 titled playing "Polyester Patty", who fea-
Land of the Lounge Lizards”, Larry “Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for tured prominently in the next game
Laffer is a 40-year-old virgin (like the Love (in Several Wrong Places)” was as "Passionate Patti". Note that
movie, but Larry is much cooler). toned down by keeping a lot of the Patty's hair is blonde, while Patti's
After leaving behind his geeky life, he sex scenarios to a minimum. Featur- hair is black or brown). Some fun
decides to visit the sinful city of Lost ing MIDI Sound and Created with cameos can be seen in this title in-
Wages (a reference to Las Vegas), Sierra’s new game engine called cluding Ken and Roberta Williams,
experience what he hasn't lived be- “Sierra’s Creative Interpreter” (first Sierra On-Line Founders, as well as
fore, and find the woman of his featured in King’s Quest IV) which Bill Gates and his wife.
dreams. Locations within the city of allows for 320x200 graphics with 16 Next up we have “Leisure Suit Larry
Lost Wages include a casino-hotel, a colors, Eve, the girl of Larry Laffer’s 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the
disco, a convenience store, a cheap dreams from the end of the previous Pulsating Pectorals”, released in
vegas-style wedding chapel, and game, has serious second thoughts in 1989. The game action takes place
Lefty's Bar. Larry's quest involves the light of day and casts him aside. on Nontoonyt, the tropical island from
four women: a prostitute (which Larry begins his exploration again, LSL2 (which is now a built-up vaca-
leaves Larry's need for love unsatis- and by chance he wins the lottery and tion resort reminiscent of Honolulu,
fied), Fawn (a material girl of low a Blind Date contest in the same day. Hawaii), and is composed of two
moral fibre), Faith (a faithful girlfriend During his preparations for the cruise, parts. The first part is very similar to
of someone who is not Larry), and a microfiche falls in his hands by mis- the two previous games. Larry is
Eve (Larry's girl for this game). An dumped (Kalalau leaves him for a
lesbian cannibal Amazon slot machine
repair woman) and loses his job with
Kalalau's father, Chairman Kenneth
from 'Natives Inc.' (what the natives
have become after the tourist boom)
Larry is left free to explore the resort,
arrange his divorce, and meet girls.
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Screen Shot from Land of the Lounge Lizards Screen Shot from Looking for Love
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